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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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The New Great Game 3.0 is just beginning with a hat tip to Tacitus and dancing to the Hindu Kush groove By Pepe Escobar with permission from the author and

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offsite link Why has the NHS COVID-19 app not been withdrawn? Wed Apr 28, 2021 16:46 | Toby Young
If the NHS app is going to be used as the vaccine passport app, is the NHS Test and Trace app going to be withdrawn, as Matt Hancock promised Harriet Harman?
The post Why has the NHS COVID-19 app not been withdrawn? appeared first on Lockdown Sceptics.

offsite link The EU?s Vaccine Passport Scheme Could Destroy Peace in Northern Ireland Wed Apr 28, 2021 16:36 | Toby Young
The European Parliament is about to waive through the EU-wide roll-out of vaccine passports. Ciarán McCollum, a Northern Irish barrister, is concerned that this scheme will destroy the fragile peace in Northern Ireland.
The post The EU?s Vaccine Passport Scheme Could Destroy Peace in Northern Ireland appeared first on Lockdown Sceptics.

offsite link Number of Covid Hospital Patients in England Falls to Seven-Month Low Wed Apr 28, 2021 15:59 | Michael Curzon
The number of people in English hospitals with Covid has fallen to the lowest level since last September, according to the latest NHS figures. The total is down by 96% from the peak in January.
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offsite link Almost 70% Of English Adults Have Covid Antibodies Wed Apr 28, 2021 13:29 | Michael Curzon
New data from the ONS shows that across the U.K, more than half of adults are likely to have Covid antibodies. The figure is highest in England, where 68.3% were likely to have tested positive for antibodies.
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offsite link The Growing Plague of Mandatory Testing in UK Workplaces Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:59 | Will Jones
A Lockdown Sceptics reader writes to tell us about the depressing new "normal" in his workplace. Colleagues were sent home halfway through the day if they hadn't had a test, even if they'd recently recovered from Covid.
The post The Growing Plague of Mandatory Testing in UK Workplaces appeared first on Lockdown Sceptics.

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Voltaire Network

There's a lot Ireland can do for People Fleeing from War

category international | anti-war / imperialism | press release author Monday September 07, 2015 10:40author by shannonwatch - shannonwatchauthor email shannonwatch at gmail dot comauthor phone 087 8225087 Report this post to the editors

Shannonwatch, 4th September 2014

As people flee from countries ravaged by war and poverty and European governments shut their doors in their faces, we have responsibilities as human beings to act. We must demand that our governments do everything they can to end the cruel deaths we see happening in the backs of lorries, in the sea, in other parts of the long tortuous journeys that the people of Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, South Sudan, Eritrea and elsewhere undertake in order to stay alive.

People like 3 year old Aylan Kurdi and his 5 year old brother Galib should not have to die while European leaders argue over the number of refugees to allow into their country. If the European Union has any meaning or relevance it must be to protect the basic human rights of people who desperately need protection, who have reached a point where they are prepared to risk everything, even their lives, to survive. And while it is good to see a widespread public reaction internationally to the death of Aylan Kurdi, the tragedy is that thousands of other children have died by drowning or from thirst and starvation as they crossed deserts. Countless others have been trafficked for exploitation, and their suffering has been largely ignored.

Instead of building wire barricades and sending boats back to Northern Africa we urgently need to put mechanisms in place to ensure routes to safety for people fleeing for survival. Every country in Europe, including Ireland, must increase the number of refugees it takes in, with immediate effect. It must also put in place the supports required to enable people traumatised by war, hunger, displacement, the death of loved ones, exploitation by traffickers and more to live in environments where their dignity and well-being are respected. Ireland has agreed so far to take only 600 refugees with a possibility of some more later. The government has sent Irish Naval ships to the Mediterranean where they have rescued over 6,000 people from the water. If we were serious about our humanitarian duties then these 6,000 people would be offered asylum in Ireland and not just dumped into Italy, compounding Italy's refugee problems.

Emergency government meetings can be held to deal with banking crises. Why not do the same for crises of humanity?

Our country can afford it. Austerity has brought more than a fair share of suffering to Irish people but there is still enough wealth in the country to save the lives of children like Aylan and Galib.

There is also something else that we in Ireland can do. We can, with immediate effect, stop contributing to the conflict and wars that cause people to have to flee for survival. Right now, armed US troops and military planes move through Shannon Airport on a daily basis. We contribute to the NATO-led operations in Afghanistan, a country that has been brought to its knees by the US/NATO invasion, and we supported the equally devastating NATO invasion of Libya. And we provide tax breaks and other supports to companies that develop and manufacture components used in the lethal weapons systems that kill innocent people throughout the Middle East. We can end all this immediately, and we can spend the money saved helping people who lives have been destroyed by war.

We should also bear in mind that groups like ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front that are causing terror all across the Middle East were born from the invasion of Iraq, evolving from al-Qaeda's Iraq franchise into the organised militias they are today. Ireland provided material support for that invasion by making Shannon Airport available to the invading US military. We took part in the occupation of Afghanistan. We turned a blind eye to the CIA rendition flights and assassination crews that used Shannon as a base for practices that caused loathing of the West. We tacitly supported plans for military intervention in Syria, for the "no fly zones" that are a euphemism for aerial bombardment, and for Turkish incursions across the border.

As a result of all this we have an increased responsibility to act, to right the wrongs we helped cause. The global military industrial complex that lies behind the "floods of migrants" spoken about by Europe's leaders has sucked in governments and corporations as well as non-government terrorist organisations, and has contributed to increasing levels of inequality and fear in countries where the weapons of war are being designed and developed. Its time Ireland took a stand and said enough is enough. As a country that claims to promote peace and justice we cannot continue to do the opposite.

Finally, let us not forget our own famine coffin ships and the hundreds of thousands of Irish people who were forced to migrate for economic reasons. Very many of these Irish emigrants experienced the kindness of strangers, yet the Irish Government is now failing in its humanitarian duty of care.

We can still show humanity. All it takes it the will to act.

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author by fredpublication date Mon Sep 07, 2015 21:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The people who deliberately stirred up the trouble in these countries and bombed them, leading to these refugee crises should be made to carry the can fully for the resulting fallout.

By having the debate centre solely around "what are we doing to help attenuate the fallout" we are allowing the bullies of the world to externalise the cost of their military jingoism and cynical geopolitical manoeuvrings onto poorer smaller countries who had little to do with any of these disastrous military forays into sovereign countries, and helping them get away with it. And if they get away with it, they will do it again.

We need a parallel policy which should consist of punishing these c*nts politically at every turn for their warcrimes and demanding they take full fiscal responsibility in reimbursing the countries dealing with these refugees in full. (If you break it you own it) coupled with our efforts to help the refugees.

Otherwise we are part of the problem and we essentially become enablers of state terrorism.

author by aikibopublication date Tue Sep 08, 2015 18:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

- journalists independant or otherwise,like to show nice clean shots of migrants,the reality though is very different.......

let's just admit merkel has lost her mind and won't survive another election.... in 20 years time you might catch on and see what im on about...

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