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Thursday January 01 1970

Kathleen Lynn: A Truly Radical Woman

category national | history and heritage | event notice author Monday July 06, 2015 15:33author by Mary Muldowney - Alternative Visions Oral History Group

Inaugural Sarah Lundberg Summer School

On Saturday 18th July the East Wall History Group will host the inaugural Sarah Lundberg Summer School. Held in conjunction with the Alternative Visions Oral History Group, the event is in honour of our friend and colleague Sarah Lundberg, an archivist, historian and publisher who tragically passed away last year.

The topic of Kathleen Lynn was chosen because this remarkable woman was the subject of a major publishing project that Sarah had begun at the time of her death. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the death of Kathleen Lynn in September of 1955.

Dr Kathleen Lynn was a lifelong campaigner for women’s rights. In 1913 she became involved with the work at Liberty Hall during the great Lockout. This led to her assuming the role as chief-medical-officer in the Irish Citizen Army and an Easter Rising participant, serving in the City Hall Garrison. Imprisoned on a number of occasions for her political activity, she was released in 1918 at the request of Dublin’s Lord Mayor to help fight the flu epidemic sweeping the city. Working alongside her life-long companion Madeline fFrench Mullen, she founded St Ultan’s Children’s Hospital at Charlemont Street. Always a progressive thinker, she was instrumental in tackling the scourge of TB and brought educationalist Maria Montessori to Ireland in the 1930’s.

A number of prominent historians and activists, along with some newer voices will be taking part, and many aspects of Lynn’s life, activities and legacy will be explored in an open and participative forum.

This is a free event, and all are welcome to attend.

Joe Mooney of the East Wall History Group: “As we approach the centenary of Easter 1916 the stories of many of those who participated will be told. Kathleen Lynn was one of the heroes of the Rising, but like so many others involved her activism did not start or finish here. She was a revolutionary, a suffragette, a social campaigner, a medical innovator and a leader of women. She had a vision for a more equal society, and was prepared to break taboos and challenge any authority to achieve her ambitions”.

Mary Muldowney of the Alternative Visions Oral History Group: “Sarah was part of this group which set out to collect memories and stories from their communities, and their trade unions. This led in 2013 to a book of essays entitled '100 Years Later: the Legacy of the 1913 Lockout', with Sarah as a contributor and publisher. Sarah worked with many groups and individuals and was committed to the researching and sharing of local history. She had many projects on the go at any one time, and through this annual Summer School it is hoped that some of her unfinished works can be continued and topics of significance to her will be covered. There is no more fitting topic for this year than another extraordinary woman, Kathleen Lynn.”

Event details:

Saturday 18th July
10am to 4pm
Sean O'Casey Theatre
St Marys Road, East Wall

For further information:
Joe Mooney 0876698587
Mary Muldowney 0877988330

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