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Ethical human rights will not only turn America around but take it forward.

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Monday December 29, 2014 11:37author by Anthony Ravlich - Human Rights Council (New Zealand) Report this post to the editors

Ethical human rights is the future, in my view.

Mitch McConnell the presumptive leaders of the Republicans who have recently won a majority in the US Senate said there is now a race to turn America around. In my view, ethical human rights will not only turn America around but take it forward.

Ethical human rights will not only turn America around but take it forward.

Anthony Ravlich
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.,
Auckland City.
Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658

Ethical human rights, development and globalization will not only turn the country around but take it forward.

On 4 November 2014 when the Republicans won a majority in the US Senate Mitch McConnell, the presumptive Senate Majority Leader said that America needed to be ‘turned-around’.

McConnell said that lawmakers in Washington have "forgotten that their job is to serve." He added: "So tomorrow, the papers will say that I won this race. But the truth is, tonight we begin another one, one that's far more important than mine," McConnell said, "and that's the race to turn this country around, to restore hope and confidence and optimism across this Commonwealth and nation of ours." McConnell: Time for ‘a new direction’, The Hill, 4 Nov 2014,

My hope is that America will revisit Franklin Roosevelt’s proposed second bill of rights which contained economic, social and cultural rights and adopt the ethical approach which would not only turn the country around but take it forward.

Ethical human rights, development and globalization is supported by the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House (also the UN and US State Department and many others, for support see my article, 'New Idea for a Better World', Scoop NZ) on the internet but needs to be made known in the mainstream media. Mitch McConnell’s team has been following me on twitter for some years. Also, see internet, @OpenGov ethical human rights, development and globalization to replace neo liberalism, anthony ravlich,

The following is my post on social media sites on 10 December 2014:

Ethical human rights will not only turn countries around but take them forward. Posted the following on Anthony Ravlich Google + :

Mitch McConnell the presumptive leader of the Republicans who now have a majority in the US Senate said there is now a race to turn America around to give hope and confidence to the people.

Ethical human rights, development and globalization would not only turn countries around but also take them forward.

Like the liberalism of the post second-world war era ethical human rights also emphasizes individual self-determination i.e. seeking of truth, creativity, entrepreneurship, speaking out, reaching full potential - the iconic superhero of America culture, but unlike the individualism of liberalism which excluded many from opportunities e.g. women and racial groups, ethical human rights, through the State, ensures all have, at least, the core minimum of the rights in the Universal Declaration of Rights so no one is excluded from a chance to earn higher levels of human rights.

Ethical development emphasizes bottom-up development e.g. small entrepreneur, small, medium business rather than the Corporations while ethical globalization, because all States are required to have an ethical human rights 'bottom-line', means fair competition without exploitation. Creative growth often determines competitive advantage between countries.

The following are some replies from members of human rights organizations on linkedin sites:

Zahurul Alam , President, Governance and Rights Centre (GRC), Bangladesh, asks: “Please let us learn about one unethical human rights incidence”.

anthony ravlich The poor should have a voice of their own in the mainstream media so they can influence the democratic majority which I regard as a core minimum right (nearly all other groups can influence the demo majority) - the cost would be minimal, far far less, for example, than the cost of any of the millennium development goals.
It would also permit me to inform the global public of the ethical approach - I am virtually banned from the mainstream and although the UN has supported it on the internet (as has the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House, and the US State Department) they will not inform the global mainstream. They are, in my view, captured by the hidden collectivist agenda of the UN which allows the existence of secular, liberal collectivists, the globally dominant elite, to promote collective self-determination while negating individual self-determination (a global cultural cleansing of individual self-determination). This is virtually undeniable (but the silence of the global establishment is deafening!!!) given the omissions from international law by the UN General Assembly (see UN Covenants ) as well as, given today's political globalization, the omissions (although not all exactly the same but same collectivist agenda) from nearly all State constitutions (see Google Constitute).
In brief, the rights omitted are: the right to individual self-determination (incl Art 22, UDHR), property (including intellectual) rights, duties to the community as well as, in my view the State's core minimum obligation wrt economic, social and cultural rights (exclude as grounds for complaint in the Optional Protocol to ESCR i.e. progressive realization is not in the UD) which has enormous global consequences - explained in my articles, also my book is due in Jan but may have to ask for further time. Sorry if this is more than you asked for but human rights in today's world is little more than a ideological weapon being used by collectivists against the rest of humanity destroying the hopes and dreams of many millions.

Craig Coulson , Poet-in-Residence at Peddler Café, Religious Institutions, Australia, commented: “Any discussion on "ethical human rights" in the USA can only move forward when it is viewed in company of economic policy and direction. Free market capitalism does not encourage the development or the imposition of human rights as it requires primary capital expenditure (increased wages and unemployment benefits) without the perceived benefits of increasing profit. To me this is a piece of political chicanery”.

James Dunn AM , Retired former diplomat, UN human rights official, writing and editing, Australia, states: “I agree. Human rights has a long way to go to deserve their 'universal' description”.

PS. The ethical approach also includes duties to the domestic community as well as the global community. While it is considered the duty of the State to first ensure all within the country have their ethical human rights i.e. the core minimum of all the rights in the Universal Declaration, there is also a duty to the global community e.g. helping
other States unable to ensure ethical human rights for their people.

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