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Cedar Lounge
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Youth Suicide / World Suicide Prevention Day

category national | miscellaneous | press release author Monday September 08, 2014 00:09author by Wayne Flanagan Tobin Report this post to the editors

Press Release

With World Suicide Prevention Day approaching on Wednesday 10th Sept, Suicide Prevention campaigner Wayne Flanagan Tobin, a former local election candidate believes new youth centred solutions are needed to wipe out the scourge of suicide across Ireland.

Youth Suicide must addressed

With world Suicide Prevention day approaching on Wednesday, Suicide Prevention campaigner Wayne Flanagan Tobin, a former local election candidate believes new youth centred solutions are needed to wipe out the scourge of suicide across Ireland.

Speaking in advance of Wednesday World Suicide Prevention Day, Wayne Flanagan Tobin said:

“Report after report has failed. Strategy after strategy has not worked. I believe what we now need to do is talk to young people themselves through structured focus groups, in school and colleges and get to the heart of the problem. There also needs to be speed networking and lots of other such ways to interact with young people"

The former independent local election candidate said:

“Local and Councillors should also me made do suicide prevention training to be of some use at a local level.

Regarding the National Office of Suicide Prevention, Mr. Flanagan Tobin said:

“The NOSP have become part of the problem as their only solution is a SAFE talk and Assist Training. There needs to be a lot more outreach into the communities; into the flat complexes, into the big drive ways, outside churches and community groups. It is time for the NOSP to get out of the office. The NOSP also need to employ a young person to drive youth policy forward. If the NOSP are were more willing to listen yo young people we might be able to make progress on this issue"


Further information: 085-8398330 / tobinwr@tcd.ie

Wayne Flanagan Tobin has campaigned on many social issues. He set up a suicide prevention organisation and helped secure funding for vital suicide prevention services in Dublin /Mid-Leinster .

For info on World Suicide Prevention Day 2014 see link below

Related Link: http://www.iasp.info/wspd/
author by infopublication date Mon Sep 08, 2014 22:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Davin, which examines the reaction of an Irishman’s friends and family to the news of his suicide, is being made freely available online in 136 countries in advance of World Suicide Prevention Day 2014.

It can be watched at: http://filmireland.net/2014/08/12/watch-davin-available...2014/

or at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=...J1YuI

Director Graham Jones explains to Film Ireland his thinking behind creating the animated Davin in advance of World Suicide Prevention Day.

“All of the characters are in cars,” I told the casting director Ali Coffey about the rotoscoped movie we were going to make. “They’re on their way to the memorial of a friend and family member who actually ended his life in a car. That’s the space in which he became emotionally trapped, the last place he was, the place he felt he couldn’t get out of – so for the entire film, the characters and ultimately the audience are kind of trapped there too. My hope is that by the time this journey ends, we have started to feel his presence a little bit…”

If we were going to spend an entire movie in vehicles – I reasoned to myself – it meant that every single performance had to be not only strong, but transportive. The entire cast had to be excellent. That was the reason I was meeting Ali. Over the next month, she would sleep with my screenplay under her pillow and source the perfect ensemble of Irish actors. There were no principal roles for them to revolve around – no one key part that was more important than any other. If there was a main character, so to speak, it was Davin and he was no longer with us. This was a character piece, forty mourners large, whereas in the past I had sometimes been stronger on plot.

Remainder of the text is at: http://filmireland.net/2014/08/12/director-graham-jones...avin/

Caption: Davin

Related Link: http://filmireland.net/2014/08/12/watch-davin-available-online-in-advance-of-world-suicide-prevention-day-2014/
author by Lily Tobin - Teacher - emigrantpublication date Tue Sep 09, 2014 14:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Well done to you on bringing up this subject.

Looking back on the internet today at the funerals of the twin brothers and their older brother in Cork it is both shocking and tragic.

I agree that there are too many organisations now involved in suicide awareness and they seem to be tripping over each other and not tackling the issues.

I don't have the answers, parents sadly don't either, teachers and the organisations that are getting grants to tackle the problem seem to be arguing among themselves. As you said in your above post, we need to reach out to young people, teachers need to focus more on students in their classrooms and watch and listen for signs. As a teacher myself I look out for those children who are shy and withdrawn as best I can and I try to build up a conversation without being too intrusive.

Suicide can relate to many reasons; I think one that does not receive enough attention is that of what happens to the people who have been child sexually abused but decide to keep their secret. Each time more revelations are made, somewhere in their being the reminders stir up emotions and it is these people who I am sure make up a substantial percentage of those who choose to take their lives.

Ireland today stands shamed again. This time it is not the Church who we can blame; or for that matter a journalist, a doctor or a teacher or anyone who engages in such defilement. A photographer has been arrested from among 10 other professional photographers. Thankfully a "network of child abuse photographers" have been brought before the law by Europol. 10 photographers are arrested. 5 from Czech Republic, two from Sweden and one in each France and Spain. What is important is that one Potographer un-named has been arrested in Ireland.

Sexual abuse can never be excused. It is a crime against young and vulnerable people. Photographers who take photos are perpetrators of greater crime because they use children and tempt others with latent desires to become abusers.

It is Suicide Day and as one top doctor said child abuse or rather children who have been abused take their own lives in later years and we don't have the proper statistics yet. I am aware when we do it will be another shocking story of a legacy that Ireland at the moment finds impossible to deal with. Well done again Wayne


author by Marcuspublication date Mon Sep 15, 2014 00:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well said above-too many organisations and no real one. People should get behind this young lad and try to do something.

author by JoeMcpublication date Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"The SAVI Report, March 2002, page 202 stated: “Recent work shows that child sexual abuse is among a set of adverse experiences linked in a strong graded manner to adult psychopathology and suicide (Dube et al., 2001).” Dube et. al. 2001, indicated that there is anything from a 2- to 5-fold increase in the risk of attempted suicide from such abuse which is accepted by the Irish psychiatric fraternity from that American survey."

“From an epidemiological perspective, when you have demonstrated significantly higher rates of depression and suicidal ideation in a subsample of the population, you can logically infer that actual suicide rates will follow.”


author by Joe Mcpublication date Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Youth needs hope for the future and hope isn't on offer under present economic conditions .Wayne writes about "youth centred solutions" to the epidemic of suicide and deserves praise for doing so . But there is a problem with older people "centring" policies for youth , in that government-funded profesional youth advisors as a rule do not have a material interest in "tell[ing] the children the truth, right now " -even if they could recognize that truth themselves The government itself knows what's going on: it represents a parasitic " vampire" system that can only offer a future of slavery and war for young people. Youth urgently needs to make its own hope , take its own initiatives and act independently. In order to do that it needs to make and take - to begin the process of physically seizing its own physical spaces . The internet has the potential to advance such a process , but young people need to establish their own domains, websites where they can freely express their own fears and hopes , online spaces under their own control in which they can plan in safety.for their extremely unsafe futures .

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