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Charles River / Ovagen Protest in Ballina, Co. Mayo

category mayo | animal rights | event notice author Friday March 01, 2013 20:51author by Laura Broxson - National Animal Rights Associationauthor email naracampaigns at gmail dot comauthor phone 086 8729 444


We will be travelling to Mayo on Saturday 30th March, to protest the Charles River and Ovagen laboratories in Ballina - we hope you can join us!

WHAT WE NEED: Drivers. If you can offer transport, please let us know (!

FOR THOSE LEAVING FROM DUBLIN: To book a seat in one of the cars leaving Dublin, please get in touch with us now ( Each passenger will need to pay a donation of 15euro each to help cover petrol costs.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: It will be a long day (see below timetable), so please bring a vegan packed lunch with you.

Here is the estimated timetable for the day:

MEET AT: 9.30am SHARP outside the Hugh Lane Art Gallery on Parnell Square, Dublin 1, for pick-up.

1pm, estimated arrival at Charles River / Ovagen Laboratories in Carrentrila, Ballina, Co. Mayo.

3pm, departing Carrentrila, Ballina, Co. Mayo

6:30pm, estimated arrival in Dublin, to be dropped off at Hugh Lane Art Gallery on Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

For more information on why we need you there, please see:

Please make an extra special effort to attend this important protest - EVERYONE WELCOME! - the animals need us!

Thank you,

Laura Broxson - 086 8729 444

National Animal Rights Association

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