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Britian demands Palestinians give up future rights in order to gain recognition now

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Israeli War Criminals seek assurances using their British servants as go-between

It looks like the Israeli Regime is actually fairly terrified that the Palestinians might have them up in court for their years and years of oppression and undoubted War Crimes, and are using their Political agents embedded within the UK Gov't to try and prevent Palestinians exercising their rights in the future
Sshhhh!! . . . . . . . .  Don't mention the Israeli War Criminals
Sshhhh!! . . . . . . . . Don't mention the Israeli War Criminals

As usual the Brits end up playing shill for unreasonable Israeli demands

Britain ready to back Palestinian statehood at UN -
Britain — a source of so much of the modern Middle East's woes — claims that they will back the Palestinians if they seek recognition at the UN, BUT only if they are prepared to jettison the rights all other nations have to pursue war criminals:

Whereas France CLAIMS that it will recognise Palestine, apparently without condition. -

So Israeli War Criminals are obviously worried about their future, hiding out from International Courts doesn't seem to hold the appeal it once might have

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author by UN 1947publication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 20:56author address author phone

Back to basics

They could had it in 1947 - what a waste of 65 years

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 21:47author address author phone

But you're also completely wrong, and you probably already know that.

The Zio-Nazis had no intention of letting a Palestinian state come into being in 1948.

Back then they made little attempt to hide this and stated so fairly openly. The Zio-Nazis had every intention of ethnically cleansing the Arab population and had been planning and preparing to do so for several years before they actually carried out ethnic cleansing in 48.

All this was open knowledge back in 47 and 48. Contemporary news sources confirm this.

But the Zionists and their agents in various Gov'ts and the media have managed to obscure the Zionists clear intentions to engage in Ethnic Cleansing since then

author by Hassan Nasrallahpublication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 22:02author address author phone

A big thank you to all the regulars and moderators of the glorious, you can be assured that you will all receive 12 virgins for your support. Rest assured that any donations will go towards getting rid of the demon democracy and civil rights as we strive for despotism across the middle east. Allah Akhbar!

author by @The Zio-Trollpublication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 22:52author address author phone

HezBollah have never attacked Israel-proper , without being attacked first by the Isralei Zio-Nazi Military.

Hezbollah would not even exist were it not for the fact that Israel keeps invading Their homeland in Sth Lebanon and then murdering everyone they can get their hands on.

Your obvious bigotry and hatred for innocent Shia Muslims of South Lebanon's attempts to deal with the expansionist Nazi-like menace on their Southern Border, that keeps invading and killing them, is anyway off topic.

Approximately 250 UNIFIL soldier have been killed in Lebanon

47 of them were Irish - almost all those Irish soldiers were killed by the ZioNazi state of Israel or by it's proxy forces.
Israel’s propagandists shoot themselves
in the foot as they shoot off their mouths
September 30, 2009

author by UN 1947publication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 23:05author address author phone

you guys were not around then and have not a clue of what went on then

you seem to take half backed ideas and build a myth

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 23:33author address author phone

The NYTimes archive contains contemporary accounts, from BEFORE the official outbreak of armed hostilities between the two groups, from Zio-Nazis laying out their intentions to steal as much land as possible.

They intended to do this by terrorising the native Palestinian population - hoping either they would flee or others would intervene, giving the Zio-Nazis the excuse they required to finally enact the Ethnic Cleansing they had planned all along.

AND that is exactly what they did in 1948

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Tue Nov 27, 2012 23:55author address author phone

Israel’s 1948 “War for Existence” was a sham .

On May 14, 1948, a Jewish state was proclaimed against the clearly expressed wishes of more than 70% of the inhabitants of Palestine. It’s on stolen land. It’s on 78% of historic Palestine.

International law affirms the universal right of return. It’s not negotiable.

UN Resolution 194 (December 1948) stated

The General Assembly has, since then, affirmed the right of return 135 or more times. Residents everywhere outside their native lands for any length of time have similar rights. Diaspora Palestinians have no fewer ones than others.

They’re not negotiable. International law affirms them. They’re binding and won’t change no matter what lies either you nor any other Zio-Nazi troll spreads here or anywhere else.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 00:16author address author phone

Likud Primary Shows Dramatic Rightward Shift in Israel’s Ruling Party -
'Moderate' Longtime Members Ousted in Favor of some REAL NAZIS

It's almost as if they are trying to Out-Nazi the Nazis

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 01:42author address author phone

New Israeli strategy is to try and immunise the current Regime Leadership and past leaders/members of the regime, from probable future legal charges relating to their War Criminality.

Israel has absolutely no rights regarding any Palestinian declaration of Sovereignty - Israel's wants/demands regarding this issue are immaterial and statements on it's part relating to this issue have no validity nor any legal standing, in ANY jurisdiction

author by Mike Novackpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 14:18author address author phone

Let's get this straight.

You are apparently saying that the Zionist leadership made plans to survive the war and seize as much of the ex-Mandate territory as possible and chase out as many of the Palestinians as possible. With these plans entirely dependent on the choices of others?

a) That the Palestinians would refuse to accept the partition?
b) That when the Zionists declared the state the neighboring countries would invade so a general war would break out?
c) That they would win this war? (look at considered opinion of military experts AT THAT TIME -- not in terms of how events worked out).
d) That the leadership classes of the Palestinians would have fled in advance of this conflict trusting in "friends" to win the fight for them and to give back what they took if successful.
3) That immediately after the fighting ended (the cease fire) they would not ask to return but place their hopes on an eventual total victory.

Please answer. HOW did the Zionist leadership know that their enemies would make so many bad decisions? After all, one can scarcely base one's plans upon one's opponents doing everything wrong. They were NOT in a position to be able to start anything.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 16:03author address author phone

such as comment #31 in this thread - - very germane to the conversation - it links to a pamphlet called "The Iron Wall" where the strategy is clearly laid out.You should probably go and read it - it's only a mere 7 A4 pages long - otherwise you won't have a clue what you're being talked about here.

The Author is Vladimir Jabotinsky. He was the leader of a Zionist faction called the "Revisionist Zionists" which were the real hard-core Nazi faction, and numbered amongst it's followers pretty much ALL the Zio-Nazi terrorists who launched the illegal Ethnic Cleansing in 48.


I am saying that the Zio-Nazis ALWAYS planned to ally themselves to an outside power, a bigger brother that they could use to bully their way into getting what they wanted - which was ALL of Palestine.

The Zio-Nazi plan was always to have an outside power to run to for protection, when their racist treatment of Palestinians began to cause problems. The British were initially the Neighbourhood bully that they planned to ally themselves to, and it worked for a time.

It got them the Balfour Declaration for example.

the outside protector/Bully was a vital part of their plan, the "Iron" in their "Iron Wall".

Pretty much all Zio-Nazi factions understood this, not just the Hard-Core Nazi-groups of "Revisionist Zionists" lead by Jabotinsky. David Ben Gurion for example was not really a member of the RZ but he understood to the need for an Outside Bully to do the Zio-Nazis bidding

For several decades they had a large section of the upper-echelons of British Politics doing their bidding, (just like now, in fact) but they always had a problem to try to get the local representatives of the Brit Empire, the ordinary civil servants, Police and Military that constituted the Colonial Establishment in Palestine, to go along with their vicious and illegal plans - hence the terrorist campaign they launched against the Mandate representatives.

So they decided to find a new Big Bully to help them with their illegal plans to steal all of Palestine. So they went and bribed Trumann to get him to back them after they launched their attempted genocide of the local population. So the US was to become their new Bully, and as even a blind-fool can see, has been ever since

This is not something that is a matter of dispute amongst people that have studied the works of the earlier Zio-Nazis - they clearly stated it time and time again, in writings and in speeches.

So what I am saying is that the people that actually started the attempted genocide - now known as "The Nakba" - of the Palestinians that actually resided on the land that the Zio-Nazis wanted to steal , always planned to do something similar. The Nakba was planned all along - from as early as 1923. (before in fact - but the best online-link I have is to a book printed in 1923 - )

You keep claiming that it all worked out fine and dandy for them, but that is not true at all - they had to halt their plans to take over all of Palestine, things didn't go as smoothly as they had wanted - there was for example a lot more resistance to their genocidal plans from the International Community than they had bargained for.

After their failure to completely genocide/Ethnic Cleanse the local Palestinians from all the land West of the River Jordan, the Revisionist Zionist groups fell out of favour in Zio-Nazi society, and were even for a time suppressed, as the Zio-Nazis sought to clear up their Nazi-like image that they had so rightfully earned in 48

That Ethnic Cleansing plan stayed shelved until just before the Zio-Nazis engineered the 1967 war - a war that was ultimately over access to water sources, which the Zio-Nazis desperately needed to secure otherwise their state would have little future - just before that war the Revisionist Zionist groups were brought back into the fold, and the original plan of the Zio-Nazis went back into action - and has been slowly implemented since then.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 17:16author address author phone

they are terrified that people might eventually wise up and realise that their political ideology of Zionism is in fact little more than a re-hash of Nazism.

Zionism and Nazism are, at the very least, kissing-cousins. Some might even refer to them as "Twins".

In order to keep sweet with their chosen Bully/"Outside Power" (first Britain then the US) they had to tone-down the more rabid Nazi-like elements in the Zionist camp . . .. but only for a while, until they could find something with which to distract people form their real aims. "Hamas + Rockets" fills that purpose these days.

So they slowed down the genocide in the hope that people might not realise that what they are actually doing is simply a slow form of Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing

author by Mike Novackpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 17:23author address author phone

Yes to be sure, refer us to an excerpt from that 1923 essay.

OK, for the benefit of those who would trustingly not bother, here is how it ends.

"All this does not mean that any kind of agreement is impossible, only a voluntary agreement is impossible. As long as there is a spark of hope that they can get rid of us, they will not sell these hopes, not for any kind of sweet words or tasty morsels, because they are not a rabble but a nation, perhaps somewhat tattered, but still living. A living people makes such enormous concessions on such fateful questions only when there is no hope left. Only when not a single breach is visible in the iron wall, only then do extreme groups lose their sway, and influence transfers to moderate groups. Only then would these moderate groups come to us with proposals for mutual concessions. And only then will moderates offer suggestions for compromise on practical questions like a guarantee against expulsion, or equality and national autonomy.

I am optimistic that they will indeed be granted satisfactory assurances and that both peoples, like good neighbors, can then live in peace. But the only path to such an agreement is the iron wall, that is to say the strengthening in Palestine of a government without any kind of Arab influence, that is to say one against which the Arabs will fight. In other words, for us the only path to an agreement in the future is an absolute refusal of any attempts at an agreement now."

Does THAT sound like expecting to drive the Palestinians out?

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 17:38author address author phone

another small error -

should read

though to be honest the Zio-Nazis also had clear designs on steal as much of the land EAST of the River Jordan as they could get away with too. - loath though I am to link to Wiki, see for example -

With sentiments like that being expressed frequently by the pre-WW2 Zio-Nazis it would be hard for any honest person, knowledgeable of the subject, to claim that Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians by the Zio-Nazis was not always clearly intended

All they needed was an excuse - the events of WW2 gave them that excuse.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 17:51author address author phone

ALlo from the same document - something which I'm sure Mr Mike Novack would really love to pretend doesn't exist

Jabotinsky again:

Pure Facism - Hitler himself would have recognised a kindred spirit in any Zionist that followed Jabotinsky's creed

In fact he DID - the Zio-Nazis and the actual Nazis got very cuddly just prior to and during WW2

Commemoration medal, celebrating the Zionist-Nazi love fest - Real history can bve damned inconvenient at times, no?
Commemoration medal, celebrating the Zionist-Nazi love fest - Real history can bve damned inconvenient at times, no?

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Nov 28, 2012 20:31author address author phone

Absolutely, especially since, in the last paragraph of your rather selective quotation, the Premier Zio-Nazi Jabotinsky wrote this:

In 1948 the Jewish population of the land of Palestine was barely 25%.

In the proposed UN Partition Plan of 1947 the "Jewish State" only had a bare minimum Jewish Majority -and that was after the people that framed the unjust Partition Plan had virtually bent over backwards in order to gerrymander some sort of political boundaries that they could plausibly call a "Jewish State". -

The Jewish Population of that proposed Jewish state was a mere 55% - the other 45% of that state's population was Palestinian.

In 1923 when Jabotinsky wrote that above, the percentage of Jewish people in that proposed state would have been far far less than 55%. They only attained a 55% bare majority in that geographic area after a massive wave of immigration post WW2.

The proposed "Arab" state was almost exclusively Palestinian, with a mere 1% (ONE percent) of Jews living in that geographic area.

So it is clear that no proposed "Jewish" state could be founded under those circumstances, since 45% of the population of the state that the Zio-Nazis wanted to create would be immediately disenfranchised politically. Not only that but in order to have the "Jewish" State that the Zio-Nazis envisaged, they would also have to somehow gain control of the 93% of the land that they DID NOT OWN - or most of it anyway. (And as we all know they managed that quite successfully by the attempted genocide of the locals.)

Under those circumstances nothing but an attempt at genocide would suffice to change the demographic balance, in the proposed "Jewish" state, in favour of the Zio-Nazis.

Again all the Zio-Nazis knew this beforehand and were preparing for quite some time beforehand to carry out the genocide that they believed was their right to carry out. [according to the Zio-Nazis themselves "Zionism is the ONLY Morality", remember?]

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Thu Nov 29, 2012 05:24author address author phone

Even after drawing ridiculously generous boundaries to ensure that the influence of the Jewish minority population is amplified by gathering almost all of the Jewish population into a single polity, the Palestinians' overwhelming numerical advantage meant that the UN's "Jewish State" would be demographically not a "Jewish" state at all, but a bi-national state.

It was called "the Jewish state" because it contained the overwhelming majority of Palestine's Jews, not because an overwhelming majority of its inhabitants are Jewish. Even worse from the Zio-Nazi perspective, "Jewish" Palestine was not only a bi-national state, but a bi-national state whose large Arab minority was guaranteed equal treatment under the terms of the partition.

Under those circumstances, how could you have the "Jewish state" that Zionism envisaged, without committing grave illegal acts? And such acts, as long-planned by the zio-Nazis and later carried out by those Zio-Nazis, constitute War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity?

David Ben-Gurion knew you couldn't, because he openly stated:

He also knew what kind of "severity and distinctness" was required to render 80% of the population Jewish, specifying that the Arab population "can either be mass arrested or expelled; it is better to expel them"

The only way to establish a dominant Jewish majority among a Palestinian population, in those circumstances, is by expelling en masse those unfortunate people with the "wrong" ethnic-religious background,.

And what is that other than ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity?

And since the Zio-Nazis signalled as early as 1923 their intention to rid themselves and their pathetic racist state of the thoroughly inconvenient original inhabitants, the Zio-Nazi state's current claims that it's all to do with "Hamas + Rockets" are obviously nothing but convenient lies.

author by Mike Novackpublication date Thu Nov 29, 2012 13:24author address author phone

Precisely what goes wrong when you use material from one date out of context of that date. The British Mandate territory originally included all of what is now Israel, occupied Palestine, and JORDAN (then called "Trans-Jordan"). Since you are looking at an essay from 1923 there would naturally be reference to land across the Jordan. That was the first partition, at first becoming a separate mandate territory and only in 1946 allowed to become independent.

Now let's look at other errors. How do you conclude from 7% owned OPENLY by the Zionists that 93% was owned by anti-Zionist owners? When this was at a time period when legally buying land (by the Jews) was prohibited. How can people who (presumably) think Jews clever and devious in business think that they were incompetent to overcome the disability. What you need to do is look up what land was being purchased by British (or other foreign) "land investment companies" and then track who the share holders of these corporations were (or the the share holders of the holding companies when the directly owning companies were "shells").

author by Elricpublication date Thu Nov 29, 2012 14:29author address author phone

Full text at link.

One Of Israel's Great Leftist Warriors Wants PeaceWith Hamas And Gaza - But Does The Knesset?
By Robert Fisk

Old Uri Avnery is 89 but he’s still a fighter. In fact, the famed writer is still one of the great old leftist warriors of Israel, still demanding peace with the Palestinians, peace with Hamas and a Palestinian state on the old ’67 borders – give or take a few square miles. He still believes Israel could have peace tomorrow or next week. If Netanyahu wanted it. “The misfortune of being an incorrigible optimist,” is how he describes his predicament. Or perhaps an illusionist?

He’s still the same guy I last came across 30 years ago, playing chess with Yasser Arafat in the ruins of Beirut. White hair and white beard now, and roaring his words – he’s a wee bit deaf these days – with the same rage and humour as ever. I ask Avnery what Netanyahu and his government are doing. What was this Gaza war meant to achieve? The eyes sparkle and he spits out his reply.

“You are presuming you know what they want and you presume they want peace – and therefore that their policy is stupid or insane. But if you assume they don’t give a damn for peace but want a Jewish state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, then what they are doing makes sense up to a point. The trouble is that what they do want is leading into a cul de sac – because we already have now one state in all of historic Palestine, three quarters of it the Jewish state of Israel and one quarter the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Related Link:
author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:22author address author phone

Nothing is taken out of context - it's all completely in context.

The Whole document was linked to - if anything was out of context then you have all you need to show how - like a good little Zio-Nazi apologist you of course neglected to show how anything has been taken out of context.

The Zio-Nazis clearly stated in speeches and in writings, that they were determined to grab, by fair means or foul, as much as they could get of the British Mandate (ALL of it if possible).

My argument does not rely solely on the 1923 "Iron Wall" document, even though you are dishonestly trying to pretend that it does.

I also quoted David Ben Gurion, one of the the main founders and the first Prime Minister of the "Jewish" state, which clearly showed that the Zio-Nazis such as himself and the rest of the Zio-Nazi Terror gangs (Stern/Irgun/Hagannah etc) ALWAYS fully intended to use violence to ethnically cleanse the actual inhabitants of most of the land which the Zio-Nazis coveted, upon which they wanted to construct their "Jewish" State.

I could quote many other leading Zionist in the same vein, Theodor Herzl for example. but there's absolutely no need since Jabotinsky was the father of "Revisionist Zio-Nazism" and Ben Gurion was First PM of the "Jewish" State they are more than sufficient to demonstrate that these notions of violently expelling the native population were widely accepted amongst Zionists, LONG before the attempted genocidal events carried out by the Zionist terror gangs in 1948.

Well done - you actually got something right - of course your statement, being the work of a Zionist-apologist - is only part of the story. You completely neglected to mention that Trans-Jordan was established as a geographically-separate entity in 1921, Mike - 2 yrs before Jabotinsky wrote his "Iron Wall" in 1923.

It's establishment was a clear message to the Zio-Nazis that their unwarranted desire for a Jewish state to be established in the whole of the British Mandate were not going to be satisfied by the British Gov't. The establishment of Trans-Jordan was a message to the Zio-Nazis that said "well, whatever you get in the end, you won't be getting East of the Jordan."

No there wouldn't "Naturally" be any reference to land which it had already be made plain that they would NOT be getting. Nothing "natural" about that at all, Mike. It was a completely unreasonable demand at anytime given the small percentage of Zionists in the British Mandate population as a whole

The essay from 1923, (that is 2 yrs AFTER the establishment of TransJordan, Mike) which you are trying desperately to down-play the significance of, is essentially the "Mein Kampf" of the "Revisionist" Zion-Nazi Movement. And the "Revisionist" movement were the people that actually unilaterally established the "Jewish" state in 1948.

Long after being told that they were definitely NOT getting any land in Trans-Jordan the Zio-Nazis were STILL obsessing about it.

For example here's a youtube link to a video of a speech by the Arch-Zio-Nazi himself, Jabotinsky, filmed in 1934 (13yrs AFTER the establishment of Trans-Jordan, Mike) where he is STILL waffling on about his desire to grab Trans-Jordan, EAST of the river Jordan. It's in Yiddish and there's no subtitles available, but anyone that has a smattering of German can clearly understand that he is talking about Trans-Jordan and "Water Sources".
Yiddish Jabotinsky 1934 Jewish Palestine - ייִדיש - YouTube -

Note the description:

Clearly the Zio-Nazis that later used terror, murder, bombing and Ethnic cleansing to establish their racist "Jewish" state STILL had designs on the Land EAST of the river Jordan 13 yrs after the establishment of Trans-Jordan, despite the unreasonable nature of such an arrogant and selfish demand.

Regarding the importance of the subject matter that Jabotinsky is discussing, Water : In contrast to the Zio-Nazi propaganda we hear so much about, the "plucky little Israel against the pretend might of the Arabs" fictions which Zio-Nazis, and their agents in the Media and foreign Gov'ts, like to peddle, access to sources of Water, as I stated earlier, was one of the major driving forces behind ALL the Zio-Nazi Wars of Conflict it engaged in with it's neighbours.

Well at least you didn't lie about that. Well done.

What "other errors", Mike?

So far you have yet to point out ANY "errors" - so far all you have done is make silly statements without backing ANY of it up with somehting that might resemble some sort of "evidence", and this after rather grandiosly titling your post "East-West of the Jordan and other errors". I've a good mind to demand a refund Mike, given the obviously deliberately False nature of your comment title ;-)

I never said anything "93% was owned by anti-Zionist owners", Mike. That is a silly strawman argument, all of your own construction, that you simply made up in order that you could pretend to be offering some sort of counter-argument. What I clearly said was that Zio-Nazis owned only 7% of the land while the other 93% was owned by "non-Jewish/non-ZioNazi entities."

If you have decent evidence that the other 93% of the land was owned by "anti-Zionist owners" then DO present it here. But to shrilly demand that I go and provide the evidence to prove YOUR argument is just childish, tbh.

There you go again with the strawman bullshit again, Mike. This time you are making an astoundingly racist presumptive strawman in order to pretend to be offering a counter-argument - I never said anything about "Jews [being] clever and devious in business" - that looks more like your own projection of your own racist sentiments onto your opponent. Out of the 2 of us only one of us seems to be proposing the notion that "Jews [being] clever and devious in business".

I certainly do not NEED to anything of the sort. This seems to be another manifestation of your own "Jews [being] clever and devious in business" projection, Mike.

If YOU want to make the counter-argument that YOU are proposing, to explain away the fact that in the proposed Jewish State" the Zio-Nazis only owned a mere 7% of the land yet somehow expected to be allocated ALL the land in that Geographic area, then it is YOU that would need to do exactly what you have just demanded that I do.

It's kinda funny but, in my experience, ONLY Zio-Nazi apologists are arrogant enough to demand that their opponent provide proof for their Zio-Nazi-apologist pseudo-counter-arguments.

THIS is what the ZIo-Nazis claimed they were entitled to . . . . while below is . . .
THIS is what the ZIo-Nazis claimed they were entitled to . . . . while below is . . .

what was left after the British Gov't  laughed at theinitial  ridiculous Zio-Nazi demands and created the territtory of Trans-Jordan
what was left after the British Gov't laughed at theinitial ridiculous Zio-Nazi demands and created the territtory of Trans-Jordan

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 03, 2012 13:13author address author phone

I gave the wrong date for the establishment of Trans-Jordan - should have been 1922 - intelligent people can re-jig the mats for themselves.

And even Wikipedia, that nest of Zionist-bullshit, confirms that Trans-Jordan was "off-limits" to Zio-Nazi expansion
Transjordan Memorandum -

One can certainly object on , anti-Imperialist grounds alone, to the British arrogance in drawing arbitrary borders in such a fashion, but then to be consistent that same person would have to also object, on similar Anti-Imperialist grounds, to the British offering ANY of the land of Palestine/The Mandate for the establishment of a "Jewish" Colonial State to be populated by Zionist immigrants from, mostly Eastern, Europe

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 03, 2012 14:02author address author phone

Yosef Weitz, a prominent Zio-Nazi and vocal advocate of Ethnic Cleansing, wrote in 1941:

Israel Zangwill, a prominent early Zionist, who had visited Palestine in 1897 and clearly was aware of the demographics there, stated:

Another prominent Zioinst called Hahman Syrkin, who was a founder of "Socialist" Zionism, published in 1898 "The Jewish Question and the Socialist Jewish State" [completely oxymoronic title]. He stated:

In October 1882, Validimir Dubnow, one of the earliest Zionist pioneers in Palestine, wrote to his brother articulating the ultimate goals of the Zionist movement:

Also in 1882 Ben-Yehuda and Yehiel Michal Pines, two of the earliest Zionist pioneers in Palestine, wrote describing the indigenous Palestinians:

looks like Ben-Yehuda and Yehiel Michal Pines, are in agreement with you, though, Mike.

Like you they too seem to view Jewish people as "clever and devious", Mike.

No honest person could continue to claim that Zionists were in anyway unclear in their intentions, before 1948, to not only grab as much land as possible by Military means (i.e: Killing people) but also to Ethnically cleanse that land, as much as possible, of it's Palestinian/"Arab" inhabitants.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 15:00author address author phone

Like just about everything said by Zio-Nazi , the Zio-Nazi historical-narrative on Gaza is a complete lie.

The savage Zio-Nazi punishment of Gaza traces back to decades ago. -
December 3, 2012 |

An old man in Gaza held a placard that read:

The old man’s message provides the proper context for the latest episode in the savage punishment of Gaza. The crimes trace back to 1948, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled from their homes in terror or were expelled to Gaza by conquering Israeli forces, who continued to truck Palestinians over the border for years after the official cease-fire.

The punishment took new forms when Israel conquered Gaza in 1967. From recent Israeli scholarship (primarily Avi Raz’s “The Bride and the Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War”), we learn that the government’s goal was to drive the refugees into the Sinai Peninsula – and, if feasible, the rest of the population too.

Expulsions from Gaza were carried out under the direct orders of Gen. Yeshayahu Gavish, commander of the Israel Defense Forces Southern Command. Expulsions from the West Bank were far more extreme, and Israel resorted to devious means to prevent the return of those expelled, in direct violation of U.N. Security Council orders.

The reasons were made clear in internal discussions immediately after the war. Golda Meir, later prime minister, informed her Labor Party colleagues that Israel should keep the Gaza Strip while “getting rid of its Arabs.” Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and others agreed.

Prime Minister Levi Eshkol explained that those expelled could not be allowed to return because “we cannot increase the Arab population in Israel” – referring to the newly occupied territories, already considered part of Israel.

In accord with this conception, all of Israel’s maps were changed, expunging the Green Line (the internationally recognized borders) – though publication of the maps was delayed to permit Abba Eban, an Israeli ambassador to the U.N., to attain what he called a “favorable impasse” at the General Assembly by concealing Israel’s intentions.

The goals of expulsion may remain alive today, and might be a factor in contributing to Egypt’s reluctance to open the border to free passage of people and goods barred by the U.S.-backed Israeli siege.

The current upsurge of U.S.-Israeli violence dates to January 2006, when Palestinians voted “the wrong way” in the first free election in the Arab world.

Truth hurts, Benni
Truth hurts, Benni

author by Contrarianpublication date Thu Dec 06, 2012 16:20author address author phone


Given that the adherents of the symbol on the right murdered approximately 5.7 million adherents of the symbol on the left, within living memory, I find it hard to concieve of a more offensive picture. Or a more factually ridiculous one.
I invite you to do the decent thing and reconsider the appropriateness of your post. It would sit more easily on a neo-Nazi site. In fact similar stuff abounds on neo-nazi sites.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 10, 2012 20:19author address author phone

The term "Judeo-Nazi" was coined by Yeshayahu Leibowitz (1903–94)

He was an Israeli public intellectual, "Israel Prize" Winner [he turned it down] and polymath known for his outspoken opinions on Judaism, ethics, religion and politics. -

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In the photo above which some Zio-Nazi objected to, it should be pointed out that the symbol of the Star of David is NOT a uniquely Jewish Symbol at all.

During the late 19th century the symbol was misappropriated by the Zio-Nazis and incorporated into their ideological-symbolism.

Prior to that ,the Star of David was widely used in many non-Jewish settings. It was for example used also in Christian settings and Occult settings. Indeed the Star of David can to this day be seen in many examples of clearly Christian architecture.

The Canadian Houses of Parliament for example includes a very prominent Star of David in it's tower, as do many many other Christian buildings. - Is the Canadian Parliament then of necessity a Jewish Building?

So the claim that the Star of David is a purely Jewish symbol is false.

The Star of David is a misappropriated ZIONIST symbol, incorporated into the flag of the Zionist Racist State of Israel.

Note also that the photo above is of the ISRAELI flag and is clearly not aimed at ALL Jewish people everywhere since Zionism clearly does not represent all Jewish People everywhere.

Indeed attempts to claim Israel represents ALL Jewish people everywhere are usually taken as evidence that the person making that claim is Anti-Semitic

Also note that the vast Majority of Jewish people alive before and during WW2 were definitely NOT Zionist. Therefore it is safe to assume that the majority of those that perished in the Holocaust were not supporters of the Right-wing philosophy of Jewish Racial Supremacism known as Zionism

So the juxtaposition of the Zionist symbol with the Nazi symbol simply cannot be taken as an insult to Jewish people that perished in WW2

And any attempt to claim that such imagery is an insult to the dead of the Holocaust is nothing but the usual Zio-Nazi bullshit

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For those poor sad deluded souls that even cannot manage to state my name, which is "Zionism=Nazism" and NOT the childishly-shortened version that they seem addicted to: "Z=N"

People like Yeshayahu Leibowitz are so rare we should celebrate their existence whenever we find them.

Zionist and Lite-Zionists such as Phil Weiss [] love to point out the existence of so many Jewish Iconoclasts but they react with horror when a REAL iconoclast appears amongst them.

Celebrate people such as Yeshayahu Leibowitz for they are truly a rare commodity in ANY society, not just Jewish or Israeli society

In the Video below of Yeshayahu Leibowitz giving a speech on "Judeo-Nazism" , one can switch on English Captions/Subtitles, to obtain a translation of his comments from Hebrew to English.

Caption: Yeshayahu Leibowitz deeconstructing the Bullshit that is Zio-Nazism

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Albert Einstein himself, in an op-ed to th New-York Times, wrote that Menachem Begin's movement, the same movement that is governing Israel for the past decades, is a

Begin was PM of Israel in 1977

He was, prior to that, somewhat of a pariah in Israeli society but only due to the failure of the Extreme Zio-Nazis to ethnically cleanse the indigenous inhabitants from the land, and was only brought back into the mainstream immediately prior to the unnecessary 1967 war, a war that Israel itself created in order to illegally grab even more land so as to ensure access to vital water supplies to which the Zionists were not entitled.

Einstein was an opponent of the Zio-Nazis -
Einstein was an opponent of the Zio-Nazis -

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especially the wrong-colour Jews. Just when you thought Israel couldn't get any worse they go and pull a stunt like this

Perhaps the person trolling as "truthseeker" will have something intellignet to say on the obvious Nazi-like behaviour of the Zionists . . . . [though it would be wise not to hold one's breath waiting for him or any of the many other zio-nazi apologists around here to give intelligent comment on this]

Israel's Ethiopians suffer FORCED Sterilisation

Nor could they opt to go back home to avoid sterilization - the sterilization took place before their arrival in Zio-Nazi land

The current plan for the forced sterilisation of Ethiopian Jews mirrors that carried out against the mizrahi [Jewish Aabs] community back in the 60-70s . . .

. . . . but of course only an anti-semite would ever compare israeli policy with NAZI eugenics programs, eh?

See also : Depo Provera - A report on its prescription policy among women of the Ethiopian community in Israel -

author by Sean ORpublication date Sun Dec 16, 2012 18:04author address author phone

To say that they are forcibly sterilising Etheopians is misleading, and to link to the explanation (the showing that it isn't forced sterilisation makes me think you either didn't read it, or are wilfiully misrepresenting the info.

The link just says that there is a stupid policy to offer depo-provera contraception(something my girlfriend uses) to ethiopians as a first line due to some perception of cultural preference. This is NOT sterilisation. They are not forcing them to take it. It is NOT forced sterilisation.

author by truthseekerpublication date Tue Dec 18, 2012 08:50author address author phone

Sean this guy is in a bog hole with his lies. While he tries to clear up this "sterilisation" lie can he settle on a figure for Dir Yassin? Einstein says 240 since well disproved.

author by fredpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 08:31author address author phone

Hey truthseeker

Thanks for the opportunity to remind everyone of this, "the ringworm children":

Israelis blasted 100,000 brown moroccan children involuntarily with 35,000 times the maximum acceptable dose of xrays apparently "to get rid of ringworm".Yeah right!

6000 of those children died soon after exposure.

No surprises that Israeli children didn't get such treatment "for ringworm" though.

Xray Machines supplied by the US
Exposure Data returned to the US


author by Sean ORpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:07author address author phone

"Israelis blasted 100,000 brown moroccan children" - No, it was done to sephardic jews, ie of spanish/portugese descent. Not 'brown' as you so eloquently put. If you don;t know the historical difference and significance, I suggest, its like a encyclopaedia on the internet that can answer some basic questions really quickly.

" 35,000 times the maximum acceptable dose of xrays apparently "to get rid of ringworm".Yeah right!" - Cursory investigation into this claim indicates that you obviously did not. Xray treatment of lice in this manner was common practice at the time, done in the US and many other countries on askenazi and non jewish people with ring worm.

"No surprises that Israeli children didn't get such treatment "for ringworm" though." - Yeah, it isn't surprising. Why would you treat people for ringworm when they dont have it? Immigrants from N africa did have it however, and were treated. In other news, Israeli jews WERE treated in such a manner when there was a local epidemic prior to this.

Seriously, it took me less than 30 seconds to get this information. I mean, you are posting this so I assume you actually read about these things first, which would mean you read the same things I do, then wilfully misrepresent the information.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:07author address author phone

I REALLY didn't think ANY Zio-Nazi apologist would be foolish enough to try to defend or downplay the actions of the Zio-Nazi state in forcibly sterilising Jewish women who happen to be the "Wrong" colour. That sort of blatant racism is, I thought, a thing of the past.

But one thing I have learned over the years is that you can never underestimate the mendacity and all round blatant racism and stupidity of the average Zio-Nazi and their apologist friends.

One Zio-Nazi apologist says I'm being "misleading" while another even more racist Zio-Nazi apologist accuses me of "lying". One might think that given their propensity for telling great big whopping lies that Zio-Nazi apologists like "Sean" and the hilariously mis-named "truthseeker" above, might have learned to distinguish between the sort of blatant lies that they tell with ridiculously common regularity, and the truth.

But sadly, no. They are as inept at that as they are at making truthful statements.

Anyway here's another report on the forced sterilisation of Black Ethiopian Jews, Jews of the "wrong" colour, by the Zio-Nazi state.

This one comes from the Daily Forward a publication by and for Jews.

It states quite clearly

as to the charges of blatant racism involved in forcing these women to accept this form of sterilisation:

Anyone that knows anything about the demographics of the Zio-Nazi state already knows that the Zio-Nazi state actually has NO PROBLEM with Jewish people having large families, in fact it seems to actively encourage them especially amongst the Ultra-Orthodox, providing generous allowances for large families. . . . . as long as the family involved is WHITE

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:27author address author phone

"Sean" trumpets his elite wikipedia-skills, but somehow managed to get important facts wrong.

The children that were forcibly bombarded with radiation by the Zio-Nazi state in the 1950's were for the most part Mizrahi ("Arab-Jews") and not Sephardi

Anyone foolish enough to rely on Wikipedia, especially in relation to anything that might be considered damaging to the public image of the Zio-Nazi state, has no business lecturing others on the subject of "accuracy".

Trying to downplay the obvious racism involved by claiming "others did it too" is simply a Zio-Nazi form of the so-called " Nuremberg Defense", a legal strategy employed by many of the defendants at the Nuremberg war crimes trials seeking to convict Nazi perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War. Many of those defendants claimed that they were not guilty of the charges against them as they were "only following orders."

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:36author address author phone

Xray treatment of lice in this manner was common practice at the time,

approx 100,00 were given this treatment in the Zio-Nazi state

Approx 6000 non-White Mizrahi children died soon after

that is 6%

Does Zio-Nazi apologist "Sean" have some sort of "proof" that 6% of the people worldwide that were exposed to such treatment, died soon after?

Because if not then his claim that the Zio-Nazi actions were no different from everyone else's looks very hollow indeed.

Unless he can show that the death rate from these "treatments" worldwide was equal to 6% then his claim that the Zio-Nazi State's actions were no different than others, should be treated with the usual caution any sensible person would apply to any statement in defense of the frequently indefensible actions of the Zio-Nazi State, made by any Zio-Nazi apologist

In my opinion such statements invariably turn out to be false.

Self-serving LIES in other words.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:55author address author phone

Nor is it only against Palestinians - it'sgenerally against any Non-Ashkenazi (ie: Non White)

New Israeli policy calls for segregating and testing African migrants in hospitals

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 13:00author address author phone

Israeli Author claims : 'Israel - Most racist state in the industrialized world' -

Personally I don't think Israel ever had ANY concern for "humanistic values" nor "the rights of mankind" - The Zio-Nazi state has only ever been concerned with "rights for Jews", and even then mainly with "rights for White Ashkenazi Jews."

author by Sean ORpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 15:53author address author phone

The article you linked to Re: irradiation clearly states in the second paragraph that they were sephardic. Whatever, either way doesn't change much. As for providing you with details of numbers etc., I can't. All I can find in the literature is what seems to be a huge increase in cancer. However, your number seems to be picked out of the air. I can find no reliable or even semi-reliable sources giving that number, only a few unreliable sources that provide a much lower number.

As for the depo provera, again you state it is sterilisation, which is a lie. Depo provera does not sterilise people. Sheesh... again a brief google would serve you well. I suppose "forced temporary contraceptive" doesn't quite give people the chills like you would want.

As for the forced part, I don't know, sounds more like at worst, coerced. I'm cherry picking a bit here but from your article "An Ethiopian man who works for the Absorption Ministry denied knowledge of any program to suppress the Ethiopian birthrate, and three kessim, or Ethiopian Jewish religious leaders, emphasizing that all is God’s will, also claimed to know nothing about the alleged forced family planning practices.".

As for the policy to "isolate those thought to be refugees on the basis of citizenship status, not skin color". Well, I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure many countries restrict immigration unless screening has been done, and in some diseases, insist on treatment before allowing people to mix with the population. I'm almost certain the US wont let you immigrate unless you have tests done (TB maybe?).

Oh and thanks for calling me a zio-nazi. Had a chuckle at that one. There must be zio-nazis everywhere for you if anyone who questions your posts MUST BE IN LEAGUE WITH THE JEWZIS lol. Anyway off to console my sobbing girlfriend who just discovered that she has been sterilised according to a dude on the internet lol

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 17:46author address author phone

"The article you linked to Re: irradiation clearly states in the second paragraph that they were sephardic."

You're confused, I'm not "fred".

And I didn't link to it, and I don't care what the article says because nevertheless Moroccan Jews are Magrebi Jews, a subset of Mizrahi Jews.

Whether you agree or not won't change that.

"Whatever, either way doesn't change much. As for providing you with details of numbers etc., I can't. "

well, no surprise there, then. Essentially you are just offering more of the usual "Nuremberg Defense"

"All I can find in the literature is what seems to be a huge increase in cancer. However, your number seems to be picked out of the air. I can find no reliable or even semi-reliable sources giving that number, only a few unreliable sources that provide a much lower number."

Usually when a Zio-Nazi apologist finds evidence s/he doesn' t like, the first trick they try is to label it as being from " unreliable sources". "Unreliable", to a Zio-Nazi apologist, is basically anyone not a Zio-Nazi apologist

"As for the forced part, I don't know, sounds more like at worst, coerced"
"Coerced" is merely a way for dishonest people like yourself to hide reality. "Forced" is more honest - this is easily shown by simply looking at synonyms for "coerced" where on can find words such as

BTW: I'm not the one that labelled it "sterilisation" - both the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz and the Jewish Daily Forward were the ones that labelled it "Sterilisation".

So it's actually Israeli women themselves that are calling this "Sterilisation" -

But irrespective of your anally-retentive hair-splitting over terminology, the FACT remains that it was forced upon the recipients using a combination of threats and taking advantage of the recipients own lack of knowledge.

No matter what semantic games you want to play, that's both Fascistic and racist, because similar pressure is never applied to WHITE Ashkenazi jews.

Oh and thanks for calling me a zio-nazi.
my pleasure, although It should be noted that I actually called you a "Zio-Nazi Apologist" - come back again and I'll call you a Zio-Nazi apologist once again., if you like.

"There must be zio-nazis everywhere for you if anyone who questions your posts MUST BE IN LEAGUE WITH THE JEWZIS"

After years of experience dealing with Zio-Nazis and Zio-Nazi apologists I'm a firm believer in the maxim "Give a Zio-Nazi/Zio-Nazi-apologist enough lee-way and eventually he'll start lying" And true to form, that is exactly what you have now done, started lying.

I never said anything about " THE JEWZIS", nor would I, because I know that Zionism does NOT represent Judaism, despite the racist Zio-Nazi attempts to claim that it does. - But the fact that you immediately decided to use such a term to smear your opponent dramatically increases the probability that, despite your protestation to the contrary, you are in fact a ZIo-Nazi pretending otherwise.

I have referred only to Zio-Nazis, my term for Zionists, because Zionism is a political ideology that is identical to Nazism

author by Sean OR AKA KING ZIONAZIpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 18:20author address author phone

Sorry yeah got a bit confused there between you and fred.

The Nuremburg defense is to say that your superiors ordered you to do it, thus lessening your culpability. I don't think that applies to this discussion anywhere.

"But irrespective of your anally-retentive hair-splitting over terminology" Eh its not anal quibbiling, its actually highly important in the discussion. There is a massive difference, semantically and practically and in the severity of the accusation between pushing an alternative contraceptive and "FORCED STERILISATION".

And I raise an eyebrow at the term "forced" aswell. And I defend arguing over semantics. "Ireland plans to legislate to allow murder of unborn against their will" rings a bit different to "Ireland plans to bring in legislation to protect mothers lives". Both statements are technically correct, yet evoke quite different emotional responses. Demagoguery = Asshole politician 101

"Usually when a Zio-Nazi apologist finds evidence s/he doesn' t like, the first trick they try is to label it as being from " unreliable sources". "Unreliable", to a Zio-Nazi apologist, is basically anyone not a Zio-Nazi apologist" Eh pot kettle black there mate? And i'm sure if I had evidence to the contrary you would peruse it with a neural eye lol. Ok, well show me the sources that you deem to be beacons of truth then. Sorry for wanting good sources, sheesh.

You can call me a zio nazi apologist all you want lol, kind of blinkered thinking about other peoples motivation I would expect with someone with a nom de plume of Zionism=Racism

author by Contrarian - Proud to be a Zionistpublication date Wed Dec 19, 2012 20:16author address author phone

So Zionism is identical to Nazism, eh?
As ever, you are long on rhetoric and short on precision and accuracy. You've heard of Godwins Law, no doubt? There's a good reason for it. A superficial comparison to Nazis and Nazism is the refuge of minds that are too lazy, dumb or ill-informed to come up with anything better. It's easy to do. Select your target. Anything that that can be described (however loosely or inaccurately) as compulsory or cruel or violent will do fine. Throw in a bit of Nazi imagery, eg talk about policies being "jackbooted" through or a "blitzkreig" on the victim de jour. Hey presto - you've painted your target in the colours of probably the worst dictatorship the world has seen (except for Stalin and Mao obviously)
This gets taken to ridiculous levels at times. I've even seen the Septic Tank Charge described as Nazism (on but still!)
Now let's deal with the (false) comparison of Zionism to Nazism. Or of Israel to Nazi Germany. Lets look at some key aspects of Nazism:
Totalitarianism. Nazi Germany was a completely totalitarian one-party state. Israel is a multi-party parliamentary democracy with independent judicial oversight. All political parties are subservient to the State and no party has ever had absolute control of the State or the security apparatus.
Cult of personality. Nazism was dominated by Hitlers personality and total absolute power was devolved on him. The Wehrmacht swore personal oaths of loyalty to him and his image was everywhere. Zionist leaders come and go and no one leader ever has or had absolute power.
Freedom of expression. Non-existent under Nazism. Israel has almost complete freedom expression (save for disclosure of militarily sensitive material), there are multiple newspapers, radio and TV stations, mostly non-state owned.
Gay rights. The Nazis sent homosexuals to the camps and murdered tens of thousands. Israel (unlike its neighbours!) has one of the most progressive LGBT rights regimes in the world.
Economic System. Nazi economics was essentially a form of corporatism with intrusive Nazi party involvement and control over all aspects of the economy. Israel is a pretty standard neoliberal type economy. In previous times, Labour Zionism was the dominant economic theory, though it has now largely fallen out of favour and receives little public support.
Position of WomenZionism has always afforded women equal rights and Israel is exemplary in the prominent role played by women in all aspects of society right up to Prime Ministerial level. Nazism relegated women to a homemaking and childbearing role.
I think I feel a Monty Python sketch coming, apart from the totalitarianism, the one party state, freedom of expression, the personality cult, gay rights, the economic system and the position of Zionism identical to Nazism? No it isn't even in the same ballpark. Go get some better arguments.
You can of course find some similarities between Nazism and any political ideology you care to name. (Stalinism, for example, would be a close fit.) But to claim, as you do, that Zionism is identical to Nazism, despite the clear differences I've pointed out is simply ridiculous.
BTW you might want to rethink your name too.

author by truthseekerpublication date Thu Dec 20, 2012 08:05author address author phone

You raised the Dir Yassin issue. About number dead. Still waiting.....

author by truthseekerpublication date Fri Dec 21, 2012 08:17author address author phone

In a lengthy piece above on Dir Yassin you quoted these Jewish traitors like Einstein as saying 240, I repeat 240, Arab dead in Dir Yassin

Is that not a lie right there?


author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 02:46author address author phone

He didn't actually miraculously resurrect himself, to come back and write a letter just to con you into thinking he was trying to pull a fast one on you, ye know?

It wasn't Einstein was lying in 1948. He got the figures from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The ICRC got the figures DIRECT from the Zio-Nazi psychopaths that carried out the massacre. And I really do mean DIRECT - the ICRC sent a guy to the village and all he did was literally ask the Zio-Nazi psychopathic murderers that carried out the massacre "How many did you murder?" . . . . . . . . You DO realise that, right?

It was the Zio-Nazis themselves that made the claim that THEY murdered over 200 people.

I'm surprised that needs explaining to be honest. I guess it's like I said earlier . .

How you getting on about that Dir Yassin number of dead

I'm getting on grand . . . and yerself? ;-)

Kind of hilariously-ridiculously-ironic you would call Einstein a "Jewish Traitor" though- last time I heard that sort of language being used about any Jewish person it was coming out of the mouths of actual genuine Nazis.


Just goes to show that you Mr "Truthseeker", and the actual genuine Nazis have a lot more in common than you are prepared to admit, eh?

author by Normanpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 07:24author address author phone

"Kind of hilariously-ridiculously-ironic you would call Einstein a "Jewish Traitor" though- last time I heard that sort of language being used about any Jewish person it was coming out of the mouths of actual genuine Nazis."

Nah, they say it all the time about Norman Finkelstein because he calls zionists out regularly on their rotten behaviour towards the Palestinians. They really hate him because members of his family were in the death camps so it's really hard for them to play the "anti semitic" card etc.

author by truthseekerpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 08:55author address author phone

Einstein and all who signed the above WERE traitors to the Jews. Are you Irish? Are there no traitors in Irish history to the Irish cause? So why can there not be traitors also to the cause of the Jews?

author by truthseekerpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 09:09author address author phone

Look do you have any idea how historical issues are handled? You write above:

"It wasn't Einstein was lying in 1948. He got the figures from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The ICRC got the figures DIRECT from the Zio-Nazi psychopaths that carried out the massacre. And I really do mean DIRECT - the ICRC sent a guy to the village and all he did was literally ask the Zio-Nazi psychopathic murderers that carried out the massacre "How many did you murder?" . . . . . . . . You DO realise that, right?

It was the Zio-Nazis themselves that made the claim that THEY murdered over 200 people"

You do not give any sources. "Sent a guy" is not a source!

Who was this guy from the Red Cross? Was he reputable?

Who did he speak to on the Begin side?

One thing is clear. History should show whether the figure of Arab dead was 254 or just over 100.

that is quite a difference although I do not want one human being to die, but in this conterxt...If the figure of 254 is incorrect then you have the beginnings of a Big Lie right there and then.

So can you confirm you are sticking with the 254 figure?


author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sat Dec 22, 2012 13:05author address author phone

"So why can there not be traitors also to the cause of the Jews?"

Curiously the vast majority of Jewish people preferred to live in the US, not in Zio-Nazi-Land. That situation has not changed. The vast majority of Jewish people still prefer live outside of Zio-Nazi-Land.

The Zio-Nazi project was not something that the vast majority of the Jewish people had any real interest in, certainly not enough to actually go and live there. If you actually knew anything about history you would know that.

The Zio-Nazi project was not a project of "The Jewish People" - There was no "cause of the Jews" because the Zio-Nazis did not represent anything but a small section of Jewish people. Zio-Nazism represented the desires of a very small section of Central and Eastern European Extreme-Right-Wing Jews that followed an ideology almost identical to that of the Nazis (which is why they were not popular with the majority of Judaism - most Jews at the time were not blood-thirsty psychopathic Nazi-wannabes).

"You do not give any sources"

Source:- ICRC report by Dr. Jacques DeReynier. 13th April, 1948

"Was he reputable?"




You really know nothing about this subject, do you?

The psychopathic Zio-Nazis that carried out the massacre actually invited members of the Press to come and view some of the bodies - the sick twisted Zio-Nazi fucks were actually PROUD of their massacring skills . They even paraded some of the survivors through the streets of Jerusalem and then, like the pure Nazi-wannabes they were they later murdered those few unfortunate survivors in cold blood.

These psychopathic Nazi-Wannabe Zionists wanted the story of the massacre to be well-known because they wanted to terrify any and all Non-Jews existing West of the Jordan river into fleeing in terror for their lives.

NONE of these statement are particularly "controversial" - the Zio-Nazis were not shy about any of this, they WANTED it known what they had done.

None of it is considered "controversial" by anyone other than an extreme Zionist -Nazi-wannabe like yourself. Only an idiot or a Nazi-Wannabe like yourself would even bother wasting time disputing that the Zio-Nazis themselves provided the figure of 254 Men women and Children murdered in cold blood (original figure, direct from Zio-Nazis themselves was "over 200" later revised to 254)

Here's some more real history for ya : Former Haganah officer, Col. Meir Pa'el, upon his retirement from the Israeli army in 1972, made the following public statement about Deir Yassin that was published by the Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot, April 4, 1972:

As anyone can clearly see - the Zionists themselves were comfortable with using the 254 figure.

Zvi Ankori, who commanded the Haganah unit that occupied Deir Yassin after the massacre, gave this statement in 1982 about the massacre, published by the Israeli paper Davar on April 9, 1982:

" cut off genitalia " AND " women's crushed stomachs" [a reference to the killing of the foetus of pregnant women by crushing their stomachs and then killing the women herself] what a bunch of sick fuckers. And there you are, attacking others because we dare to talk about what the Zio-Nazis themselves claimed at the time.

You stay classy now, ye hear?

Essentially you're quite willingly acting as an apologist for a bunch of psychopathic sick twisted Zio-Nazis, people that obviously got some sort of sexual thrill from the sex-related mutilation of the corpses of Men Women and Children.

None of this surprises me, since you appeared here you've basically shown all the signs of being a complete Zio-Nazi yourself (emphasis on the NAZI)

If there is a "Big Lie" it was the Zio-Nazis that were spreading it themselves
You really are a nasty piece of work.

It's like I said earlier . . .

" So can you confirm you are sticking with the 254 figure?"

all I'm doing is high-lighting what the Zio-Nazis themselves said, you moron.

author by truthseekerpublication date Sun Dec 23, 2012 09:13author address author phone

I suspect you are American, not Irish. Certain expressions you use...

Also you have an enchanting method of debating:

You write:

" So can you confirm you are sticking with the 254 figure?"

all I'm doing is high-lighting what the Zio-Nazis themselves said, you moron.

....end of quote

No you are not. The figure of 254 is yours. You produced it here on this site from the pen of Einstein and others WITHOUT COMMENT. You do not even have the courage of your convictions. You hide behind others

But in opposition to your method I stand by my own research

To me it does not matter at all if all the rabbis in the world say that figure. THE FIGURE IS FALSE.

And there is the difference between you and me. You care little for accuracy in history. All you care about is to get something to attack Israel of today.

The method that you use there is an impossibility of getting to the truth of what happened in history.

In fact the true figure of Arab dead at Dir Yassin was a little over 100. And there is a very big difference between that and 254. 254 is that doubled and half again on top of the double. Quite a difference. Quite a Big Lie there however it came about.

To find out the truth about Dir Yassin entails a certain method, an approach to history

It will involve at least

1. Context

2. Political positions of all sides including the side of the Jewish Establishment in 1948

3. Role of the left today

Also patience and respect for evidence. You have neither.

Why the figure is so important. If the figure of 254 is totally false then it is likely everything else from your mouth is false also

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:20author address author phone

If you want to call them liars that's fine by me.

And there is the difference between you and me."

There certainly is - one of us is NOT a scumbag Zio-Nazi apologist, trying to minimise the actions of a bunch of bloodthirsty sexually perverted Zionist Nazi wannabes, and one of is.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:39author address author phone

If there is a lie anywhere (and as far as I am concerned it is still a big "IF") it clearly originated with the Zio-Nazis, those sexually perverted child murderers which you are so eager to defend. That has been demonstrated to you quite clearly, several times now, but for some strange reason, you seem completely unable or unwilling to acknowledge it.

For some reason you just want to gloss over the fact that the figure you are disputing originated from the Zio-Nazis themselves, despite all the laughable blather from you, about you "caring for accuracy" and "truth in history".

We already know quite a bit of "the truth about Deir Yassin"

The Zio-Nazis came to the village with the intention of slaughtering all and sundry, men women and children included. It now appears that some of them intended to sexually mutilate the corpses, the sick Zio-Nazi fucks.

After a brief shooting match the Zio-Nazis did what they set out to do: They murdered just about everyone they could get their hands, apparently only pausing along the way to "cut the genitals" off of the corpses (sick Nazi fucks that they were)

They took at least 25 of the survivors and paraded them through the streets as both a sign of humiliation and some sort of sick twisted "victory" parade. They then callously murdered those 25 survivors.

Afterwards they were so proud of the handiwork that they actually lined up a few corpses (not the sexually mutilated ones I presume) so that they could be seen by the International Press and reported upon.

When asked at the time, the Zio-Nazis that carried out the massacre claimed to have murdered "over 200".

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Sun Dec 23, 2012 13:51author address author phone

" If the figure of 254 is totally false then it is likely everything else from your mouth is false also"

So obviously I invented a time machine, went back in time to 1923, managed to write, and publish a book called the "Iron Wall" while pretending to be the arch-Zio-Nazi himself Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Not only that but I also managed to convince not only the Zio-Nazis that followed his creed, but also Jabotinsky himself, that he in fact wrote that pamphlet. All so's I could later use it to quote here?

Then I hopped into my little time machine and fast-forwarded to 1937 and then dressed up like Jabotinsky so's I could be filmed giving a talk, in Yiddish no less, about the Zio-Nazi desire to grab the land on the East bank of the River Jordan, and the importance of Water sources there.

And yet again I managed also to convince not only the Zio-Nazis that followed his creed, but also Jabotinsky himself that he in fact was the one filmed saying all of that.

Somewhere in amongst all of that I also managed to impersonate David Ben Gurion just so's I could later quote him talking about the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous non-Jewish population of Palestine.

I must be a really clever, devious & nefarious individual to accomplish all of that eh? A real "Lex Luthor" or "Moriarty" type charactder, eh?

And all so's I could try and con Zio-Nazis (emphasis on the "NAZI") like yourself that "Zionism=Nazism."

emmm, yah.


Nothing at all lunatic about any of that

Next you'll be accusing ME of personally carrying out the massacre and sexual-mutilations of corpses in Deir Yassin.

author by truthseekerpublication date Mon Dec 24, 2012 08:35author address author phone

I accuse you of nothing actually. And I do not jest or make light of this Dir Yassin issue because on the basis of this bit of lying propaganda the lives of many Jews have been taken

I am still fixated on this figure of 254, the figure of 250 being introduced by you, through your publishing the letter of Einstein and others, back in 1948, quite many words ago

As being the true figure of those killed in Dir Yassin by the Jews on Arabs.

I repeat here what YOU published WITHOUT COMMENT fully 2 weeks ago which means of course that you agreed with it:

"A shocking example was their behavior in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. This village, off the main roads and surrounded by Jewish
lands, had taken no part in the war, and had even fought off Arab bands who wanted to use the village as their base. On April 9 (THE NEW YORK TIMES), [Jewish Fascist] terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants—240 men, women, and children—and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of Jerusalem."

....end of quote from Einstein letter to press

Note the figure, 240, and added for good measure "men women and children".

THAT is YOUR quote. YOU chose to place that in front of Irish readers as being the truth.

But it is not the truth and having done some research (or maybe you knew but just took a chance) you are now accepting that it is NOT the truth. You are changing your position, but subtly, so we will not notice.

And if the readers will read the above pieces directly above they will see that this figure may indeed be a lie in your present opinion, a far cry indeed from your quote of Einstein

You may have misunderstood what I have been driving at. My emphasis was on this figure of 254, and that it was a lie.

Who spread this lie is a vital matter, but it is a separate issue. The important thing is that it WAS a lie. And you when in mid December were putting the figure forward as the truth now at the end of the month are having to face up that it WAS a lie.

The real number was doubled and then another half on top of that again. A LIE.

If we accept that it WAS a lie then we may indeed be able to move on

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:18author address author phone

"I accuse you of nothing actually2

well now, there's a big enough lie right there. You certainly have accused me of several things. Einstein too.
Not very truthful are you?

" you are now accepting that it is NOT the truth. You are changing your position, but subtly, so we will not notice."

You're a very confused or dishonest individual. Possibly both.

Other than mentioning repeatedly that it is the figure supplied by the Zionist Nazi-wannabes themselves when they were asked "How many did you cold-bloodedly murder, you sick Zio-Nazi fucks" (paraphrasing here :) I have taken no position on it so therefore cannot have changed any position.

What is really funny though is your complete childish refusal to simply acknowledge that it was the your sick twisted Zio-Nazi friends that supplied the figure in the first place.

There can be little dispute on this matter, since it is pretty much universally acknowledged by everyone except YOU it seems, that the Zio-Nazis themselves supplied the figure

"The real number was doubled and then another half on top of that again."

Certainly not by anyone here, n or by Mr Einstein - all Mr Einstein did was use the figure supplied by the murderers themselves. As stated, the number mentioned was obtained simply by asking your sexually-perverted corpse-mutilating Zio-Nazis friends, this group that you are so eager to defend, "how many did you murder?" and they replied "over 200".

This image that you are trying to conjure-up - that some "enemy of Israel" sat down and deliberately decided to lie about the number is a complete falsehood - and you already know it is a falsehood. You have been informed several times now that the number in question was supplied to the world by the Zio-Nazis themselves"

This is not a separate issue at all.

YOU have claimed that this incident is the cause of many Jewish deaths, though in reality the incident was the cause of a large number of non-Jewish deaths, none of which really concern you, despite your earlier attempts to appear even slightly sane.

You have made this claim so that you can later lay ALL blame for any Jewish death in the continuing conflict on the incident @ Deir Yassin.

This is of course complete nonsense, and only an idiot would try to maintain such a fiction

You also are seeking to isolate a dispute over numbers and make THAT the culprit, rather than the sick twisted Zio-Nazis that carried out the massacre. This is also of course complete and utter nonsense - the sort of bullshit you Zio-Nazis excel at though

Your whole position is complete moronic nonsense without a ounce or a gram of logic or sense to it.

If deir Yassin is the cause of so many Jewish deaths (which it isn't, and only a moron would claim that it is) then the only people to blame for that would be the people that carried out the massacre.

But no, you want to claim that a dispute over the number of dead is in fact the culprit.

This of course leaves you looking mighty stupid, since, once again, if we look at who supplied the figures in the first place we end up right back at the very place from which you are rather desperately trying to draw attention away from: The very Zio-Nazis who role in all of this you have gone to such ridiculous lengths to ignore.

So the Zio-Nazis carried out the massacre . . . . AND . . . .The Zio-Nazis supplied the figure used and quoted by everyone for so long, for the number of men women and children murdered in Deir Yassin. So no matter what way one looks at it: (ei: the sane way, or YOUR way) the Zio-Nazis that carried out the massacre are clearly solely to blame

But YOU, moron that you are, want to claim that "NONE OF THAT MATTERS!!", and that all that matters is that there are two different figures in circulation and the mere existence of an upper figure and a lower figure is in fact solely to blame for any Jewish deaths after 1948?

You really are a complete lunatic, you know that?

None of what you are trying to claim makes any sense

The Zio-Nazis massacred and sexually mutilated the people in Deir Yassin - the Zio-Nazis also supplied to everyone the figure of 254.

So even if your lunatic claim that "Deir Yassin is the cause of all Jewish Deaths after 1948" had any validity (which it doesn't, as any sane person can plainly see) then it follows that the blame for ALL of those deaths lies squarely at the feet of those that carried out the massacre and sexual-mutilation of corpses at Deir Yassin., the evry same group that later supplied the figure of "over 200" to the ICRC and the world's Press.

So any blame for any negative repercussions of the massacre, for Jewish people in Zio-Nazi-Land or elsewhere, lies squarely at the feet of the Zio-Nazis themselves.

This is of course what you wish to desperately draw attention away from.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Mon Dec 24, 2012 10:22author address author phone

it was being posted by "Felix Quigley"

Any relation?

author by truthseekerpublication date Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:09author address author phone

On December 12 you introduced the issue of Dir Yassin.

You placed on record the letter of Einstein claiming 250 Arab dead

That was the lie right there from the mouth of Einstein who as a famous scientist seems to be the total truth

You did not qualify this entry as being in dispute. A reader reading this on Dec 12 would take this as the truth

It is a lie. There were just over 100 Arabs killed in Dir Yassin. That is ALL I am after in this discussion, that this figure is a lie.

I do not want to see anybody killed but this figure is one of the most highly promoted lie in all of history, so much so that the tome by Martin Gilbert called israel a History contains that very same number 254. And that is a Jewish historian. The lie has been totally assimilated.

If I had not questioned that figure then that lie of 254 would be accepted on this site as well and also by all on the left in Ireland who read this. Now at least they will have to reconsider.

author by you are a nazipublication date Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:40author address author phone

fuck off you nazi scum

go molest a few corpses like your Jewish terrorist friends

author by truthseekerpublication date Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:58author address author phone

I see, you do not wish to discuss, you wish to bully. When your assertions are challenged in a systematic way like I have done with your publishing the Einstein document you cut up rough

I repeat: nobody from now on can publish the BIG LIE that the figure of 254 Arab dead in Dir Yassin and not be challenged

You dislike that. You dislike being challenged.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Tue Dec 25, 2012 11:36author address author phone

On the one hand you claim the number is "a lie" and that the "true" figure is "just over 100"

On the other hand you admit that the figure of 254 "is in dispute"

Since even you, an obvious nazi, admit that there is a "dispute" then you cannot honestly claim that your figure of "just over 100" is "the TRUTH".

this is simple logic.

It is merely nothing but an alternative version. A competitor to the original figure of 254, which was,the figure supplied by the Zio-Nazis themselves. And as anyone can see, this is something that you are repeatedly refusing to acknowledge,

That is very strange behaviour for someone that claims to be only interested in "the TRUTH"!.

Eye witnesses to the immediate aftermath claim seeing 150 bodies at a minimum

Later revisionist reports claim a much lower figure, but nonetheless many eye-witness to the aftermath have reported seeing at least 150 bodies - 150 victims of Zio-Nazi murder-squads,, though lower than 254, is still a good deal higher than "just over 100".

The revisionist reports simply dismiss as "propaganda" these accounts by eye-witnesses to the aftermath of the massacre. But eye-witness accounts simply cannot be dismissed so blithely.

These eye-witness accounts come from a variety of sources both international and Jewish eg: The UN, the ICRC, the Haganah, Palestinian Mandate Police forces etc etc etc .

To simply claim that all those are simply "lies" is dishonest in the extreme.

So clearly your claims of "just over 100" as constituting "the TRUTH" are clearly propaganda.

If all you were attempting here was some "clarification" then you would admit that "Just over 100" is nothing but an alternative estimate, and a conservative one at that, and one made long after the event by people that were not eye-witnesses to the immediate aftermath.

Since you have already labelled - in true nazi-fashion- Einstein as "a Jewish Traitor" your pretence at being merely some sort of disinterested observer, concerned only with "the TRUTH", is a fairly obvious lie on your part.

You clearly are an individual who is undoubtedly biased on this matter. All your claims of objectivity are clearly nothing but lies. Being an obvious liar you cannot even admit that the figure of 254 was originally supplied by the Zio-Nazis themselves

Your protestations of only being interested in "the TRUTH" sound very dubious indeed given that you cannot even be honest enough to admit that the Zio-Nazis themselves supplied the figure of 254

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Tue Dec 25, 2012 11:56author address author phone

The Zio-Nazi terrorists that committed the massacre were the Haganah, Irgun and Lehi.

These terrorist gangs got most of their financing from the US, just like today, and in one case, the Lehi (Stern) terror gang contacted Albert Einstein and asked his help in raising money in the US. Einstein’s reply came one day after the massacre of Deir Yasin: he refused to help “calling the Stern Gang terrorists and misled criminals”

You have made the totally bonkers claim that

Which is clearly nothing but the usual Zio-Nazi nonsense

3 Israeli Prime Ministers bear clear and full responsibility for the events of that massacre in Deir Yassin - personal responsibility for the clod-blooded murder of Men women and children. Personal responsibility for the sexual-mutilation of corpses of the victims. Personal responsibility for the parading of survivors in the streets of towns and cities afterwards, and their later execution in a Quarry

This is of course something you refuse to acknowledge - so much for your claims of being concerned with "the TRUTH" - clearly you have no concerns at all, regarding the truth not regarding where the responsibility clearly lies - with the Zio-Nazis themselves.

According to Menachim Begin:

And after the massacre, he sent the Murderers of Deir Yasin a mesaage that read

No one was ever punished for this and other massacres.

author by wolfhoundpublication date Fri Dec 28, 2012 03:34author address author phone

Former Haganah officer, Col. Meir Pa'el, wasn't at Dier Yassin on April 9th. However, as an opponent of the right in Israel - he himself stood for election on a Leftist ticket - he had every reason to attack the former Irgun politicians still operating in Israel.

Some facts about Dier Yassin.

Deir Yassin participated in arms trafficking in the 1920s during the violent Arab riots of the 1920s

"During the August 1929 Arab riots throughout Palestine, the villagers of Deir Yassin had again assaulted their Jewish neighbors in Givat Shaul as well as Jews in the Beit Hakerem neighborhood and the Montefiore Quarter

Jerusalem Haganah intelligence officer Mordechai Gihon led two reconnaissance sorties into Ein Kerem, adjacent to Deir Yassin, and returned with documents revealing regular contacts between Deir Yassin and the bases of Syrian and Iraqi volunteer soldiers in Ein Kerem. On March 30, Gihon reported to his superiors that "150 men, mostly Iraqis, entered Deir Yassin.

The Jews were able to get their accurate intelligence from a contact on the inside. "Some of the Haganah's information about developments in Deir Yassin was coming directly from inside the village itself. A Haganah agent code-named 'Ovadia,' working in the Jerusalem area for the Haganah's Arabic Department, met regularly with Deir Yassin residents as well as their mukhtar, or village chief, who was a paid Haganah informant

# On the night of April 9, 1948, the peaceful Arab village of Deir Yassin was surprised by a loudspeaker, which called on the population to evacuate it immediately."17

# A resident of Deir Yassin during the attack says, "Their loudspeakers blared out, 'Lay down your arms, run for your lives!' Then I heard our machine gun."

Intense Arab firepower caused the fighters' advance into Deir Yassin to be very slow. Reuven Greenberg reported later that "the Arabs fought like lions and excelled at accurate sniping". He added that "[Arab] women ran from the houses under fire, collected the weapons which had fallen from the hands of Arab fighters who had been wounded, and brought them back into the houses"

Hazem Nusseibeh with the Palestine Broadcasting Service speaking with a Palestinian leader, Dr. Khalidi recalls, "I asked Dr. Khalidi how we should cover the story. He said we must make the most of this. So he wrote a press release stating that at Deir Yassin, children were murdered, pregnant women were raped, all sorts of atrocities

Arab sources, many of whom were living in Deir Yassin at the time of the attack, are surprisingly vocal in exposing the sham of the alleged atrocities at Deir Yassin:

* "We gathered in Jerusalem at the Hebron gate. We checked who was missing and who had survived. Then the Palestinian leaders arrived, including Dr. Khalidi. We said there was no rape. He [Dr. Khalidi] said we have to say this so the Arab armies will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews.

Ayish Zeidan, another Deir Yassin villager said, "The Arab radio talked of women being killed and raped, but this is not true... I believe that most of those who were killed were among the fighters and the women and children who helped the fighters. The Arab leaders committed a big mistake. By exaggerating the atrocities they thought they would encourage people to fight back harder. Instead they created panic and people ran away.

"Moreover, we have information from a famous source, Yassir Arafat himself (his authorized biography, by Alan Hart, Arafat: Terrorist or Peace Maker) that the Deir Yassin lies were spread 'like a red flag in front of a bull' by the Egyptians.

Quotes from:-

Dier Yassin : a casualty of guns and propaganda : Paul Holmes.

"A total of 170 English-language history books which refer to the battle of Deir Yassin were analyzed for this study. Only 8 of the 170 raised serious doubts as to whether or not there had been a massacre. Of the 162 books which stated definitively that a massacre had occurred, 94 of them --58%-- gave no source whatsoever for their accusation, and an additional 38 -- 23.4%-- cited only secondary sources for the massacre claim. In other words, a total of 81.4% of the authors claiming a massacre did so without undertaking any original research to substantiate their claim.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Fri Dec 28, 2012 13:22author address author phone

"Former Haganah officer, Col. Meir Pa'el, wasn't at Dier Yassin on April 9th"

No One ever made any statement even closely resembling what you have asserted

Several times now it has been clearly stated that Col Pa'el was an eye-witness to the aftermath of the massacre. That you feel the desire to misrepresent that into something that was never stated nor implied is but a measure of your own dishonesty

But not only Col Pe'al was an eyewitness - so were many others, such as UN representatives, ICRC representative and members of the International Press. Many of those have made statements similar to Col Pa'el - that there were at least 150 bodies left lying around on the ground at least as late as 13th of April 1948 -not the "little more than 100" previously put forward by here a another Zio-Nazi - so one can conclude from that that 150 is a minimum figure, since none of the eye-witnesses ever made any claim that the 150 figure was a definitive total number

So despite your pathetic attempts to discredit Col Pa'el by stating that he was a "leftist" and therefore somehow mysteriously an unreliable witness, the FACT that several other eye-witness accounts to the aftermath of the massacre completely independent of Col Pa'el, ALL agree on figures similar to the 150-bodies previously mentioned your attempts at Palestinian Holocaust denial are a complete failure.

Again it should be noted that 150 can only be a starting point, not a definitive total - and again it should be noted that these figures were reported by several sources all independent of each other.

And it should be further noted that the only reason we have these figure is that 4 days after the massacre the sick Zio-Nazis that carried out the massacre had yet to bury the bodies of the massacre-victims.

This should surprise no one, since these Zio-Nazis considered the indigenous inhabitants to be somewhat less than human, "Untermenschen" in fact. Therefore the Zio-Nazis believed that such "Untermenschen" did not deserve a decent burial that any sane person would ensure, on basic hygiene-grounds alone, for a fellow human.

But then many people consider that Zio-Nazis cannot really be considered "sane", given their rabid adherence to a racially supremacist sick twisted creed of Judaic separatism.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Fri Dec 28, 2012 20:40author address author phone

They give themselves ridiculously inaccurate names like "truthseeker" and scream that everyone else is a "LIAR!!".

They argue over the number of people murdered in this obvious massacre, some of them even have the gall and bare-faced dishonesty to deny that there ever was any "massacre .

Yet despite all their screaming, for all their claims and protestations of only being concerned with "the truth" (as if!), despite all their border-line-insane rants about "lies!!!, for some weird and strange reason not even so much as ONE these Zio-Nazi Holocaust Deniers can even manage to summon up the meagre amount of honesty it would take to actually admit that the Extreme Right-Wing Zio-Nazis were the ones that originally supplied the figure of 254 murdered massacre victims which they are spending so much time and effort trying to discredit.

Despite all the patently ridiculous "sturm und drang", not so much as 1 [one] of these supposedly honest Zio-Nazis has the decency to actually acknowledge what everyone already knows to be the truth : The original source of the figure of 254 victims massacred by the Zio-Nazis in Deir Yassin, which they are so vociferously arguing against using every dubious source imaginable, originates from their fellow Right-Wing Zio-Nazis.

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Apr 10, 2013 22:15author address author phone

The history of Zionism is an unbroken series of crimes against humanity, of which Deir Yassin was only on

Below are 2 photos of corpses found in Deir Yassin - the 2nd photo shows a pile of naked bodies. It is unknown whether the corpses were stripped naked before or after they were murdered. However there are many reports that the Zio-Nazi terrorists were accused of sexually mutilating the corpses of those they murdered - the 2nd photo below would lend some credence to such accusations

Piles of Corpses, murdered by Zio-Nazi Terrorists
Piles of Corpses, murdered by Zio-Nazi Terrorists

A pile of Naked Corpses. It is unknown whether the corpses were stripped naked before or after they were murdered by Jewish Zio-Nazi Terrorists
A pile of Naked Corpses. It is unknown whether the corpses were stripped naked before or after they were murdered by Jewish Zio-Nazi Terrorists

author by Zionism=Nazismpublication date Wed Apr 10, 2013 22:19author address author phone

by Daniel McGowan / April 11th, 2011

Sixty three years ago today Palestinian civilians were massacred at Deir Yassin on the west side of Jerusalem. The terrorists were Jews from The Irgun and the Stern Gang. The village buildings still stand within clear sight of Yad Vashem, the most famous Holocaust memorial.

There is no marker, historical plaque, or even a sign post to commemorate the Deir Yassin massacre, which was the most pivotal event in the Naqba or the 1948-49 dispossession of Palestinians and the beginning of the brutal ethnic cleansing that continues today, largely with American support.

The Holocaust Industry ensures that Jewish victims are worthy of remembering. In countless films, memoirs, novels, articles, museums, memorials, and educational programs Jewish victimhood is recounted over and over again. Professional victims like Elie Wiesel cast and recast the Holocaust narrative so that the world will “never forget” and consequently will ignore the apartheid conditions imposed on over half of the population living within the borders Israel now controls.

The irony that Wiesel worked for the terrorist Irgun and steadfastly refuses to apologize for the massacre his employer perpetrated is never exposed in our Israel-centric media.

No comparable organization or dedication exists on the Palestinian side partly because the power of “worthy” victimhood is not recognized and partly out of fear of charges of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

author by Turing Test - Donner Partypublication date Wed Apr 10, 2013 22:27author address author phone

On Yom Ha-Shoah, one of the few remaining living survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto, Chavka Fulman-Raban, delivered a fierce denunciation of evil and injustice, including the Israeli Occupation. Her speech was offered to guests at the ceremony of Beit Lohamey Ha-Getaot (the Ghetto-Fighters House).

I’ve translated it based on the speech she uploaded to Facebook:

There is a unity in this commemoration–70 years since the [Warsaw Ghetto] Rebellion. We’re also nearing the end of the Shoah generation and the last of the [ghetto] fighters. Most of you in front of me, you are the generations of continuity: the second, third and fourth generations. I have mixed emotions and thoughts about the past, present, and future.

I will tell you about one experience from that time. Spring 1942. I was a courier for an underground operation. I arrived to visit my friend from the youth movement, Dror Bachrubishov, in occupied eastern Poland very close to the Nazis.

I stood in the small railroad station and from the window I could make out, on a field next to the railroad tracks, a great multitude, thousands of men, women, and children. Overseeing them were Germans running wild on horseback. A few meters from me, through the window, I saw four boys digging a hole. The soldiers shot them and they fell into it. The next morning the field was empty. At night, the trains had gone on their way: to the camps, to death. ...

Related Link:

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