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Ten Years After 9/11: An Anarchist Evaluation

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A thought provoking collection of essays from an Anarchist perspective. Issue 1 (2011) of the journal Anarchist developments in Cultural Studies has special edition on 9/11. Full texts at link.


Ten Years After 9/11: An Introduction
Michael Truscello

Two New York City Radicals Discuss "9/11 Conspiracy Theories"

9/11 at Nine: The Conspiracy Industry and the Lure of Fascism
Bill Weinberg (93-102)

A New Path to Real Peace: Sander Hicks Responds to Bill Weinberg
Sander Hicks


Asymmetric Labeling of Terrorist Violence as a Matter of Statecraft Propaganda: Or, Why the United States Does Not Feel the Need to Explain the Assassination of Osama Bin Laden
Michael Loadenthal (113-139)

9/11, Torture, and Law
Michael Keefer (141-170)

Race, Oppositional Politics, and the Challenges of Post-9/11 Mass Movement-Building Spaces
Ajamu Nangwaya (171-209)

Activism as Terrorism: The Green Scare, Radical Environmentalism and Governmentality PDF Colin Salter (211-238)

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