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Thursday January 01 1970

Galway Community Picnic to mark IMF-EU-ECB visit to Ireland

category galway | miscellaneous | event notice author Monday July 04, 2011 11:28author by Conor - Creid Galwayauthor email www.creidgalway at gmail dot com

Pack your blankets and sandwiches and make your way to Eyre Square for the Galway Community Picnic.

The first ever Galway Community Picnic will take place this Saturday the 9th July at 2pm to coincide with the visit of the IM, EU and ECB to Ireland.

Open to all, the picnic will have an inclusive and family friendly atmosphere with activities and entertainment for adults and children.

Music, face painting and a used books and bake sale will take place alongside a slogan factory, the Galway Forum video bank, open discussions on the economy and a ‘people’s referendum’ on the bank debt that the Irish people are being forced to pay.

The referendum will ask people whether they believe Ireland should repay the debts of bondholders and professional gamblers, or whether that money would be better spent on education, healthcare, jobs and meeting the requirments of people with special needs.

‘Creid’, the local group behind the picnic, are hoping the event will allow people to gain a better understanding of the economic situation facing citizens in Ireland and across Europe.

“For too long we’ve been hearing vague and repetitive explanations for the recession and debt crisis, but there has been a failure to properly and fully explain the situation in language that we can all undertand,” said Conor Mc Guinness

Dr. Conor McCabe, author of 'Sins of the Father', the recently published book that examines the context of Ireland's economic downturn, will be on hand at the picnic to lead discussion and answer questions from the public.

The Galway Community Picnic will also have an economist from NUIG on hand to offer explanations and answer questions. Limited to 15 minutes and barred from using jargon, the current economic crisis will be broken down in everyday terms.

“This is an opportunity for people to register their opposition to what’s going on in Irleand, and abroad, and to get to the bottom of why every child, woman and man in this country will be saddled with over €53,000 of debt.”

The picnic is taking place in the week that the IMF, EU and ECB are coming to Ireland for their second quarterly inspection visit, and will provide an opportunity to deliver a message to the troika. People are invited to sign a massive ‘Wish You Weren’t Here’ postcard which will be delivered to the delegation in Dublin.

Oraniser Vicky Donnelly of the Galway One World Centre said, “this picnic is about taking inspiration from citizens and communities throughout the developing world who for decades have resisted the poverty-making policies of the IMF and the EU. It’s about informing ourselves about the impact of those same policies here and providing a platform for people to have thier say.

“The Galway Community Picnic provides a stimulating, entertaining and family-friendly space to enjoy a Saturday afternoon. We’re encouraging people to pack a picnic and come up to enjoy the music, facepainting and games!”

The picnic takes place at 2pm on Saturday 9th July at Eyre Square. For more email or find Galway Community Picnic on Facebook.

Anyone wishing to donate books or baked goods for the event should contact Conor on 087 9345603.

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