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Oscailt v3.x Features

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1. Introduction

Oscailt is a Conent Management System written in PHP and uses MySQL database. It was originally written for use with Indymedia sites. Oscailt 3.x introduced a range of new features to those already provided in Oscailt 2.x. The latest of release is now at Oscailt 3.6.2. See the releasenotes.txt for a list of all changes since 3.0.

The Oscailt home page www.indymedia.ie/oscailt/ lists some of the sites using the software, although unfortunately that list has dwindled. It has been running the Indymedia Ireland website since cira 2003.

2. Feature List

The feature list is divided into three main groupings covering what the public sees, the configuration of the site setup and administrative side functionality.

2.1 Public Feature List

2.2 General Site Feature List

Oscailt provides much of the core functionality through various *modules* and these are generally configurable in both their placement on the site and in the content. In most cases, the main text labels visible on the site can be configured for different languages.

2.3 Administrative Feature List

3. Software Requirements

To install and run Oscailt, you need the following:
Note 1: Oscailt 3.6.1 is compatible with PHP 5.4
Note 2: Oscailt 3.6.2 is compatible with MySQL 5.5
Note 3: The politube.org website appears to have shutdown circa 2011/2012 and therefore Politube embedded videos are no longer available.

Last update: Oct 2017