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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

offsite link Did RTE journalists collude against Sinn Fein?

offsite link Irish Examiner bias Anthony

offsite link RTE: Propaganda ambush of Sinn Fein Anthony

offsite link Hong Kong and democracy Anthony

offsite link Oliver Callan: Back in his box Anthony

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link Beware of sensationalism clickbaiting and crazy rumors: Beirut was NOT a nuclear explosion Wed Aug 05, 2020 18:22 | The Saker
Dear friends, As soon as I heard about the tragic explosion in Beirut I told my family “you will see, there will be some idiots who will say it was

offsite link Strategic Importance of the Indian Ocean, Yemen and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait Wed Aug 05, 2020 18:06 | The Saker
by Phillyguy for The Saker Blog Summary The US emerged from WWII as the world’s leading military and economic power. US global hegemony is augmented by the ability of force

offsite link The Beirut sea-port explosion Wed Aug 05, 2020 18:01 | The Saker
by Ghassan Kadi for The Saker Blog I have mourned Beirut time and time again, but with all the cities I have lived in, Beirut will always be my favourite.

offsite link China Newsbrief & Sitrep Wed Aug 05, 2020 13:36 | amarynth
By Godfree Roberts from his newsletter This week’s selection from Godfree?s excellent China newsbrief includes the status of Dollar trade, Huawei, Technology and the much maligned (in the West) Social

offsite link Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend Wed Aug 05, 2020 03:38 | The Saker
This was just sent to me by a good Lebanese friend: Huge disaster, investigation underway, on face value was caused by utter negligence, corruption and incompetence of Lebanese state, but

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

offsite link Right to Water Mon Aug 03, 2020 19:13 | Human Rights

offsite link Human Rights Fri Mar 20, 2020 16:33 | Human Rights

offsite link Turkish President Calls On Greece To Comply With Human Rights on Syrian Refugee Issues Wed Mar 04, 2020 17:58 | Human Rights

offsite link US Holds China To Account For Human Rights Violations Sun Oct 13, 2019 19:12 | Human Rights

offsite link UN Human Rights Council Should Address Human Rights Crisis in Cambodia Sat Aug 31, 2019 13:41 | Human Rights

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Cedar Lounge
Ni dieu ni maître. Ni patrie, ni patron.

offsite link Podcast Episode on The Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) 17:24 Wed Aug 05, 2020 | irishelectionliterature

offsite link Northern Troubles in Irish History: Moving beyond War of Independence propaganda with Dr Niall Meeha... 12:47 Wed Aug 05, 2020 | guestposter

offsite link Back to the office? 12:01 Wed Aug 05, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link Remote working/returning to work and claiming credit 09:59 Wed Aug 05, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

offsite link What you want to say ? 5 August 2020 07:38 Wed Aug 05, 2020 | WorldbyStorm

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600 a Week Dying from Heart Attack in London

In London alone 600 people a week more are now dying from heart attack because they were afraid to go to hospital.
Fear-Fueling Lockdowns Have Caused Gargantuan Excess Deaths Spikes They’re Trying to Blame on Covid-19
Full story: here

Greyhound and Pet World sponsors this "sport"
international / animal rights / press release Wednesday February 08, 2012 22:11 by Ban Hare Coursing   image 3 images
Dominic Magnone, of Greyhound and Pet World, has drugs convictions. Proof of this is clearly documented. Yet the Irish Coursing Club, which claims it abhors the use of prohibited substances to enhance the performance of greyhounds, accepted his sponsorship of the "Oaks" section of the National Coursing Meeting. read full story / add a comment
Picture shows: right to left: Minister Joe Costello, Deputy Clare Daly, Noel Gregory (brother of the late independent TD Tony Gregory), Roderick O' Gorman, Green Party Chairman, and Aideen Yourell, PRO of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports.
international / animal rights / opinion/analysis Tuesday January 31, 2012 08:29 by Ban Hare Coursing Now!   text 3 comments (last - thursday february 02, 2012 11:14)   image 5 images
We hope politicians of all parties who oppose the savagery of hare coursing will support the Private Members Bill that Dail Deputies Maureen O’ Sullivan and Clare Daly intend to move shortly. read full story / add a comment
national / animal rights / press release Sunday January 08, 2012 13:55 by Bernie Wright   text 8 comments (last - wednesday january 11, 2012 23:22)   image 1 image
PRESS RELEASE.8.1.12. HORSE RACING DEATH TOLL PROMPTS CALL FOR A BAN . Five young horses died last week at Leopardstown Race Track whilst Racing. This follows a similar incident where six horses died at Tramore track in Killarney a few years ago. In Sligo two years ago a horse collision at Cullenamore Races resulted in a horse having to be put down and two jockeys rushed to hospital. The collision occurred in front of hundreds of spectators. Laytown is remembered for the pile up of horses in the nineties when three horses were killed. While these fatalities are described as ‘freakish’ ‘sad’ and ‘regrettable’ the number of injuries and deaths is rising because horses are raced and made jump. read full story / add a comment
national / animal rights / press release Friday January 06, 2012 11:06 by Vegan Ireland   text 39 comments (last - monday january 16, 2012 17:40)   image 2 images
PRESS RELEASE. No Embargo. www.veganireland.org vegansireland@gmail.com Vegan Ireland press number: 086 100 6763 “Do You Eat Carrots?” Vegan Ireland asks Matt Cooper and Joe Duffy to go vegan Recently both popular presenters made surprising statements about veganism on their radio shows. For example, during discussions last Tuesday (3/1/12) about the recent Rachel Allen shooting pheasants issue, Matt stated that if he were a vegan he’d be starving, while Joe asked a vegan if he ate carrots and whether he’d be happy then if pheasants were captured and killed humanely. Discovering that vegans did not have milk from cows in their tea, Joe said, “Ah, mother of God, how do you survive?” Joe Duffy Show: http://www.rte.ie/radio/ Matt Cooper, “The Last Word”: http://media.todayfm.com/ read full story / add a comment
Hares in their natural habitat...before a twisted coursing club reaches them
national / animal rights / press release Monday January 02, 2012 23:13 by Ban Hare Coursing in Ireland   text 4 comments (last - tuesday january 17, 2012 09:23)   image 4 images   video 1 video file
Protest against vile 3-day “National Hare Coursing” event. Location: The Department of Agriculture, Kildare Street, Dublin. Date: January 30th 2012. Time: 1 pm to 2 pm. read full story / add a comment
EX Battery hens need forever homes
national / animal rights / press release Saturday December 31, 2011 00:59 by Bernie Wright   text 1 comment (last - sunday january 01, 2012 17:10)   image 2 images
AFAR offers to find ‘forever homes’ for condemned hens. TEN farmers across the country say they will be forced to cull hundreds of thousands of hens next week to comply with an EU directive which the IFA claims could cost them their livelihoods. A directive issued back in 1999 to phase out so-called battery cages to house hens and replace them with a more humane version known as "enriched" cages has apparently led to this situation. The Alliance for Animal Rights have already spoken to IFA National Poultry Chairman Mr Alo Mohan and have made an offer to find ‘forever homes’ for some of these hens to allow them live out their natural lives. read full story / add a comment
national / animal rights / press release Thursday December 22, 2011 12:43 by ALiberation
(Please send in a submission to ban fur farming to furfarminsubmissions@agriculture.gov.ie See bottom of article for Dept of Agriculture Notice. This still isn’t on their website.) The animal rights group ALiberation have compiled a list of things that has happened in relation to the proposed ban of fur farming since the current government has come into office. (See Below) read full story / add a comment
Saying no to hunting cruelty
national / animal rights / press release Wednesday December 07, 2011 19:09 by Hunt saboteurs   text 23 comments (last - saturday december 17, 2011 09:29)   image 12 images
The Association of Hunt Saboteurs is offering a substantial cash reward in our bid to help enforce the ban on the despicably cruel practise of carted stag hunting read full story / add a comment
dublin / animal rights / event notice Wednesday December 07, 2011 14:37 by Vegan Ireland   text 4 comments (last - monday december 12, 2011 17:34)   image 1 image
Bingo, Vegan Food, Prizes, Board Games, Poker, Christmas decorations, great fireplace and of course absolutely great company. “Vegan Ireland” is hosting another great event. This time it’s "Christmas Bingo" and it will take place on Sunday December 11th at 6.30pm read full story / add a comment
national / animal rights / news report Saturday December 03, 2011 12:49 by ARAN   image 3 images
ARAN, Respect for Animals and the Animal, Anima and Fur Free Alliance (FFA) have released the findings of a new 2011 undercover investigation into Ireland's shameful fur factory farms, showing that yet again, animal suffering, is still very much business as usual. The recently obtained footage from an Irish mink farm, reveals images of animal suffering, including painful injuries on mink's tails; cramped, aged and filthy cages riddled with the animal faeces, and more shockingly the images of stressed, traumatised and balding animals; which spotlights the stereotypical behavior associated with intensive farming. Ireland's government are seeking submissions into Irish fur farms which close on December 31. Getting straight to work, a giant mobile billboard shadowed the Department of Agriculture in Dublin with a message 'FUR FARMING: TIME FOR A BAN,' before taking to the streets to garner public. support. read full story / add a comment
Minister McEntee giving directions to Labour and Fine Gael
national / animal rights / news report Wednesday November 30, 2011 23:11 by ALiberation   text 4 comments (last - friday december 02, 2011 17:23)   image 5 images
ALiberation held a creative and illustrative photo-shoot on 29/11/2011 to highlight the influence Minister McEntee has over Fine Gael and the Labour Party. In the photo shoot a cross-roads has been reached, where a road sign points one way for “Ban Irish Fur Farms”, “Save Animals” and “Public Opinion” and in the very opposite direction, the road sign points to “Fur Farms”, “Animal Cruelty” and “200,000 Animals Killed Yearly”. Minister McEntee is seen pointing and directing both political parties towards the latter and away from the a ban of fur farms which would save the lives of approximately 200,000 Minks, Red Foxes and Arctic Foxes each year. Full Article here: http://www.vegaplanet.org/?p=653#more-653 read full story / add a comment
Protest against hare coursing at Edenderry, County Offaly
international / animal rights / press release Saturday November 26, 2011 00:14 by Ban Hare Coursing Now   image 1 image
Following confirmation by the government that the staghunt ban will remain, it's time now to outlaw hare coursing also read full story / add a comment
national / animal rights / press release Monday November 21, 2011 04:19 by ALiberation
Minister of State Shane McEntee appears to be trying again to make life worse for animals in Ireland. The question is will government coalition partners Fine Gael and the Labour Party go along with him. read full story / add a comment
wicklow / animal rights / event notice Wednesday November 16, 2011 22:35 by Kruk   text 2 comments (last - friday november 18, 2011 20:57)   image 1 image   video 1 video file
ALiberation together with Sea Shepherd Ireland invite to the screening of "Sharkwater"! The screening will be followed by a talk by John Flynn who will be just back from Ghana with first hand knowledge of the shark fin trade in the country. read full story / add a comment
Labour must keep its pledge not to allow return of staghunting
international / animal rights / press release Friday November 04, 2011 17:16 by AOHS   image 1 image
international / animal rights / news report Tuesday November 01, 2011 05:08 by Bird Rights   text 1 comment (last - tuesday november 01, 2011 21:18)
make the world more welcoming for traveling birds read full story / add a comment
Hares in their natural habitat...Michael D tried to have them protected by law
international / animal rights / opinion/analysis Monday October 31, 2011 17:32 by Protect our Hares   text 2 comments (last - tuesday november 01, 2011 14:36)   image 3 images
Michael D Higgins, our new President, was the first member of Ireland's parliament to push for a ban on live hare coursing read full story / add a comment
The "sport" of fox hunting
international / animal rights / opinion/analysis Friday October 28, 2011 18:01 by Ban fox hunting   text 8 comments (last - saturday february 03, 2018 16:07)   image 2 images
Foxhunting is set to shame Ireland yet again as animal baiters prepare to indulge in snob cruelty... read full story / add a comment
dublin / animal rights / press release Monday October 24, 2011 10:56 by Tina Cubberley
On Thursday 27th of October , TCD Animal Rights will be holding a protest against Trinity's disgusting abuse of animals for vivisection . We will be gathering at the science block entrance to the university , to educate the public about the cruelty hidden within the college walls , and to put pressure on scientists to drop animal torture as a method of so-called research . read full story / add a comment
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