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national / gender and sexuality / press release Monday December 11, 2006 18:14 by Socialist   text 3 comments (last - monday december 11, 2006 20:43)
SDLP Youth today protested against the DUP motion to deny gays and lesbians protection against discrimination. In the Assembly, the SDLP voted for equality and against a DUP motion. read full story / add a comment
Lynda Sheridan
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Sunday December 10, 2006 02:37 by DaveD   text 2 comments (last - sunday november 25, 2007 15:28)   image 1 image
"You see I was born back in the so-called free days of the sixties, in the front bedroom of a working class house back in Dublin. My mother's water's broke, a girl was born but a boy was celebrated. A two second glance. A decision made condemning me to a life rejection, loneliness, misunderstanding, bias, loss and rape. I don't mean rape in the sexual sense but in the sense of being forced to live a lie. That is a rape of my soul, the real me." - Talk given this evenng by Lynda Sheridan at LGBT Carol Service in the Unitarian Church read full story / add a comment
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Thursday December 07, 2006 16:05 by Paula Geraghty   text 2 comments (last - saturday december 23, 2006 21:58)   image 10 images
Violence Against Women....
16 years campaigning read full story / add a comment
antrim / gender and sexuality / press release Friday December 01, 2006 20:01 by Feminist   image 2 images
Wednesday 29th November saw the 'Women in Struggle' DVD and discussion held in the University of Ulster Jordanstown Campus.

The DVD charted the key role of women within the Irish freedom struggle from its conception right upto the modern era. The event was oraganised by the Jordanstown Ógra cumann, and they were delighted to have in their company, Sinn Féin's National Director fo Gender Equality, Eibhlin Glenholmes.
read full story / add a comment
international / gender and sexuality / news report Saturday November 18, 2006 17:27 by C Murray   text 1 comment (last - sunday november 19, 2006 12:10)
Monica Roa from Women's Link Worldwide addressed the Safe and Legal Forum In Dublin last evening, as part of a week of Prochoice events organised by IFPA and safe and Legal. She made Legal History in Columbia by challenging the abortion laws as a human rights issue. The campaign by Women's Link Worldwide was called the Laicia Campaign.

And the talk was very interesting. Monica showed a film of the campaign from start to finish, including the agit-prop, media coverage and the day of the Judgement. The documentary was short and in Spainish with acompanying English Subtitles. read full story / add a comment
international / gender and sexuality / news report Friday November 03, 2006 12:59 by Cian   text 25 comments (last - thursday november 09, 2006 14:08)   image 2 images
A Gay Pride demo will be held in Jerusalem, on 10 November, against a background of vicious incitement and homophobic propaganda by reactionary Jewish and Arab organisations. This follows a similar campaign running up to the June 2005 Gay Pride demo, which lead to the stabbing of three demonstrators by an ultra right-wing settler (who was sentenced to 12 years in prison). These groups are attempting to whip up hatred and intimidation in to prevent people from attending the demonstration. read full story / add a comment
national / gender and sexuality / opinion/analysis Wednesday November 01, 2006 15:16 by S. Fabian   text 7 comments (last - saturday february 10, 2007 20:20)
Authoritative feminist analysis of issues around statutory rape. read full story / add a comment
Answering difficult questions early on a Saturday morning
dublin / gender and sexuality / feature Wednesday September 13, 2006 01:55 by sovietpop   text 12 comments (last - sunday october 01, 2006 16:17)   image 4 images
Report from the RAG dayschool A bit later than I hoped, here is a report of the days events. read full story / add a comment
Cover of Book
international / gender and sexuality / opinion/analysis Tuesday September 12, 2006 14:54 by Tobie   text 1 comment (last - wednesday september 13, 2006 21:37)   image 1 image
Silvia Federici’s “Caliban and the Witch; Women, The Body and Primitive Accumulation” does a fantastic job of taking the feminist analysis of the body and re-conceptualizing it within a class struggle understanding of history. She fills in the blanks that a traditional left analysis has missed, including the concepts of difference, women, race and the body. This work is very important, allowing feminists and socialists alike to realize that identity and class struggle are not polar opposite theoretical understandings read full story / add a comment
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Sunday September 10, 2006 18:14 by republica   text 12 comments (last - tuesday september 12, 2006 20:53)   image 7 images
A brief summary about the women school day in dublin, august 2006 read full story / add a comment
he's back.
national / gender and sexuality / opinion/analysis Sunday September 03, 2006 21:26 by sofia   text 2 comments (last - friday september 08, 2006 13:39)   image 1 image
Mr Justice Dermot Kinlen is not only a judger but also our splendid Irish republic's Inspector of Prisons.
He is thus one of the few chaps who not only bangs people up but goes & has a look at them later. A pillar of the establishment.

For those in the loop of Irish civil, human & other rights this last year, the recommendation by Dermot Kinlen to allow inmates in Ireland's penal community conjugal visits & rights was seen as sort of a promising thing read full story / add a comment
Dr Steven Hawkings provoked consternation at the revealation of his married life & its problems. How could so great a man be so normal?
international / gender and sexuality / opinion/analysis Sunday September 03, 2006 16:58 by sofia   text 13 comments (last - sunday august 23, 2015 00:47)   image 1 image
Professional sexual services for the disabled are well established in several EU states including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark & Sweden. Their development as part of a long-term full recovery strategy & therapy for adults who had lost mobility due to accidents soon expanded to addressing questions of "how do parents of disabled children be that disability mental or physical facilitate full sexual development & maturity?"
The UK first saw co-habitation of young adults with Downes Syndrome with minimal input by either parents or social services in the early 90's. And now the Swiss group "FABS" has started the ball rolling in the Alpine country to provide a "full service" which goes beyond "erotic touching" to full sexual intercourse. read full story / add a comment
Hina Salem was reported missing by her boyfriend earlier this month. Her corpse was found buried in her family's garden.
international / gender and sexuality / news report Saturday August 26, 2006 17:19 by iosaf   text 31 comments (last - thursday may 22, 2008 17:10)   image 2 images
The case of Hina Salem whose mutilated body has been recovered from her parents' back garden in Italy reminds us that honour killing is still prevalent in Europe. Just as self-immolation is not a Buddhist tendancy, honour killing has no direct connection to religion. On the contrary such types of murder reflect patriarchial belief systems. The Killers are more often than not fathers or brothers who can not accept life decisions made by their sisters or daughters & thus kill their family members to preserve "honour". Hina was 20 years of age, her body was placed with head facing Mecca after her father and other male family members punished her for co-habitating with her 32 year old boyfriend. Their trial in Brescia near Milan in Italy raises inter-community tensions being pitched not surprisingly as an "Islamic fundementalist" question, considering her father of Pakistani origin came to live in europe in 1996. read full story / add a comment
international / gender and sexuality / feature Friday July 21, 2006 08:28 by Aileen O'Carroll   text 25 comments (last - monday july 31, 2006 13:52)   image 3 images
How different are men and women? Very, according to some. John Gray’s book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is based on the idea that there are fundamental differences between the genders. It may be just another self-help book on relationships, but it has also sold over 30 million copies and been translated into 40 languages. read full story / add a comment
Public Execution
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Wednesday July 19, 2006 22:38 by Dave Donnellan   text 8 comments (last - friday july 21, 2006 08:57)   image 9 images
In 2005 two Iranian teenagers, Mahmoud Asgari (16) and Ayaz Marhoni (18), were both sentenced to death for what some human rights groups claimed was "consensual gay sex". Today, on the first anniversary of the executions a protest meeting was held outside the Central Bank in Dame to commemorate the event. read full story / add a comment
national / gender and sexuality / opinion/analysis Friday July 14, 2006 20:58 by Spinning Quickly   text 20 comments (last - wednesday august 09, 2006 22:44)
Euro Pride 2006
international / gender and sexuality / news report Sunday July 02, 2006 15:27 by .   text 6 comments (last - sunday july 02, 2006 15:47)   image 35 images
An estimated 40,000 people attended! read full story / add a comment
nice to have riot cops protecting your own side, for once
international / gender and sexuality / news report Tuesday June 27, 2006 23:06 by redjade   text 3 comments (last - tuesday june 27, 2006 23:12)   image 4 images
{ a redjade magyarország report } read full story / add a comment
happy days
dublin / gender and sexuality / feature Tuesday June 27, 2006 22:55 by r whelan/paula g/madame k/wag   text 3 comments (last - wednesday june 28, 2006 02:26)   image 15 images
Madame K on Pride'06: "Despite the rain nothing could dampen the spirits of the 2,000 or so who took part. The diverse group was well catered for, with the event concluding in a free party held on public space. Wheelchair access, kids area and signed language to facilitate a true sense of inclusiveness for all that gathered for the after party. A much smaller event than many counterparts held over seas Dublin Pride has not yet become the commercial entity that has caused untold problems abroad, let`s hope it stays that way". read full story / add a comment
dublin / gender and sexuality / news report Monday June 26, 2006 19:56 by Giles King-Salter   image 4 images
More photos from Saturday's Parade read full story / add a comment
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