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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Spirit of Contradiction

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galway / anti-war / imperialism / news report Sunday September 09, 2007 20:09 by Ri   text 2 comments (last - monday september 10, 2007 11:29)   image 10 images
N. Chomsky on the likelihood of a USA attack on Iran: "They're desperate. Everything they touch is in ruins. They're even in danger of losing control over Middle Eastern oil. [...] Under these circumstances, they're unpredictable. They might go for broke, and hope they can salvage something from the wreckage." Read the full article on http://www.counterpunch.com/ read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-capitalism / news report Sunday September 02, 2007 22:26 by Rimas   text 1 comment (last - sunday september 02, 2007 22:33)   image 9 images
Doughnut and carrot shaped vibrations spread in the streets of Galway. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday September 02, 2007 17:14 by TD   text 20 comments (last - monday september 10, 2007 18:50)   image 7 images
With fresh wind and impetus in its sails, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign has redoubled its efforts to mount an effective boycott of rogue state, Israel, and its goods, as such, Yesterday, Galway IPSC did its longest info stall to date outside Lynch's castle in Shop st; nine-and a -half-hours. read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-capitalism / news report Monday August 27, 2007 20:16 by Niall   text 3 comments (last - wednesday august 29, 2007 13:50)   image 11 images
After a brief absence due to logistical difficulties Food Not Bombs returned to the streets of Galway yesterday, to the delight of all the folks we fed. read full story / add a comment
Juliette : Portsmouth (UK) Palestinian Network
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday August 26, 2007 13:03 by TD   text 17 comments (last - thursday september 06, 2007 20:00)   image 8 images
Not prepared to weep crocodile tears, not prepared to wallow in vicious hypocrisy, instead, Galway IPSC did an eight hour slog outside Lynch's castle, Shop st, yesterday, in an attempt to wean people away from the 'aul sins of indifference and apathy towards the plight of Palestine and, instead, do something ; from boycotting Israeli Blood Diamonds, spuds, herbs, plastic garden sheds/containers sold by the Grafton Group (Atlantic Homecare/Woodie's DIY stores) to expressing their outrage to TD's, mainstream media, etc, on the obscenity of an Irish company; Cement Roadstone Holdings, profiteering from the construction of the illegal West Bank Apartheid Wall. read full story / add a comment
galway / arts and media / news report Wednesday August 22, 2007 01:46 by Over The Edge   text 1 comment (last - wednesday august 22, 2007 18:17)
galway / arts and media / press release Wednesday August 08, 2007 00:10 by Over The Edge
A short-list of eight has been chosen from the long-list of sixteen for the inaugural Over The Edge New Writer of The Year Competition. The competition has been a big success, attracting one hundred and sixteen entries.
read full story / add a comment
galway / miscellaneous / news report Saturday August 04, 2007 15:13 by M K Ryan   text 17 comments (last - monday august 13, 2007 10:08)
Labour in the West of Ireland appears to be in serious trouble. The latest high profile member to resign from the party is the sole Labour councillor on Galway County Council, Clr Colm Keavney. Taking into consideration the resignations in Leitrim, Sligo and Galway City in the recent past it looks like the Labour Party West of the Shannon is in meltdown. read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-capitalism / press release Thursday August 02, 2007 21:32 by N
We're unfortunately cancelling this weekend's Food Not Bombs as most people involved can't be in Galway... read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Thursday August 02, 2007 15:36 by TD   text 32 comments (last - wednesday september 12, 2007 12:59)   image 12 images
After our successful hijacking of the opening of the Woodie's DIY store in Limerick last week, the Limerick and Galway branches of the IPSC again combined forces, this time for an eight hour stint outside the boarded up Taffe's Sweater Shop in Shop Street yesterday. Fortunately, or unfortunately there was a coachload or two of Israeli tourists in town and a serious tranche of them were trigger happy and wanton with their spleen and denial when they chanced upon our Israeli Blood Diamonds petition/info table. read full story / add a comment
galway / animal rights / press release Wednesday August 01, 2007 15:27 by Berne Wright   text 80 comments (last - wednesday november 14, 2007 15:24)   image 6 images
ILLEGAL Guns on sale OPENLY at the Galway Races while Bertie bets on the horses.

Illegal firearms in the form of pellet guns with plastic bullets were on sale openly today at the Galway Races. Up to 15 stalls were observed selling three different types of guns from Handgun size to Rifle starting at 15 euro. Others including children were observed selling the illegal items from the back of vans.

‘These guns will no doubt be used to slaughter innocent cats, dogs and birds. The plastic orange bullets could also take a child’s eye out. We are disgusted at the Race organisers who obviously are turning a blind eye to this activity, along with a total disregard for the growing number of cruelty cases and deaths involved in Horse Racing.

read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Tuesday July 24, 2007 12:02 by N   text 3 comments (last - thursday july 26, 2007 13:10)   image 7 images
FNB continues to grow in Gaillimh, with local musicians helping us to redefine public space. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / feature Wednesday July 18, 2007 18:28 by J   text 18 comments (last - thursday august 16, 2007 16:40)   image 2 images
A community warden in Galway is trying to prevent us handing out free food to passers-by. We ask for support this Sunday 22nd July. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday July 01, 2007 18:35 by TD   text 11 comments (last - sunday december 23, 2007 16:48)   image 3 images
Following BBC and Democracy Now news reports that the Director of the internationally acclaimed and award winning documentary, Jenin Jenin, Mohamed Bakri, is being sued and facing possible jail time in a case brought this month in Israel by five Israeli soldiers who are accusing him of libelously portraying them and their comrades as war criminals in his film (the five are not shown or mentioned by name in Jenin Jenin). Galway IPSC, yesterday, outraged at this obscenity too far, took to the streets in protest. read full story / add a comment
galway / rights, freedoms and repression / news report Sunday June 17, 2007 18:36 by TD   text 41 comments (last - saturday september 29, 2007 09:01)   image 6 images
Yesterday, Galway IPSC activists did their customary seven hour stint outside Lynch's castle in Shop Street gathering signatures for the Israeli Blood Diamonds petition and, generally, bearing witness to that torn country, read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-war / imperialism / press release Wednesday June 13, 2007 13:43 by Niall Farrell   text 5 comments (last - monday june 25, 2007 11:54)
The Galway Alliance Against War is organising a “99 Red Balloon Peace Event” at Galway’s Spanish Arch at noon on Sunday 24th June, the same day as the Salthill Air Show. Last year the Galway peace group ran a similar event, which ended in controversy when the Gardaí burst most of the red balloons. At the time the authorities claimed that the warplanes would be endangered if the balloons “collided” with them. Such claims were greeted with incredulity and the Gardaí were left with what resembled egg on their faces. read full story / add a comment
galway / miscellaneous / opinion/analysis Tuesday May 22, 2007 22:48 by gníomhaí   text 2 comments (last - wednesday november 14, 2007 17:24)
I'm involved with a few national issues at the moment but, in my opinion, activists often neglect their own area..... read full story / add a comment
galway / anti-war / imperialism / news report Thursday May 17, 2007 16:59 by TD   text 9 comments (last - thursday may 24, 2007 17:23)   image 7 images
Outraged but not surprised at, what amounts to a mainstream media/political parties cosy conspirancy not to make Ireland's aiding and abetting of the attack on Iraq an electoral issue, two anti-war activists, early today, took to Galway's streets to say our piece through paint brushes and the ad-busting of Ahern's election placards.
read full story / add a comment
galway / racism & migration related issues / news report Thursday May 17, 2007 12:51 by Galway Shell To Sea   text 3 comments (last - thursday may 17, 2007 15:39)   image 1 image
The Galway Shell to Sea network has launched an ‘ASK FRANK FAHEY CAMPAIGN' that seeks to promote a healthy and active democracy by asking key questions of public representatives, and in Particular Mr. Frank Fahey.
read full story / add a comment
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