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Spirit of Contradiction

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link Lithuania Brings Out Payable Food Stamps, by Ruslan Ostashko Sun Nov 18, 2018 18:01 | Scott
Translated and captioned by Leo. Make sure to press CC for English captions. The malicious witch Zrada (defeat), who is circling, and not keeping the Russophobes out of sight from

offsite link Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/11/18 ? Open Thread Sun Nov 18, 2018 15:30 | Herb Swanson
2018/11/18 15:30:01Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of

offsite link Nov. 16, 2018: U.S. Exposes Assad?s ?Evil Plan? To Hurl Middle East Into Chaos Fri Nov 16, 2018 15:40 | Scott
https://southfront.org/syri... On November 15, US Ambassador to Syria James Jeffrey exposed an evil plan of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to create ISIS and to hurl the Middle East, particularly Syria

offsite link Prophetic! Solzhenitsyn?s Famous Harvard Speech Predicted Complete Collapse of American Society Thu Nov 15, 2018 17:18 | The Saker

offsite link House of Cards finale: #MeToo, sure, but women are just as bad as men Thu Nov 15, 2018 15:33 | The Saker
by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog (SPOILER ALERT! This article is not very good.) If House of Cards only had a first season and a final season it could

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

offsite link Human Rights Body In Africa Must Set A Better Example Wed Nov 14, 2018 16:13 | Human Rights

offsite link 112 Pro-Biafra Imo Women Arrested Sat Aug 25, 2018 16:30 | Human Rights

offsite link Traveller Community in Galway Fri Aug 03, 2018 16:28 | Human Rights

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offsite link Maldives Remain UK Priority Thu Jul 19, 2018 16:31 | Human Rights

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national / crime and justice / press release Sunday June 27, 2010 14:12 by RNU-PRO
The Republican Network for Unity (RNU) calls on civil liberty groups, NPO’s and political parties to expose this clandestine injustice and defend the rights of Irish citizens”. read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Friday June 11, 2010 17:06 by G Black,   text 23 comments (last - sunday june 13, 2010 02:13)   image 12 images
200 protestors gathered at Stormont , to protest the recent actions carried out by Israel on international waters.
The Israeli Ambassador, Zion Evrony's was visiting Stormont to celebrate Israel’s 62nd Anniversary hosted by Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP) and Patsy McGlone (SDLP)

read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Wednesday June 02, 2010 20:49 by GazaFriends   text 6 comments (last - friday june 04, 2010 21:32)   image 1 image   video 1 video file
PRESS BRIEFING - WitnessGaza.com
related vid - Israel Navy Massacres Freedom Flotilla Passengers in International Waters

(I am aware that this is a post of a mai, but given the situation I ask that it is left up...) read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Monday May 31, 2010 19:47 by Gerard   text 10 comments (last - wednesday june 09, 2010 17:03)   image 18 images
Protest at City Hall, belfast, 4pm read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Monday May 31, 2010 04:54 by Watcher   text 18 comments (last - tuesday june 01, 2010 09:13)
Reports coming in over stream are saying the Israeli army have fired lives rounds, used tear-gas and stun grenades on unarmed civilians killing an unconfirmed number of people and injuring at least 30 read full story / add a comment
dublin / crime and justice / news report Tuesday May 18, 2010 23:31 by Conor   text 2 comments (last - monday october 17, 2011 18:23)
Hunger strike outside the gates of hell in Ireland
Continuing their relentless persuence of these perpetrators of abuse, a hunger strike is underway at the gates of those responsible for the dehumanisation and abuse of children in Ireland. read full story / add a comment
national / crime and justice / press release Wednesday April 28, 2010 16:36 by Ardoyne Republican
The REPUBLICAN NETWORK for UNITY (RNU) Belfast Chairperson, CARL REILLY has strongly criticised the use of a vulnerable teenager as a paid Informant by the RUC/PSNI in West Belfast. read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / press release Friday April 23, 2010 17:27 by Ardoyne Republican
The REPUBLICAN NETWORK for UNITY (RNU) Cathaoirleach/Chairperson, DANNY MCBREARTY, has slammed the invidious role played by MI5 and Strathclyde Police in targeting a member of our Scottish Branch/Cumann. read full story / add a comment
CSI: Sunday World (Paul Williams as Caruso) - Free/Exploitable
national / crime and justice / opinion/analysis Sunday April 18, 2010 00:21 by Citizen X   text 2 comments (last - thursday april 22, 2010 15:39)   image 6 images
Love ace crime-reporting mixed metaphors, cheesy clichées, bad writing, smug pontification and moral panics? Have a go at creating your own meme to celebrate it so. read full story / add a comment
Curious mass goers look at the shoes.
national / crime and justice / feature Friday April 09, 2010 16:52 by Religiousabusetruth   text 17 comments (last - saturday march 03, 2012 20:28)   image 8 images
One thousand pairs of children’s shoes of all sizes were tied to the railings outside the cathedral representing the victims of Roman Catholic abuse. Some passers by stopped to tie shoes. Many abuse survivors and supporters came together from as far as Cork and Wexford to attend the protest. read full story / add a comment
national / crime and justice / press release Friday April 02, 2010 02:12 by RNU PRO
Denouncing the recent politically motivated arrest of RNU Ard Comhairle member, Tony Catney, REPUBLICAN NETWORK for UNITY (RNU) SPOKESPERSON, MARTIN Óg MEEHAN said; read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / opinion/analysis Thursday April 01, 2010 00:25 by Portia   text 1 comment (last - friday april 02, 2010 20:04)
The Catholic church has behaved like a cult in keeping women and children as second class human beings who were expected to obey the men of God without question.

The influence of this church has infiltrated most Government agencies especially the legal system where once again women and children were often made homeless for refusing to put up with abuse and play happy families. read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Thursday March 25, 2010 13:32 by institutional   text 2 comments (last - saturday march 27, 2010 23:51)
VERONA It happened night after night. Sometimes in the bedroom of the priest, sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes even in the confessional. Alessandro Vantini (now 59) was a deaf boy at a Catholic school, priests abused him so often that it felt "like I was dead".
This year Vantini and dozens of other former students did something very unusual for Italians: They went out with the accusation that they were forced to have s*x with priests. [*due to the following:There were spamwords detected in the content. Post rejected.] read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / opinion/analysis Thursday March 25, 2010 11:33 by Homer Hostage
Karl Rove, right-wing advocate of torture and government by assassination, broadcast on the air a detailed description of the floor plan of Air Force 1, during a radio interview. read full story / add a comment
national / crime and justice / news report Wednesday March 24, 2010 10:10 by C Flower
Catherine Nevin’s appeal against her conviction for murder began in the Court of Appeal Monday. Ms Nevin was convicted in 2000 of the murder of her husband Tom at their pub, Jack White's Inn, Brittas Bay, on March 19, 1996. It was alleged that she had tried to hire three men to kill him. The person who fired the gun has never been identified or charged. The appeal will be based on evidence that prosecutors failed to disclose at her original trial that witnesses , William McClean and former provos Gerry Heapes and John Jones,were long-standing police informers . Nevin’s lawyer sought access to classified documents including security files which indicate that Mr McClean was a suspect in the Dublin/Monaghan bombings of 1974. Other new matters are being heard.

Catherine Nevin's conviction shocked many, as she was tried surrounded by a media frenzy, in which she was pilloried for looking too good. All the evidence used to convict her was provided by the three witnesses. read full story / add a comment
international / crime and justice / news report Friday March 12, 2010 23:50 by Mairtin Og Meehan   text 2 comments (last - saturday march 13, 2010 13:12)
A letter sent to a number of Belfast Journalists/Newspapers containing serious allegations against myself and two other Belfast Republicans including, Tony (TC) Catney is printed in full below so that fellow Republicans can read for themselves the level of smears against RNU members of late.

I'm disgusted and deeply hurt by the letter and challenge anyone to produce any evidence they have! I also publically challenge the Author of the letter to show publically anything of an evidenial nature such as, times, dates, places and moneys paid by the RUC. So I and my two comrades can properly challenge these scurrilious allegations.

Until then, I'll make no further comment about these slurs apart from an article being printed in tommorrow's Irish News.
read full story / add a comment
galway / crime and justice / opinion/analysis Friday March 12, 2010 11:45 by donkylemore   text 43 comments (last - monday may 17, 2010 00:10)   image 4 images   video 7 video files
The UN mandate 424 demands that Israel return to it's pre '67 borders.
She has refused to do so in 40 years.
Israel 's hegemony in the region is manifest in her military and social expansionist policies .
She ignores the rest of the world , perpetrates whatever atrocities she chooses with impunity. When criticized by the Goldstein report she attacked Goldstein , then attacken the UN for having the timerity to criticize her invasion of Lebanon and killing of over 1400 civilians.
There is one bizarre and paradoxical for a recalibrating the balance of power in the Middle East.... read full story / add a comment
national / crime and justice / news report Wednesday March 10, 2010 16:18 by James WSM personal capacity   text 23 comments (last - saturday june 19, 2010 13:07)   image 1 image
Ombudsman whitewashes for Gardai
read full story / add a comment
Kevin takling to student at Maynooth 09-03-10
dublin / crime and justice / news report Wednesday March 10, 2010 12:39 by religiousabusetruth   text 8 comments (last - sunday march 28, 2010 12:30)   image 8 images
The Bishops met this week in Maynooth for their 3 day spring meeting. Attending the meeting was Ian Elliott, chief executive of the church’s child protection watchdog, the National Board for Safeguarding Children (NBSC). Speaking on the Vatican’s recognitio, he said it could be something of a hindrance. Though the Vatican has not given its recognitio to any framework documents or guide lines the Church has come up with since 1996. He felt at one stage the recognitio granted in America could be used as a contribution to the solution but since has shifted stance. read full story / add a comment
national / crime and justice / press release Monday March 08, 2010 17:00 by Republican Network for Unity   text 7 comments (last - monday may 17, 2010 02:01)
“Are we seeing a test case, to be followed by others in which respected Republicans, who speak out against Stormont, are then threatened with decades old charges? Are the new supergrass laws and wing at Maghaberry part of this strategy? Are the new partnerships and constabulary boards making the constabulary accountable or Sinn Fein accomplices after the fact?” read full story / add a comment
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