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Public Inquiry
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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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derry / anti-war / imperialism Thursday August 10, 2006 13:35 by By Stander

On Wednesday 9th August Anti War protesters in Derry stormed into the local plant of US missile manufacturer Raytheon. They were protesting against the use of Raytheon technology by the Israelis and used by them in their attacks in Lebanon.

After eight hours in occupation of the plant nine protesters were arrested by the PSNI and were charged with "Unlawful Assembly" and "Aggravated Burglary" when they appeared in court this morning (Thursday Aug 10th).

IMC Blogger: Both the IAWM and AWI issued quick statements of support as part of the ongoing rapprochement that is within the anti war movements on Indy these days. It should be remembered that Derry is the birth place of the black shamrock, whose powerful images owe much to the campaign against Raytheon. If this spreads south, maybe war will be an election issue as PANA say, or maybe the spirit of direct action will move to Shannon, where apparently that type of stuff could have a legal defence. Either way, can the fine media makers of Derry make sure to keep us all informed. Raytheon Coverage on Indy

national / anti-war / imperialism Friday July 28, 2006 11:54 by Hugh Harkin
featured image
IPSC Protest on Tuesday

The Israeli Embassy in Dublin was confronted on Tuesday with the death and destruction that it has wrought in Gaza and Lebanon in recent weeks.

During its all-day vigil at the Israeli embassy, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) held a symbolic “die-in”, in which Irish, Lebanese and Palestinian volunteers donned “blood”-stained clothes and lay down on the street in front of the embassy. All Irish local and national media were present and gave the protest prominent coverage across the day and in Wednesday’s newspapers. The demonstration was a prelude to a major march taking place in Dublin this coming Saturday 29th.

The conflict has entered its third week, and the scale of Israel's attacks has meant that almost 10 Lebanese have died for every Israeli, as at this stage over 400 Lebanese and 42 Israelis have been killed. Many of the dead on both sides are civilians, and under international law, any targeting of civilians is a war crime. On the day of the protest, four UN observers were killed by an Israeli bomb in south Lebanon.

Other indymedia.ie coverage of the conflict: Irish activist Caoimhe Butterly travels to Lebanon | Did Hezbollah really breach the border? | Lebanese media targeted | Israel uses White Phosphorus and cluster bombs against civilians | Lebanon and Shannon airport | Belfast protest | Other coverage: Global IMC Feature | Robert Fisk in Beirut via Demoracy Now | Chomsky on current conflict | Audio: 1 2 3

dublin / anti-war / imperialism Tuesday July 25, 2006 14:20 by redjade
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The verdict was given at aproximately 11.50 a.m. this morning at this significant trial in The Four Courts. Since their action on the 3rd February 2003 the five defendants have waited three years for todays verdict, under onerous bail conditions, with two other trials collapsing (Trial 1,Trial 2). In a statement released immediately after the verdict the Pitstop Ploughshares said:

"The jury is the conscience of the community chosen randomly from Irish society. The conscience of the community has spoken. The government has no popular mandate in providing the civilian Shannon airport to service the US war machine in it's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.
"In 1996 in Liverpool the Jury acquittal of the four 'ploughshares' women contributed to the end of arms exports to the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia and the independence of East Timor.
"The decision of this jury should be a message to London, Washington DC and the Dail that Ireland wants no part in waging war on the people of Iraq. Refuelling of US warplanes at Shannon Airport should cease immediately. "

- Ciaron, Damien, Karen, Deirdre and Nuin.

Indymedia has seen sterling work reporting this trial which has been ignored by the rest of the Irish media with daily court reports: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, last days and reflections from many participants as well as a photo essay of the verdict day along with a revolt video contribution.

Here Kathy Kelly reflects , on Closing Speeches in Pit Stop Ploughshares Trial, this post also includes the closing statements from the prosecution and defence. The trial has also seen public meetings featuring *Former U.S. Marine Sgt. Jimmy Massey & Kathy Kelly, while within spitting distance of the war-mongers lair (UK Houses Parliament), Brian Haw bore witness to the Ploughshares and there have been solidarity marches too. Indymedia.ie has a pre-Trial discussion with Ciaron about the Ploughshares' action, the upcoming trial and the meaning of resistance in the Era of the 'War on Terror': Faith of Our Fathers: (transcript / .mp3)

But, it has to be remembered, that this victory can only be an encouragement which should revitalise the anti-war movement here. As reported by the Shannon Planespotters - CIA Rendition and covert aircraft are still using Shannon airport

You can visit the Peace On Trial website for more information on the CW5 by clicking here.

dublin / anti-war / imperialism Saturday July 15, 2006 12:32 by Dave Donnellan/IMC Editorial Enlistees
featured image

"Those words ring in my ears and haunt my dreams every night. Those words came from an Iraqi man after we shot into his car at a checkpoint near the Baghdad station. We had given a hand and arm signal to stop but they did not. There were four Iraqis in the car three of them were fatally wounded." - Former US Marine, Jimmy Massey.

Jimmy Massey was a member of the US Marines for 12 years. He was deployed to Iraq as a Staff Sergeant in command of 35 men. During his tour of duty in Iraq his troops were responsible for the killing of approximately 35 unarmed civilians including children. He refused to continue killing and asked to be seen by a psychiatrist and was then sent back to the US for treatment. He was honourably discharged from the military in 2003 and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jimmy Massey is a founding member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He is currently in Ireland as a witness in the trial of five peace activists from the Pit Stop Ploughsahres who disarmed a US Navy war plane in Shannon airport on the 3rd of February 2003.

Also of Interest: A video of Jimmy speaking the last time he was over in Ireland | Interview From The Frontline | Pitstop Trial Begins in Four Courts | The Mysterious Indymedia Anti-war Archive Machine

The followoing is a report of a speech delivered by him at a recent public meeting in Dublin.

dublin / anti-war / imperialism Sunday July 09, 2006 02:14 by Paul MacGiolla Bán
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The Catholic Worker 5 with Archbishop Desmond Tutu
On 3rd February 2003, five individuals took part in an anti-war action at Shannon airport. This action involved disabling a US Navy war plane that was using Ireland as a pit stop on its way to Iraq. The five were equipped with hammers, and set about disarming the plane using these tools. They were arrested on the scene and were charged with causing criminal damage worth US$2.5 million.

The first trial began in March 2005, but ended in a mistrial. A second trial in October 2005 also collapsed when it emerged that the newly appointed judge had a personal relationship with US president George W Bush, whose administration instigated the invasion of Iraq. The five will now stand trial at the Four Courts from July 5th to 19th.

This group is known as the Pit Stop Ploughshares, and the following article contains some thoughts on some of the other activities of the group, to put the action at Shannon in context.

In the discourse about the Pit Stop Ploughshares on indymedia and elsewhere, the focus has obviously been on the disarmament action in Shannon, more than 3 years ago. But there is much more to this group than this, and this action becomes much more meaningful when it is seen in the context of a wider set of activities. As well as taking action against something, the Catholic Worker movement is also about taking positive action for something. As well as acting against injustice and violence, the movement aims to take action to create and sustain peace, community, and a sense of solidarity with those who are socially excluded.

Recent anti-war coverage on indymedia Ireland: Report on warship protest | Photo essay on Ploushares benefit gig | War dead remembered with showers of flowers at Shannon airport | Palme D'Or winner Ken Loach and 'Barley' screenwriter Paul Laverty support the Catholic Workers | Catholic Worker press release | TRIAL UPDATE: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 and 4

More: Peace on Trial website
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