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Citizen of Nowhere - 21:39 Céad Feabh 21, 2018
The non-Citizen has been unwell for the last while, but in between lying low and marvelling at the rainbow colours of my expectoration, my thoughts turned to a little flutter on the Brexit outcome. Now every World and European Cup at work we play a game of predicting the outcomes in detail match by match, […]A
WorldbyStorm - 14:26 Céad Feabh 21, 2018
Ah, Kate (the ROI should pay for any hard border) Hoey, the most unlikely Labour MP, though there?s some competition admittedly for that title, is at it again. ?I think there is a need for a cold rational look at the Belfast agreement,? Hoey said in the Huffington Post on Monday. ?Mandatory coalition is not […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:26 Céad Feabh 21, 2018
Richard North on EUReferendum drew attention to this curious story, one that underscores the fragility of supply chains in the present period (and how under this Brexit, and as ever keep in mind North is a leaver, that fragility will be exacerbated or possibly worse). KFC was forced into closing many of its restaurants in […]A
irishelectionliterature - 10:44 Céad Feabh 21, 2018
Reading a book which had the results of the 1989 General Election (and European Elections) it had a section on ?Inter-Left Transfers? . Labour had transferred well to the WP but there were more WP non transferable votes than transfers to Labour. Labour would have in the past had a transfer pact with Fine Gael […]A
irishelectionliterature - 07:06 Céad Feabh 21, 2018
Interesting new addition to The Social Democrats. Former Sinn Fein Councillor June Murphy has joined them. Reading the article I see that Cllr Joe Harris (Brother of Eoghan) also joined them a while back. Could the Social Democrats become a home for more of the growing list of ex SF Councillors?A
WorldbyStorm - 02:10 Céad Feabh 21, 2018
As always, following on Dr. X?s suggestion, it?s all yours, ?announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose?, feel free.A
irishelectionliterature - 22:59 Máirt Feabh 20, 2018
he EU: talking of peace – preparing for war. Sponsored by PANA and the People’s Movement. The Oak Room, Mansion House 17 February 2018. Speakers: Lynn Boylan, MEP, Senator Frances Black. Ireland has now joined PESCO – the embryo EU Army. There will be TDs, MEPs and speakers from other EU countries including Denmark – […]A
WorldbyStorm - 21:25 Máirt Feabh 20, 2018
Haven?t mentioned the ridiculous red smear that was attempted against Corbyn the last few weeks. If anyone was less likely to be a patsy of the StB (Czech intelligence service during the Cold War) it would, one think, be Corbyn, who from his ideological orientation was rather antagonistic to ?orthodox? communism. There’s a real stupidity […]A
guestposter - 20:56 Máirt Feabh 20, 2018
BBC Radio 4 is running a series on “British Socialism: The Grand Tour”. It consists of 12 programmes. The first two are available, 15 minutes each. Tantilisingly, this is labelled “Series 1”, so there may be more in the future.   Episode 1 (yesterday) dealt with Robert Owen, and episode 2 (today) with the Chartists. […]A
guestposter - 18:15 Máirt Feabh 20, 2018
A screening of ‘The Enemy Within’ – Owen Gower’s documentary about the 1984-1985 British miners’ strike, with guest speaker Heather Wood (Women Against Pit Closures) Screening takes place 24/02/18 at 3pm in Workers’ Party office at 24A/25 Hill Street, Dublin 1 (D01A2W4) Suggested donation ?5, or ?3 unwaged. Refreshments available! ‘The Enemy Within’ is an […]A

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