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WorldbyStorm - 12:09 Luan MFómh 01, 2014
The fourth, and for now final, quiz from Brian Hanley on the 1970s. Again, many thanks to Brian and with a bit of luck we’ll have a few more before the year is out. 1) What was the membership of the following trade unions organised in Ireland during 1970: A) Irish Women Workers Union B) […]A
WorldbyStorm - 04:00 Luan MFómh 01, 2014
To download the above file please click on the following link:FIANNA 1960s To go to the Left Archive please click here. Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive – it is part of a continuing project to post up Sinn Féin and (then) Provisional Sinn Féin materials from the 1960s onwards […]A
WorldbyStorm - 03:58 Luan MFómh 01, 2014
Here?s our weekly thread for people to talk, sound off, discuss, give out, or whatever they want about sport? and by the way, if anyone has posts they think would be appropriate for the site on sport send them in?A
Tomboktu - 01:37 Luan MFómh 01, 2014
In the speeches outside the Department of Justice at the end of the March for Marriage Equality on Sunday week (24 August) Laura Harmon, President of USI, warned against complacency in the referendum campaign next year. That might seem unnecessarily anxious. Sure, hadn’t the previous week’s Sunday Times’s poll (PDF here) shown that approval of […]A
WorldbyStorm - 15:50 Domh Lún 31, 2014
This looks fantastic. A film on how the Miners were supported by the LGSM campaign. The way both groups interacted and, in a sense, further radicalised is educative, not least in later strong support from Miners groups against Section 28 but also in a sense of shared defiance against the right. As can be seen […]A
WorldbyStorm - 15:07 Domh Lún 31, 2014
Many thanks again to Brian Hanley for the following quiz. Here are the answers. A fourth, and for the moment final, one appears tomorrow! 1) In response to the success of what six-week strike in 1969 did the ICTU introduce the two-tier picket? 2) When did the following trade unions affiliate (or re-affiliate) to the […]A
WorldbyStorm - 14:52 Domh Lún 31, 2014
…and the apparently hazy acquaintance with and understanding of tax and labour law some of them exhibit, as reported in the Irish Times yesterday: When broken down by profession, the highest average settlements [with Revenue] were among pharmacists (?37,000), followed by accountants (?34,000), doctors (?30,000), engineers (?29,000) and solicitors (?26,000). Liabilities in this area include […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:42 Domh Lún 31, 2014
Is this editorial from the Guardian on Tory defector Douglas Carswell just a little too gushing? Unlike some Eurosceptic Tories, Mr Carswell is not a one-trick pony. He is an independent libertarian-minded MP who argues the need for radical political reform in the digital age and who has championed banking reform too. But it is […]A
Garibaldy - 08:37 Domh Lún 31, 2014
Don’t have time to go through everything in the Sindo today, but I’ll be surprised if someone has topped Ruth Dudley Edwards, which starts as follows Next month, a memorial to Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President and despot who died last year Good to see her grasp of democracy is as strong as ever.A
WorldbyStorm - 15:09 Sath Lún 30, 2014
Am watching the Sandbaggers, a Yorkshire Television espionage series from the late 1970s about the SIS. I have no memory of it from the time but I’m finding it oddly fascinating, not least because of extended exterior shots of London, but also because of the odd mixture of banality and violence that characterises its take […]A

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