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WorldbyStorm - 12:50 Déar Iúil 27, 2017
    It?s not just the 1% but the top 20% that sees society structured to its benefit as this piece on Brooking Institute economist and fellow Richard Reeves analysis about the US class system which notes that: … the top 20% have set things up to guarantee virtually all of those spoils go to […]A
WorldbyStorm - 11:26 Déar Iúil 27, 2017
Speaking of Prospect as I was earlier in the week. Christ Hanretty writing in that publication notes the incredible and precipitous decline of social democracy in Europe in the last twenty years. He points out that in 1998 of the EU15 11 heads of government were from social democratic parties. This year 7 of 28 […]A
WorldbyStorm - 11:17 Déar Iúil 27, 2017
Gewerkschaftler suggested this recently: I suggest this blog should have a regular (weekly) slot where people can post happenings at the personal or political level that gives them hope that we?re perhaps not going to hell in a handbasket as quickly as we thought. Or as the phlegmatic Germans put it ?hope dies last?. Any […]A
WorldbyStorm - 08:45 Déar Iúil 27, 2017
The names haven’t been released officially but one or two familiar ones already known in this piece in the Guardian on the at least 1000 organisations ‘followed’ by the British state from the 1960s onwards… The initial groups infiltrated by the spies in the late 1960s and 1970s included campaigns against the Vietnam war and apartheid, […]A
irishelectionliterature - 08:38 Déar Iúil 27, 2017
I realised recently that I’ve almost stopped watching terrestrial television. There might be big things on like an Election, a match,the likes of the Toy Show get watched as a family but that’s about it. No hours flicking around to see if anythings on, I might catch the news the odd time. Watch Sport and […]A
WorldbyStorm - 11:49 Céad Iúil 26, 2017
  Anyone who has more than a passing acquaintance with the comments sections of British media will over the last twelve months or so seen a particularly irritating line from some that now Britain was leaving the EU was falling apart, or in a variant line that the EU was already falling apart and Brexit […]A
WorldbyStorm - 10:53 Céad Iúil 26, 2017
The Hibernia Forum, home of Eamon Delaney has the following analysis from earlier in the year relation to unemployment benefit. An article by Brendan Burgess of which originally appeared in the Sunday Independent. This can be summed up by the headline ?dole payments should be cut, not increased?. And it argues that payments are […]A
WorldbyStorm - 03:17 Céad Iúil 26, 2017
As always, following on Dr. X?s suggestion, it?s all yours, ?announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose?, feel free.A
WorldbyStorm - 12:49 Máirt Iúil 25, 2017
Recently a comrade suggested that the UK hadn’t signed up to EU directives on labour law. Correct-ish. In other words… there were famous derogations, but… but… the UK actually did accept a significant tranche of directives which were EU originated. Here’s one listing. And here’s another. As the Guardian noted. The EU has had a […]A
WorldbyStorm - 11:18 Máirt Iúil 25, 2017
We’re looking for links/resources useful to the Left at Starkadders suggestion. This can be archives, support groups, study groups, whatever people think can assist in building up a stack of easily accessible tools necessary to the tasks ahead. Perhaps keep articles – unless they’re longform, to the What You Want to Say thread.A

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