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WorldbyStorm - 11:16 Domh Aib 23, 2017
Always sorry to see a venue close its doors… J.J. Smyths, Ireland’s oldest blues/jazz venue, will host its last ever gig this Sunday after thirty years as a home from home for some of the country’s best jazz and blues musicians. The intimate Aungier Street room was a spiritual home for the likes of late […]A
Garibaldy - 10:28 Domh Aib 23, 2017
Some regulars are missing today so not as much to consider as normal, but at least one old hand delivers. Ruth Dudley Edwards has a piece on how Scottish and Irish nationalists need to grow up when it comes to Brexit. Strangely, no mention of English nationalism. There’s genuine concern in Westminster about the effect […]A
WorldbyStorm - 09:31 Domh Aib 23, 2017
This one from Observer/Opinium… The survey by Opinium for the Observer, conducted on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, puts the Tories on 45% (up seven points compared with the previous week), while Labour is down three points on 26%. And: The poll also shows support growing for the anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats, who are up […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:57 Sath Aib 22, 2017
Mentioned Babylon 5 last week, and here’s the wikia, and quite comprehensive it is too. I’m always amazed by fandom and how it manages to persist. But what of B5? There’s some – frankly – fairly cheesy CGI (good in its day, no mistake but twenty odd years later showing its age). Oddly, and rather […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:53 Sath Aib 22, 2017
From the IT… interesting news that must have significant political implications down the lin The Citizens? Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to amend the Constitutional provision on abortion. And… The first ballot had two options: that ?Article 40.3.3 should be retained in full?, or that ?Article 40.3.3 should not be retained in full?. Of 91 eligible voters, […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:04 Sath Aib 22, 2017
As we did last week and the week before. When I was a kid I read the LOTR very young, probably around the age of ten, and for a couple of years it was something I?d haul around with me and reread again and again. And then. I stopped and didn?t pick it up for […]A
irishelectionliterature - 07:02 Sath Aib 22, 2017
The most gentle of Post Rock, Industries Of The Blind. They broke up a year or so ago leaving one three song album “Chapter 1: Had we known better (2011)” and a host of soundtrack work. Unfortunately the Soundtracks don’t seem to have made it to any release. Nor does their Chapter 2 album which […]A
WorldbyStorm - 20:03 Aoine Aib 21, 2017
From the IT this evening, Brendan Howlin at the LP conference, the first, as the IT helpfully notes, since their precipitous drop in seat numbers at the last election. ?We know what we stand for, we know the principles on which we build our policies. We now need to shape our communication with the rest […]A
WorldbyStorm - 20:01 Aoine Aib 21, 2017
How’s this from the IT from a week or two not this… People Before Profit will oppose any attempt to bring in water charges including excessive use charges, according to its Dún Laoghaire TD Richard Boyd Barrett. But this… Speaking at the party?s annual press conference in Wynn?s Hotel in Dublin, he said ?there?s […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:31 Aoine Aib 21, 2017
We’re looking for links/resources useful to the Left at Starkadders suggestion. This can be archives, support groups, study groups, whatever people think can assist in building up a stack of easily accessible tools necessary to the tasks ahead. Perhaps keep articles – unless they’re longform, to the What You Want to Say thread. We’re going […]A

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