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guestposter - 17:08 Déar Beal 05, 2016
Many thanks to Dan Finn for this appreciation of Red Banner.     The latest copy of Red Banner came with a note and an editorial explaining that this would be the last edition of a socialist publication that has been in print for nineteen years. I?ve been a loyal reader for fourteen of those […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:59 Déar Beal 05, 2016
Good overview by Fintan O?Toole in the IT in regard to the traditional parties and how they seem to have lost their appetite for government. He argues that:Whatever else you could say about our big political parties, they used to be rather good at one thing: taking and holding power. They hungered for power like […]A
WorldbyStorm - 11:52 Déar Beal 05, 2016
Thanks to the person who forwarded this!   Important Update Dear member, As you are aware, Fianna Fáil did very well in the recent General Election. Notwithstanding this, the result still fell short of enabling us to lead a government in the 32nd Dáil. However, we did try on three occasions to lead a Fianna Fáil […]A
WorldbyStorm - 07:51 Déar Beal 05, 2016
It’s  a busy day what with elections in the North, in the UK and so on. Meanwhile in the state what’s going on? Well, what a broad range of Independents are in the mix in relation to government formation:   Discussions between Fine Gael and the Independents concluded with no agreement on Wednesday. The two […]A
WorldbyStorm - 17:47 Céad Beal 04, 2016
?I want to drive and I expect Dublin city to come up with a smarter way for me to get around Dublin and be able to park my car somewhere in the middle of Dublin without it being dug up every six weeks so we can some other new fabby non-sustainable public transport solution whether […]A
WorldbyStorm - 17:45 Céad Beal 04, 2016
Pat Rabbitte wonders ruefully what has got into the Irish electorate. For all is chaos for him. Seriously. Stability or chaos. Sections of the electorate who may not have understood the import of that slogan on Feb 26 understand it now. And the chaos is likely to get worse. More correctly, the implications of the […]A
guestposter - 12:58 Céad Beal 04, 2016
Thanks to the person who forwarded this from Archon of the Southern Star… LAST week we watched in amazement the wannabe Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, as he put together a political ?arrangement? aimed to please his Blueshirt butties and allow a government to be formed. Dumbfounded at the sight of him propositioning Enda Kenny, our cognitive […]A
WorldbyStorm - 10:58 Céad Beal 04, 2016
Is it me or is Eoghan Harris stressing the powers of his political analysis and predictions to an ever-increasing degree these days? He’s certainly no shy flower in regard to pointing to same… RTE prefers pundits repeating themselves rather than cope with my contrarian analysis – which proved the correct one. RTE’s virtual monopoly lets […]A
WorldbyStorm - 08:21 Céad Beal 04, 2016
Mr Kenny and Mr Martin have both received the unanimous backing of their parliamentary parties for the deal struck last week to allow Fianna Fáil facilitate a Fine Gael-led minority government. Well, there’s a surprise.A
WorldbyStorm - 08:18 Céad Beal 04, 2016
…looks like it’s a Clinton/Trump contest. Mind you Cruz was such a compromised candidate from the off. As was Rubio. As was a field littered with dismal potential nominees. Though it’s not as if Trump shone in comparison.A

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