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WorldbyStorm - 09:30 Máirt MFómh 16, 2014
From the Guardian. On Monday the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international thinktank, warned that a yes vote was a potential risk to the global economy, the eurozone and emerging markets. Arguing that the UK was an important member of the group of rich countries, its secretary general, Angel Gurria, said: Yes, what […]A
Tomboktu - 23:31 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
With Pride in the cinemas this week, this 23-minute documentary is an interesting backgrounder.A
doctorfive - 21:02 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
..or what’s left of it. According to the Youth Council of Ireland Red C poll has found that 30% of young people aged 18-25 were not registered to vote in advance of the recent local and European elections. The problem is most acute among the 18-21 age group with up to 43% of this cohort […]A
guestposter - 20:01 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
LookLeft 19 is in Easons stores and hundreds of selected newsagents across the island now. Still only ?2 this issue includes former Workers’ Party President Séan Garland?s assessment of the career of Eamon Gilmore, an exclusive article by Greek economist, Yanis Varoufakis, on the failure of European Social Democracy, an interview with new Socialist Party […]A
WorldbyStorm - 17:56 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
Thanks to the person who sent this photo.A
WorldbyStorm - 13:05 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
…got to hand it to the Money Doctor, John Lowe, in the SBP the weekend before last, when asked about whether to get a mortgage or continue renting he really laid it on the line in a way which was refreshingly straightforward. The question boiled down to the following: …we seem to be back in […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:50 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
Here?s our weekly thread for people to talk, sound off, discuss, give out, or whatever they want about sport? and by the way, if anyone has posts they think would be appropriate for the site on sport send them in?A
WorldbyStorm - 07:46 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
…surely only serves to underscore the outcomes extant as a result of the almost total aversion to state generated social housing extant amongst policy makers in this state – no? Dublin City Council is ?seriously looking? at building prefabs on derelict sites to house homeless families. Assistant chief executive and head of housing Dick Brady […]A
WorldbyStorm - 03:39 Luan MFómh 15, 2014
Many thanks to NollaigO for the following: Focalin GO To go to the Left Archive please click on this link. Seamus, a friend , recently discovered five editions of Focalín in his attic and has loaned them for copying to the CLR Archive. Focalín (?A wee word? for the odd reader of CLR who does […]A
WorldbyStorm - 16:18 Domh MFómh 14, 2014
…here at the ever excellent UK Polling Report. The conclusion at this moment being: Seven of the polls are clearly clustered around a small lead for the NO campaign, with the one exception that rather odd looking ICM online poll with a smaller sample size than their usual online efforts. A lead of just a […]A

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