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WorldbyStorm - 18:33 Céad MFómh 02, 2015
This is wrong, wrong, wrong… but… why not?A
WorldbyStorm - 12:17 Céad MFómh 02, 2015
The thought struck me, and I raised something along lines last week, is there anyone who seriously thought that in 2005 PIRA ceased to exist entirely? Is there genuinely anyone who seriously thought that some minimal defensive capacity was not retained by that organisation? Because this last week or so we?ve been treated to analyses […]A
WorldbyStorm - 10:10 Céad MFómh 02, 2015
The release of the Fennelly Report reminds me a little of the Stormont dispute/debacle. There’s the same sense of something that could spin uncontrollably into entirely unforeseen territory. And so it is that the immediate response is that no one looks too good on foot of it, but that there’s nothing to damage the government. […]A
irishelectionliterature - 08:52 Céad MFómh 02, 2015
I notice Right2Change have set up their own Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as some regional ones too. So Right2Change is the potential electoral vehicle of Right2Water. From their Facebook page You have a Right2Water, a Right2Housing, a Right2Health and a Right2Change this country. Let’s discuss the policies you want implemented, not the ones […]A
WorldbyStorm - 03:06 Céad MFómh 02, 2015
As always, following on Dr. X?s suggestion, it?s all yours, ?announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose?, feel free.A
Aonrud ? - 18:00 Máirt MFómh 01, 2015
We’ve recently added a feature to the Left Archive to allow us to include links to some of the other online resources related to individual parties, publications or people on their respective pages.  There are several groups for which there are interesting materials online, but few or no documents currently in the archive, so hopefully […]A
irishelectionliterature - 17:20 Máirt MFómh 01, 2015
From this months Alive! Aside from everything about it…… In Dublin at least, matches have to be played on a Sunday morning in all codes as there are not enough pitches to cater for all the scheduled matches.A
WorldbyStorm - 12:49 Máirt MFómh 01, 2015
I?ve been thinking a lot about organisational continuity – and this dovetails with a piece in the current issue of The Phoenix on a certain high profile LP TD whose future seems uncertain ;) – good issue which I’d recommend. It is, of course, something that those of us on the left tend to have […]A
WorldbyStorm - 10:30 Máirt MFómh 01, 2015
Some fascinating observations on UK politics revealed here in the Guardian this morning in relation to Hillary Clinton’s emails. The focus on the Miliband’s – David and Clinton got on well so it seems, and the leadership election of the brother was a shock. Mandelson and Miliband’s rivalry. Warnings over the arrival of the Tories […]A
WorldbyStorm - 07:49 Máirt MFómh 01, 2015
Very interesting snippet in a profile of Teresa Villiers, the Northern Ireland Secretary in the SBP this weekend. Villiers is the public face of a Conservative administration in London that has little interest in the North, says Jonny Byrne, a lecturer in politics at the University of Ulster. ?She is simply the face of a […]A

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