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WorldbyStorm - 21:58 Sath Aib 19, 2014
Not sure what to make of these polls from the Sunday Independent and the Sunday Times. Very divergent figures, lots of don’t knows, and perhaps too intermittent to provide a clear insight into the dynamics extant. Liberius, Ivorthorne and Shea offering interesting analysis in recent comments.A
WorldbyStorm - 12:09 Sath Aib 19, 2014
?a great interview with John Cooper Clarke here, but? what?s this he says? So which way would you vote?? It’s a tough call. I wouldn’t recommend any of them. I suppose if I had to I would vote Labour but only out of blind class hatred, nothing else. Fair enough. But? That’s what keeps these […]A
WorldbyStorm - 03:17 Sath Aib 19, 2014
Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie kept the Creatures as a sort of the dancier, albeit experimental and therefore more clattery sounding or if you prefer the more percussion oriented iteration of the Banshees, and why not? Though truth is that the Banshees for all their ability to craft pop hits were a curiously gritty operation. Siouxsie […]A
irishelectionliterature - 17:47 Aoine Aib 18, 2014
Just got this picture of Paul Murphys European Elections poster. I quite like it.A
WorldbyStorm - 15:53 Aoine Aib 18, 2014
Two pieces in the Guardian recently raise a number of useful questions. The first is a breakdown of UK incomes. The figures paint a picture of what average incomes are in the UK for different household types. It may come as a surprise to some people that an income for a single adult of less […]A
WorldbyStorm - 13:48 Aoine Aib 18, 2014
As part of getting people acquainted and used to the extended Left Archive we?re going to link every week to previous documents that have been posted there that may be of interest. This week The Coffee Circle Papers (Papers and responses from the series of political forums organised during 1998 by Democratic Left): Paper 6 […]A
irishelectionliterature - 07:10 Aoine Aib 18, 2014
Starting off this week with a leaflet from Declan McCool running for United Left in Swords Then a flyer from Cieran Perry who is running in Cabra Finglas Then a leaflet from Martin Grehan of People Before Profit in Maynooth Then one from Lorraine Hennessey of The Workers Party in Clondalkin One from Gino Kenny […]A
doctorfive - 23:43 Déar Aib 17, 2014
Pathé have put their entire Archive on youtube, or 85,000 clips at least. Lots to sift through but here are few from early on.  A
Garibaldy - 22:07 Déar Aib 17, 2014
Fascinating report on the BBC website about a row between the Catholic bishop of Dromore and elements of SF over a letter distributed in west Belfast claiming he supported its position on abortion. The BBC quotes the bishop as saying When I became aware of party political literature which was jointly issued in the names […]A
WorldbyStorm - 18:24 Déar Aib 17, 2014
Just noticed this from Vincent Brown’s column in the Irish Times. Joining the euro, the single currency, was a momentous change, for it involved the surrender of a large chunk of what remained of our sovereignty. It opened the floodgates to cheap money, the property bubble and the financial crash. But, most crucially, it required […]A

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