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WorldbyStorm - 15:48 Domh Lún 28, 2016
Gralton Labour History Commemorative Committee Formal unveiling of a monument to the memory of the Leitrim Socialist, Jimmy Gralton, on the site of Gralton’s “Pearse Connolly Hall” at Effrinagh, Co. Leitrim, on Saturday 3rd of September 2016. The committee is extremely pleased that the President of Ireland Mr Michael D. Higgins has accepted the invitation […]A
Garibaldy - 10:22 Domh Lún 28, 2016
A former senator displays a rather unique understanding of the Belfast Agreement Leo Varadkar is saying he shares the Taoiseach’s vision of a united Ireland at some point in the future. Naturally, he adds that unity could only come about by consent and not a crude majoritarian count. But it would be better if he […]A
WorldbyStorm - 10:07 Domh Lún 28, 2016
Speaking of probes albeit interplanetary this time. Juno, which became the first human made spacecraft to ever come so close to Jupiter, a mere 4,000 kms above the planet, should start sending back fascinating photographs across the next few days.A
WorldbyStorm - 09:47 Domh Lún 28, 2016
Mentioned some of the events on during this during the last week, but the overall programme seems very interesting indeed. It’s held from 23 September to 8 October and there’s something for everyone, or so it would seem!A
WorldbyStorm - 17:52 Sath Lún 27, 2016
iO9 was quick off the mark in relation to stories set in the Alpha Centauri system with this list of ten. I?d forgotten the Songs of Distant Earth was set there – perhaps Clarke?s last good novel. John Barnes and Buzz Aldrin?s Encounter at Tiber was pretty good. I?d forgotten the aliens in Footfall by […]A
WorldbyStorm - 16:52 Sath Lún 27, 2016
As seen on the Charles Stross blog, there?s some scepticism as regards the likelihood of interstellar travel anytime soon by probe. That said here?s a bunch of optimists – the Breakthrough Starshot project? …a proof-of-concept fleet of light sail spacecraft, named StarChip,[1] capable of making the journey to the Alpha Centauri star system, 4.37 light-years […]A
WorldbyStorm - 14:01 Sath Lún 27, 2016
Saw them last night on the Dublin leg of a two date tour of Ireland, Limerick it was on Thursday. Part of their 40th anniversary tour too. They were at the Academy and excellent. I first saw them in 1985 in the SFX (the point was made to me that was both 31 years ago […]A
WorldbyStorm - 12:18 Sath Lún 27, 2016
So, astronomers have discovered a planet orbiting the closest star to the Sun. Proxima Centauri b is thought to be a little larger than the Earth, to orbit one hell of a lot closer to its star than the Earth does to the Sun and yet due to the nature of that star to receive […]A
WorldbyStorm - 10:17 Sath Lún 27, 2016
The week where a planet is discovered in that remarkably complex system is a good one to look at it a bit more closely. Here?s wiki?s overview on it. When I say complex I mean it. There?s three stars in the state, A, B and Proxima Centauri where the planet has been discovered. Isn?t it […]A
irishelectionliterature - 06:16 Sath Lún 27, 2016
There was a piece in The Guardian about bands that split in half SLF, Yes and UB40 are mentioned there but of course there are others. Boney M at one stage had more than 2 versions going. There were two versions of the Wolfetones touring, Queensryche are another band that had two versions going. Black […]A

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