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Spanish revolution comes to Ireland

category international | miscellaneous | press release author Friday May 27, 2011 16:20author by Mick - Real Democracy Now

Demonstrations to express solidarity with the Spanish protests will take place in Dublin and Cork on Saturday, 28th May.

The protest has been called by members of Ireland’s Spanish community and by local people who support the ongoing protests in Spain.

The demonstrations will take place this Saturday in the following cities:

- Dublin at 2pm at the Spire, O’Connell Street

- Cork at 2pm at Gran Parade

Organisers will also be meeting on Tuesday 31st at 7pm in Seomra Spraoi to organise the next steps. All welcome to get invovled.

Growing numbers of Spaniards have been taking to the streets over the last three weeks demanding a real choice in the forthcoming elections. Frustrated by a steadily rising unemployment rate, economic stagnation and corrupt politicians with a two-party state that offers little political choice, old and young Spaniards have been protesting in central plazas and thoroughfares the length and breadth of Spain.

Taking the Arab revolts as their inspiration the peaceful demonstrations have a distinctive grassroots feel and have been organised via social networking and word-of-mouth.

Our rules for the protest are 4 simple ones:
1. No Political Parties Bans
2. No Flags
3. No alcohol/Drug Use
4. No Violence

An international call for solidarity and support has been made through social networking sites, blogs and twitter, and already protests have been organised in more than 100 international cities around the world, including Cork and Dublin.

Facebook event pages have been set up for the Dublin and Cork Demostrations.



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