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Death Squad Leaders Invite Rubs Salt in Victims Wounds

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | press release author Saturday May 14, 2011 19:44author by éirígí - éirígí

UDA leaders & Henchmen invited to Wreath Laying in Dublin

It has emerged that the UDA's five Brigadiers and dozens of their henchmen have been invited to a wreath laying ceremony at Islandbridge in Dublin next Wednesday (May 18) as part of the Windsor visit

The socialist republican party éirígí have condemned the decision to invite unionist death squad leaders to a wreath laying ceremony in Dublin as part of the visit by the British Head of state Elizabeth Windsor. They also confirmed that in response they will be organising a protest when the ceremony takes place.

Chairperson of éirígí Brian Leeson was responding to revelations today that five Brigadiers and a couple of dozen henchmen from the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) have received special invites to the planned wreath laying ceremony at Islandbridge on Wednesday.

Mr Leeson said: “This is an outrageous decision. Those organising this entire visit are intent on heaping insult after insult on the people of this city and indeed the entire country.”

“These people are the leaders of the sectarian UDA/UFF death squads. They are responsible for the sustained and deliberate campaign of sectarian murders against nationalist civilians over decades throughout the six counties and indeed here in the twenty six counties also.”

“It is bad enough that they invite Windsor, the Commander in Chief of the British military who, in collusion with loyalist death squads were responsible for the Dublin/Monaghan bombings. Now they want to rub salt in the wounds of the victims families by inviting the loyalist death squads themselves as special guests to Dublin.”

Mr Leeson concluded: “In order to allow the people of Dublin and elsewhere the opportunity to show their disgust at the presence of these death squad leaders as special guests in our capital city, éirígí will now hold a protest at the Islandbridge ceremony on Wednesday.”

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author by jjpublication date Sat May 14, 2011 20:15author address author phone

seems there will be armed british soldiers on our streets next week

author by Democratpublication date Sat May 14, 2011 23:11author address author phone

So, let me get this straight. The UDA is a proscribed organisation and the English queen will be meeting them at the invitation of the Irish president Mary McAleese. Surely that raises constitutional issues? for both governments.

author by Amusedpublication date Sun May 15, 2011 13:46author address author phone

hER2self is meeting members of an illegal organization [UDA] and is refusing to meet some of her long-time propagandists.
Kevin Myarse is very upset at being snubbed. Also on the "keep away" list are Eoghan Harrass and Ruth Didley Edwards.

Link to Sunday "Independent" article

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author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun May 15, 2011 14:17author address author phone

Ill winds and silver linings.

So the flunkies polished their tiaras for nowt.

author by Nativepublication date Sun May 15, 2011 14:54author address author phone

Check out the photo that accompanies that article. A remote operated .50 calibre machine gun is to be deployed. What exactly are they expecting I wonder?

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun May 15, 2011 15:59author address author phone

part of yer ol' normalisation of militarism program to prepare us for the permanent lockdown in the pipeline. Contingency planning. The people are the contingency they could do without. If only they could import labour for the growth cycle, and deport us(as they have been able in previous generations) for those nasty downturns, as they can foreign cheap labour(note the collapse of Schengen, even as the old imperial powers create fresh refugees with their shiny new campaigns like Libya). I reckon they're keeping Lizzy and Obama sweet so the emigrant door retains paddy's traditional privelege(we're conveniently white and anglified for their taste).

Half the purpose of these visits is to draw us out of the woodwork for ID purposes. Its the early warning scan. They know they can scare most of the people because they wont subject their families to the shit that comes with opposition to diktat. Largely its going to be a matter of battening hatches and waiting for it to become obvious to a critical mass. We're a long way from that point yet, and if they prod enough into a wrong move and we prove incapable of policing and restraining ourselves, like good proles should, we'll have NATO boots on the ground(doubt they'd be thick enough to deploy brits direct)even before we're paid up members; which shouldn't be too long now that FG are in the saddle for the foreseeable. Think nineteen fifties poverty lapping at the gated wealth of the unfillable. Globalised economic apartheid, its the norm in the US for a long time. It can only intensify as the looters pursue their financial growth-god the turnip proves bloodless.

Thats why I'd advocate the demand be for democracy, rather than handing them a convenient red rag to wave at the gullible and scare-able. thats how the Egyptians wrong-footed the usual suspects, They like to bomb from the safe moral high ground of that particular brand themselves. Witness Libya as the rag-bag rebels challenge gadafi's 'dictatorship'. Dictators are only kosher if their OURS. Like those nice Saudis. Theres them royals again.

author by Tony - S2Spublication date Sun May 15, 2011 16:58author address author phone

I knew something good would come out of this. Myers is sickened and all is well with the world.

Three reasons why he wasn't chosen:

1. He's about as Irish as Barack Obama

2. He's got a plummier accent than the queen

3. He's the only person who can compete with prince phillip in comments that are puerille, mysoginistic, racist,

insensitive, unresearched and staggeringly stupid. So suck it up, Kevin. It's a measure of how significant you really are.

author by jpublication date Sun May 15, 2011 20:42author address author phone

any updates on attempted occupation of garden by eirigi today?????

author by Anti-Monarchistpublication date Sun May 15, 2011 22:20author address author phone

If anyone has any decent sources of what is happening in the streets - twitter feeds, blog updates, live webcams, it would be great if you could post them up for people who cant be there, but are 100% behind any protests against Elizabeth Windsor arriving into the country.

author by Anti-Monarchistpublication date Sun May 15, 2011 22:38author address author phone

Sounds from the reports on that it fizzled out fairly quickly. That is a real shame.

I hope that future marches, e.g. on Wednesday, meet up a good away from where they want to go, to get people's energy and enthusiasm up.
Meeting at Thomas St to march to Dame Street doesnt give the crowd any chance to get fired up.

People need to think about the psychology of marches, the feeling of unity with your fellow protestors, the collective sense of campaigning against a visible enemy against your cause.
Having a march that has a duration of ten minutes / 1000 metres is pretty pointless and demoralising, if you are going to walk into a wall of cops.
But a march of an hour, singing songs, letting off flares... that gets people excited, adrenalised...

author by mise eirepublication date Sun May 15, 2011 23:17author address author phone

I'm sure people will eventually put up more information. Don't rely on for info, it is controlled by Fine Gael types and many of the comments are just total abuse and disinformation.

author by nbpublication date Mon May 16, 2011 13:22author address author phone

I agree with anti-monarchist that people should think about how protests are organised-the elderly, disabled, people with kids should be safe from attack on protest marches-in greece and italy they take it seriously young lads that are better able to take the batons wear full protected gear and helmets and protect marchers from state violence -the heavy state security on these demos is bound to scare a lot of people off

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Thu May 19, 2011 16:08author address author phone

dont make me laugh

I was sneakin round the back last night and guess who I bumped into, bored out of her skull and takin a break from all the tinsel, glass of pomp in one hand and a pageantry sandwitch under her arm...

gimme a &^&**%£ing break
gimme a &^&**%£ing break

author by Al Slaterpublication date Sun May 22, 2011 16:42author address author phone


I am NOT blaming you at all, the people that were involved in those crimes know who they are and know their responsibility, but they should be condemned as forthrightly as the british and the loyalists (who I condemn for any crimes they committed).

Thats all I am saying, we cannot condemn the USA and the British and any other nation for crimes unless we can condemn people from our own nation who carried out acts against their own people, killings, bombings executions etc.

That is my point, republican terrorists have as much responsiblity as do others for what happened up there.

And let me state this right now NOT all republicans were terrorists there were and are people on this Island who hold republican ideals and desire a peaceful resolution to our problems.

And again I am NOT a royalist I just cannot see why a foregn head of state cannot visit this country without all the crap that has gone on about it.

To use your trench analogy, you have to come out of your trench to move forward, and if this visit moves us forward then away we go.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun May 22, 2011 17:05author address author phone

No problem. but I resent paying for her security when she's one of the richest leeches on the planet and symbolises a history of militarist conquest and theft, from here to China and back through India, Iraq and the sales of BAe's weapons systems to clients who keep their populations in poverty so she can enjoy her hereditary luxury. not very republican. If it was history I'd bury it, but as she mouths her mealy half-apology in Dublin her government are pursuing identical policies and war-crimes from Iraq to Libya, as are her corporate shareholders.

And no, republican terrorists are not as responsibile as everyone else. The prime reponsibility lay with the London government, and the secondary with Dublin, which neglected its duties to its passport-holding citizens in that corner, for its own cowardly 'peace'. same as we neglect the crimes of NATO&Co for our own comfort.
Actually its not neglect, we actively collaborate in the torture and renditions, and in the logistical support of their armies, due to moral and intellectual cowardice. And that one is ONGOING. Stop chewing the bones of 'toubles', before you resurrect the same boneheaded reaction the securicrats thrive on. Language can be as destructive as bullets, and your aim aint too good. The words of paisley killed many, and poured petrol all over the furnace, repeatedly, but we dont drag him into every regurgitation at every oppertunity. Wounds shouldn't be picked at, certainly not with instruments as blunt as your sloppy generalisations.And especially when lessons have been learned and progress initiated. Or do you think the Stormont of 1965 was democratic? If not, tell me the difference betwen the 'rebels' in Benghazi and the IRA? Selectivity, al??

author by Al_Qaeidapublication date Sun May 22, 2011 21:37author address author phone

"the people that were involved in those crimes know who they are and know their responsibility, but they should be condemned as forthrightly as the british and the loyalists (who I condemn for any crimes they committed)."

the colonised should apologise for how they fought back against the coloniser, just as forthrightly as the coloniser should apologise for causing the whole problem by deciding to serve their own interests by colonising.

and the rape victim should be condemned for scratching the face of the rapist just as forthrightly as the rapist is condemned for raping them.
And in al's world, the rape victim should probably apologise first for doing the scratching.

hope they don't let you near any women with that line of twisted logic Al!!

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