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Report from the annual Good Friday walk

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Shell to Sea!

The annual Good Friday walk went ahead yesterday despite the heavy rain. About 83 people walked the length of Shell's 9km proposed raw gas pipeline. The walk is a symbolic act to push Shell out of this beautiful area.
Outside the Shell compound in Aughoose
Outside the Shell compound in Aughoose

Despite over a decade of resistance to Shell, the community and campaign here in Erris is still going strong and people are determined to protect their families and land. The crosses of the 9 Ogoni people hung by the Nigerian Government and Shell in 1995 led the walk and were laid at the gates the Shell compound in Aughoose and the proposed compound in Glengad. The 'Justice' sign in the field over in Rossport, which has been maintained so well over the years, stood out clearly over the estuary. Let's hope people wake up and stop this project before it's too late.

Refreshments were waiting in Glengad and it was a great chance to catch up with supporters from across the country. The Aughoose compound is where Shell plan to start the tunnel from, heading up the estuary and ending at Glengad, where the dangerous Land Value Installation would be situated if Shell get their way. However now is a great chance to stop them!

Next weekend is the Rossport Solidarity Camp Mayday gathering (Sat 30 April - Mon 2nd May) just opposite the Aughoose compound. It will be a great chance to get involved in the campaign and find out the latest information. The weekend will be packed with workshops, talks, training and protests. There is a camping field and food will be provided, donations welcome. We hope you can join us!
The full programme for the Mayday gathering and travel info is up on

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Remembering the 9 Ogoni people hung for protesting against Shell in the Niger Delta in 1995
Remembering the 9 Ogoni people hung for protesting against Shell in the Niger Delta in 1995

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