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Knowledge Exchange: Free Public Lecture - Hacktivism

category dublin | education | press release author Tuesday March 22, 2011 10:31author by Knowledge Exchangeauthor email info at knowledgeexchange dot ie

Knowledge is an open collective group that aims to bring education and learning to everyone. The first lecture of our 2011 season will be this Sunday the 27th of March at 1 pm in the Exchange, Temple Bar. The topic will be ' An in-depth course on practical technological activism'.

Knowledge is an open collective group that aims to bring education and learning to everyone. Our public spaces, parks, streets corners - in fact anywhere we can gather - should be places where we share everything we know with each other. In theory, anyone can use Wikipedia or the Public Libraries to design and follow their own curriculum BUT not everyone has the time or opportunity to do that. The more complex and abstract a field becomes, the more difficult it is to navigate and to find different perspectives on the same subject.

To help breakthrough these obstacles and open learning to everyone Knowledge proposes to run seasons of free public lectures. These short courses will be presented by lecturers who are already well versed in the given area. There are no barriers to taking part and the lectures will be free form, shaped as much by those who come as by the those giving them.

The first lecture will be on the topic of Hacktivism:

"In recent months, technology based protests have captured media attention becoming seen as a key element of 21st century political movements. This is, however, arguably the cumulation of decades of such action - sometimes known as "hacktivism". This lecture series will examine the history, practice and future of hacktivism."

The speaker will be Hugh Nowlan a technologist, anarchist and gardener.

All our lectures are free and there are no barriers to taking part. If you would like more information or would like to participate in the summer season of lectures please contact info (at)



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