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NUI Seanad Candidates' Include Secret FFers, FGers, et al

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Party Loyalty Unmasked - Be Aware of FF con-job before voting

FF, FG, Labour, ex-PDs, and other shades of establishement opinion are putting themselves forward as 'independents' in the upcoming election to Seanad Éireann. The mask of 'disability campaigner' or 'human rights advocate' is unfortunately the last refuge of some of them. This is most obvious on the university constituencies. Here I have outlined the party loyalties of some of them.

It's important that those few who do have a vote in these elections don't get conned into casting a vote for a party they do not support. Ballots are posted to registered graduates on 21 March and must be returned by 27 April.

Here are the canddiates for the National University of Ireland constituency:
CANNING, Thomas Paul Gabriel, Civil Engineer
COWLEY, Matthias Walter, Teacher
COYLE, James, Chartered Accountant
CROWN, John, Consultant Doctor
DOORLEY, James, Deputy CEO
HEALY, Paddy, Former President, Teachers Union of Ireland
KELLEHER, Declan, Principal Teacher
KENNEDY, John Paul Alexander, Software Engineer
KEOGH, Helen, Chief Executive World Vision Ireland, Chairperson of Dóchas
LANGAN, Mick, Tourism Promoter, Guide and Photographer
LYNAM, Paul, Higher Education Representative
MCCURTIN, David Thomas , Primary School Teacher
MOLLOY, Michael Sean “Mick”, Medical Doctor
MOONEY, Peter, Freelance Radio Producer
MULLEN, Rónán, Senator and Lecturer
Ó BROIN, Eoin, Policy Analyst
O BROLCHÁIN, Niall, Senator
Ó CADHLA, Diarmaid Seán, Fear Gnó
O’CONNELL, Donncha, Lecturer
O’CONNOR, Regina Mary, Political and Legal Advisor, European Parliament
O’DONNELL, Francis Martin, Diplomat, Retired UN Representative
O’DONOGHUE, James, Scientist
O’SHEA FARREN, Linda, Solicitor, Disability Rights Advocate and Member-Nominated Independent Director of EBS
O’SULLIVAN, Bernadine, Teacher and Pensions Campaigner
PRICE, Brendan Mary, Biologist, Director, Irish Seal Sanctuary
QUINN, Feargal, Senator
SULLIVAN, Daniel Kevin, Software Professional

Here are the fruits of my research into their party backgrounds. If you find out more please add a comment:

Fianna Fáil:
Paul Lynam (Former FF SU officer in UCD)
Regina O'Connor (member of FF staff in European parliament)

Fine Gael:
John Kennedy (couldn't secure FG nomination to Dáil election in Dublin South)
Daniel Sullivan
Helen Keogh (former PD and FG senator)

James Doorley

Sinn Féin:
Eoin Ó Broin

Green Party:
Niall Ó Brolacháin (outgoing Senator from FF/Green govt)

United Left Alliance:
Paddy Healy (former TUI president)

member of "People's Convention" party:
Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

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