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Free Speech Under Attack

category national | anti-capitalism | press release author Tuesday January 25, 2011 21:07author by REPSOL 11

Defend Free Speech- Fight PSNI and Unionist intimidation
QUB Republican Congress has been prevented by Unionists and their supporters from being registered as a full society despite having fulfilled all the SU requirements. As a result the society is being prevented from holding meetings on SU or college property. Having had three successful public meetings before Christmas in private venues with three hundred in attendance the society has planned a full list of meetings/protests for the coming term. However PSNI/RUC intimidation has resulted in access to these private venues also being denied to the society. However 'The Republican Congress' is determined to push ahead and plans to hold the first two meetings as open air events in front of QUB Students Union.

Defend Free Speech and attend these meetings.


The IMF Loans- An attack on Ireland’s Independence
Date- Wednesday 2nd February
Assemble outside Queens Students Union
Time- 7pm
Andy Storey- UCD Lecturer
Patricia Campbell- National Chairperson of Independent Workers Union
Stewart Reddin- éirígí
Shell to Sea
Speakers- Maura Harrington and member of Rossport Solidarity Camp
Time- 7pm
Date- Wednesday 9th February
Assemble outside Queens Students Union

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