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Thursday January 01 1970

Rally for Wikileaks - Dublin 18/12/2010

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Join us and spread the word.

Join us and spread the word.


Dublin: Saturday, December 18, 11:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland
Directions: Outside the main gates.
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"Legal experts say WikiLeaks has likely broken no laws. Yet top US politicians have called it a terrorist group and commentators have urged assassination of its staff."

"The massive extra-judicial intimidation of WikiLeaks is an attack on democracy. We urgently need a public outcry for freedom of the press and expression."

Our statement is such that we shall not stand for this hypocrisy. It is unacceptable that in a free society, those that endeavor to shine a harsh light on the deplorable actions made supposedly in our public interest, fear retribution and incrimination.

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