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Protest Against the Bank Bailout - General Election Now

category dublin | anti-capitalism | event notice author Monday November 22, 2010 10:28author by Star Truck

1PM Kildare Street Dublin

Protest against bank bailout. Government Buildings, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. 1PM. November 22nd.

Protest against this economic treason has been stamped out by Garda violence. Last night a government car ran over a protester. Protest against the government running over the people.

Many people are concerned that the Irish government (the Green party and Fianna Fail) have given up Irish sovereignty to take money from the EU and IMF. This money is not to stop cuts in services like schools and hospitals. It is purely to bail out the banks, and make sure their British bondholders are paid back.

Protest at Leinster House today at 1PM.

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author by Dpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:19author address author phone

Government Buildings, Merrion Street or Dáil Éireann, Kildare Street?

author by anonymouspublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:37author address author phone

Bank bailout is followed up by IMF loan... protest agains that too as the bank was only the key to open the door and the IMF are the robbers.
Ireland will not be degraded to a thrird world country!

author by BBCpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 15:39author address author phone

Here is a BBC video of the protest at lunchtime today

Caption: BBC video of Garda assaulting protesters today

author by the big mpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 15:53author address author phone

Little giggle and straight to the football.

author by Gerpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 15:58author address author phone

The Gardai , (the B.B.C. Video says it all .)
They are still licking their way to promotion , typical Hard Men (sic)

author by The Wests Awake?publication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 16:27author address author phone

Aongus O`Snodaigh was amongst those who broke through the Dails perimeter, some cop violence, people are expressing their anger

RTÉ.ie Extra Video: Protest at Government Buildings (Warning: contains strong language)

Protestors break through Leinster House security

A number of people taking part in a Sinn Féin protest have managed to break through the security cordon at the gates of Government buildings.

Up to 50 of those taking part in the demonstration today managed to get through the main gates where they remained for a couple of minutes.

Gardaí managed to push back the crowd and they have now rejoined the protest at Merrion Square.

author by RTE watcherpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 16:30author address author phone

author by V for vendettapublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 17:48author address author phone

Its not a bailout. They are repeating and repeating that word to con the Irish people.

Its a LOAN with INTEREST due which the irish people will have to pay back, and conditions attached as per usual with the IMF. Most of the money we borrow will be paid straight to German banks so we won't even see it. But we have to pay it back all the same.

FF in collusion with their shady bank advisers gave a bank guarantee under dubious circumstances which I suspect benefitted both parties. I can imagine the conversation went something like this:

"Hey brian, ve stand to lose x billion if ze bank collapses.Accordingly, ve will deposit x / 4 billion in ze swiss bank account if you can somehow indemnify the bank and force ze taxpayers to pay. Ve get our money, you get looked after. Sweet!. And fuck the serfs eh brian? heh heh."

Get real people. This is how the world works. They play the ignorant card top disarm us but these people aren't stupid when it comes to feathering their own nests. You don't see these politicians, bankers or bondholders losing their homes. Just us dumb serfs.

Ganley was tweeting about all this.
He said it was not a bailout. It was more like "bond aid" and there should be a song to match. It should be titled "bleed the world"

Ganley was right on Lisbon. Now that is coming home to roost. We are expendable when it comes to core european interests. These people are only fairweather friends. They don't really care about our welfare at all. The stability of the german and french banks are all that matter. We need to understand this. As for cameron. well we know what he is concerned about. converting the British banks exposure into a long term loan to be paid off complete with interest by the poor serfs in Ireland. Cynical self serving bastards all. So why should we be honourable. We should do what is best for our own citizens not foreign banks.

author by V for vendettapublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 19:04author address author phone

green party think we should have an election. But only after they do a deal with the IMF and pass the 4 year budget complete with legislation.

My question is: what's the point in having an election AFTER all the important decisions have been cast in stone?

Another scam.

General election NOW!!!

author by "Cowen, Cowen, Cowen. Out, out, out!"publication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 21:37author address author phone

Protest in Government Building grounds

A group of demonstrators protesting against the Government's handling of the economic crisis forced its way into a security area at Government Buildings in Dublin today.

Some 50 people including Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh, protested outside Government Buildings on Merrion Street at lunchtime, shouting: "Cowen, Cowen, Cowen. Out, out, out!"

BBC News footage showed the Dublin South Central TD caught up in scuffles between the demonstrators and gardaí...

vid - Guardian / Reuters - Sinn Féin protest outside government buildings - IMF cuts

Vid from last night - Ógra Shinn Féin member hit by Ministerial car - Vincent Browne

Sinn Féin protest outside government buildings
Sinn Féin protest outside government buildings

Gardai push protesters, including Sinn Fein TD Aengus O Snodaigh (right), back after they pushed through the gates of Government Buildings
Gardai push protesters, including Sinn Fein TD Aengus O Snodaigh (right), back after they pushed through the gates of Government Buildings

Caption: Sinn Féin protest outside government buildings - IMF cuts

Caption: Ógra Shinn Féin member hit by Ministerial car - Vincent Browne

author by francis hughespublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 21:55author address author phone

In light of a childish and thretening behaviour outside the Dail today by a so-called satirist it is time to reflect the lack of actual political intelligent humourous satire at the moment. I am saying this on the back drop of being approached by a guy who I believe is called Dave Mc Savage who turned up at the end of the protest today, not to highlight the jokers inside but to basically take the piss out of 'protester types', whom in this instance he believed to be of republican stock. Well he was met with a few articulate people who enjoy a bit of craic at protests and when questioned on his links with Fianna Fail and the nepotism of RTE and a few other slags he became furious and shouted at one of the group, storming off refereing to him as a stupid little Irish man.
In light of this and the bad coverage of RTE in general at recent protests I think we need to highlight their agenda more! RANT over. Hope this starts a debate on the issue.
Go raibh maith agaibh.

author by hahapublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 22:21author address author phone

Democracy - the most corruption for the least bribery

here are the People that Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen are really working for
here are the People that Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen are really working for

author by ROFLMAOpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 22:29author address author phone

The companies Goldman Sachs and Rothschild are paid by the Irish government to advise on the bank bailout etc - now we discover both companies are also bondholders in Anglo Irish Bank. So, we have the bondholders also acting as advisors to the State on how to deal with the bondholders and the bank bailouts. Anyone else notice anything wrong with that?

author by Pan Opticonpublication date Mon Nov 22, 2010 22:56author address author phone

This is what you have to do when the come to takeover your house - the IMF are trying to takeover our house - Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen are trying to give them the keys

Caption: Join hands - WE are MANY - they are but few

author by Asho - Myselfpublication date Sun Jan 15, 2012 23:20author address author phone

Look people I am not an intellect nor claim to be but I am fed up of the running of this country and its consequences as a result. Enda Kenny & co. are just stalling time to await their generous pensions. Can we not do more? We are taking this lying down, we need to to be more proactive like the French! The Government does not even pause to think about us little people!!!! If we accept this we will endure this penalty for a very long time.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:55author address author phone

lay down while the tiger danced...we've been waiting for the eye-opening collapse..use the interim to educate yourself and build contacts.

Its going to take still more time. The Native Americans used to say you should be planing for 7 generations ahead. We need more of their perspective. Read up on them while you're waiting. You may even have time to read our commentators from the nineteenth century. Davitt springs to mind.

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