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Thursday January 01 1970

Protest at Shell HQ, Leeson St, Dublin

category dublin | environment | event notice author Wednesday July 28, 2010 21:59author by Damien M

Protest at the 100th day of Niall Harnett's imprisonment. Dublin Shell to Sea have called a picket of Shell HQ to mark the 100th Day of Niall's imprisonment. Many of you who have been involved in Shell to Sea over the years, or who have visted the camp, will know Niall. Please try and attend to show your support.
Stop jailing Shell to Sea activists at the behest of Shell.
Stop jailing Shell to Sea activists at the behest of Shell.

Please support the campaign by attending Thursdays picket, contact
your local TD, write letters to the national and local newspapers, write to Niall, check or for further
information or phone: 086 736 2417

Send letters of support to Niall Harnett, c/o Castlerea
Prison, Harristown Co. RoscommonSee more

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