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Welcome Home Pat O`Donnell

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Wednesday July 21, 2010 20:44author by Madam Kauthor email madamkvideo at gmail dot com

Pat the Chief O`Donnell returns home

After serving five months and one week for opposing Shell Pat O`Donnell arrives back home in Erris to a Hero`s welcome

After serving five months and one week for opposing Shell Pat O`Donnell arrives back home in Erris to a Hero`s welcome while the real criminals walk the streets.
Renegotiate the Corrib gas project terms now.

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Caption: Welcome Home Pat O`Donnell

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author by Podgepublication date Wed Jul 21, 2010 22:34author address author phone

Madam K, another fine piece of work.
Irelands eyes need to open, the fat rats need to be overthrown, the time is now.
We cannot stand by and allow our children to suffer a catastophic disaster like that which occured in the Gulf of Mexico this year.
Shell, Statoil and our vulture like politicians must be stopped at all costs.
Please view the Beat the Boreholes Campaign and take action at:

author by Sceptic . - None whatsoeverpublication date Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:50author address author phone

Welcome home to The Chief Pat O'Donnell ...

Very interesting indeed , the man is 100% correct in what he is saying .
Where is the back up of politicians when we need them in a case like this one ,
These protesters against Shell are laying their lives on the line and it seems to me that
not many of our population are taking a blind bit of notice let alone the politicians who
are by the way working for us , what about the gardai who are being 'ferried in from all
over Ireland' to bully the protesters on behalf of Shell, aided & abeted by our employees
the politicians , wheres Endatheroad Kenny who promises an end to corruption at every
level of society , more than likely he is on holiday with his family while the rest couldn't
care less . the lady got it in one on the video when she said ''why are the gardai always
protecting the corrupt ' ,or words to that effect .

Begin the Begin , start protesting on behalf of the brave people such as The Chief &
his family of protesters , this is ridiculous carry on & in our own back yard , at that !!!!

Or have we lost the will to support others who are going through Hell simply to make
their point which really , in effect is affecting us all , one way or another .

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sat Jul 24, 2010 13:11author address author phone the way working for us'.Dont think so.Getting PAID by us.Working for Shell and their fellow shareholders.We get the security bills.They get the security.From the people.

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