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Urgent: Job Vacancy

category dublin | education | press release author Monday July 12, 2010 17:52author by LASC - Latin America Solidarity Centre

Position: Volunteers & Membership Officer

Community Employment Post based in the

Applicants must be in receipt of state benefit for 52 weeks or longer

Volunteers & Membership Officer
The Volunteer and Membership Development Officer facilitates the relationships
between members and volunteers and those managing and working in the Centre.
An interest in solidarity issues an advantage

Sole Responsibilities:
• Research, update, collate, develop and communicate (to staff and volunteers) volunteer policy and procedures.
• Identifying areas of possible volunteer recruitment and volunteering opportunities within LASC.
• Preparing and updating volunteers and members’ introduction / information pack.
• Recruit, screen, select, induct, match, place and support volunteers. Areas where volunteers are typically needed in LASC: Fundraising, Development education and Solidarity events, LASC’s stall, administration and publicity jobs (leaflet distribution, mailings…), Research, translating and interpreting, editorial tasks, etc.
• Drafting volunteer job descriptions for long term volunteers or volunteers in charge of a project. This will be done jointly with the relevant staff member who is working with the volunteer.
• Manage volunteers at events (draft rosters, brief them, pay them expenses, etc).
• Obtaining volunteer feedback – volunteer appraisals.
• Maintaining relevant databases for members and volunteers such as:
• Active / former volunteers and members
• Attendance at / completed training
• Jobs carried out and roles taken on by specific volunteers / members
• Prepare reports and updates as appropriate.
• Attend appropriate training as required regarding best practice in working with volunteers and other skill development training.
• Liaise and network with other organisations working in the area of voluntary work.
• Communication with LASC’s membership:
o Create and manage members’ and volunteers email group.
o Ensuring letters are sent in reminding people to subscribe. They should be sent in October (pre-AGM) and in March (pre-LAW)
o Ensuring members are informed of LASC’s upcoming events by subscribing them to email bulletin and by sending them emails with publicity for specific events
• Organising Annual General Meeting each November
o Collecting and collating nominations to Executive Committee
o Ensuring members receive Financial Report, Annual Report and AGM notification and committee nominations 3 weeks before AGM, and other such communications as deemed necessary.
o Booking venue and organising logistics
o Recruiting volunteers for AGM (for note taking, facilitating, manning the stall, etc)
• Liaising with editorial committee to ensure membership’s newsletter Chaski is published 3 times a year. It is the responsibility of the Membership Officer to lead and remind the committee of the deadlines and to send Chaski to members in good time.
• Membership management. Work with committee member in charge of membership to explore options for involving, motivating and recruiting members. Getting feedback on membership involvement / communication with members.
• Organising Members and Volunteers’ Open Night twice per year in LASC’s office.

Send your CV and letter of motivation to:
Sandra McCarney,
City Centre Voluntary Groups Ltd.,
Office 16,
29/30 Dame St., Dublin 2
Telephone: 01 6772308 Fax: 01 6772312

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Keep trying send email with CV but keeps coming back failed to send.

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