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Galway’s Fianna Fail Mayor Stalked at Anti-Cuts Demo Today

category galway | anti-capitalism | news report author Wednesday July 07, 2010 18:17author by Crowe Stalker

Cute hoor politicians will stop at nothing to get their voices on the airwaves or their pictures in the paper. So on Monday, Galway’s newest mayor, local auctioneer Michael Crowe of Fianna Fail, felt no embarrassment in telling Galway Bay FM that he intended to be at the forefront of the anti-cuts demonstration today in the city.

We all know the expression “shoot the crow”, but a new expression entered the political vocabulary when a lone protestor decided to “stalk the crowe”. Holding up high for all to see a placard that read: “F.F. ATTACK THE WEAK & BAIL OUT THE RICH”.

If Mayor Michael Crowe’s brass neck wasn’t blushing on Monday when he announced his support for the anti-cuts protest, it was today. And even the intervention of his brother, Cllr Ollie Crowe, could not keep the protesting stalker away from his beleaguered brother.

But just imagine it: a Fianna Fail councillor objected to an anti-cuts protestor protesting at an anti-cuts protest. In fact, one of the main organisers of today’s protest in Galway told Cllr Ollie Crowe not to be bothering the placard carrying protestor. And so from Galway’s Cathedral up to the HSE’s Shantalla HQ, the mayor of Galway was being hailed a hypocrite by the bould stalker!

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author by Crow Stalkerpublication date Wed Jul 07, 2010 18:47author address author phone

Pictures from protest

Mayor Crowe, in brown suit and chain - behind d stalker
Mayor Crowe, in brown suit and chain - behind d stalker


author by Con Carrollpublication date Wed Jul 07, 2010 23:10author address author phone

the reality of todays protest is depressing, which affects the lives of people with disabilities and their families, remember June 23. Mansion house, Cowan with IBEC 13,000 euro a dinner, wait until we see what the brainstormers of coalition have lined us up for in the next budget 2010. those of us who campaigned and voted no to oppose Lisbon. the bail outs to executives of the Financial institutions. our words are coming to bear witness.
while Dermot Desmond seannie stiff fingers property developers must be laughing. 452,000 882 people out of employment.
the Staggs in the parks must be smiling. then we have a few selected political appointess as directors of bodies of people with disabilites, political connected to Fine Gael have we forgotten that Labours member of the Dail, Liz Mc Manus husband. is one of the well payed medical personal coming from the medical card
who else are they going to political target. they have gone for youth, single people under 25. single parents, children allowance, threaths against people signing on investigations into SIPTU health department. people who are asylum seekers. read Emergency, book by Moore. into the analysis of privitization of health care
WAKE UP street action class political analysis action.

author by MickNedpublication date Thu Jul 08, 2010 13:03author address author phone

The man is lonely

Perhaps people should keep him company more often?

He is Lord Mayor after all, such people have lots of public appointments.

Lets keep him company there too.

Brass neck of the week award.
Brass neck of the week award.

author by Crowe Stalkerpublication date Thu Jul 08, 2010 14:46author address author phone

We were just saying the same thing. his face is never out of the paper since his "elevation" to Galway's first citizen. we should start a round-the-clock campaign to attend all the various functions he presides over.

author by Fred Johnstonpublication date Thu Jul 08, 2010 18:11author address author phone

You always expect as if you expect some different sort of behaviour.

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