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Scuppering a Needed Plan

category meath | environment | opinion/analysis author Monday June 14, 2010 11:41author by Farrelly57 - Private

Tara/Skryne Landscape Plan

The proposed Tara/Skryne Landscape Conservation plan is an attempt to protect and preserve an old and sacred area but it may be scuppered by a small cabal of politicians who are again spreading scare storied and lies to keep the area open for all and any developement.

The proposed Tara/Skryne Landscape Conservation plan is an attempt to protect, preserve and develop a new framework for the area, in consultation with the local community. It wishes not to deny or prevent development but rather to manage it in a way which will protect this landscape, perhaps the oldest and most important we have from a view of mythology, heritage and history.
This landscape is internationally known and held to be an area of deep interest and value to all humanity. It still contains a rich tapestry of wells, raths, woods, burial places, streams and of course the Hill of Tara at its centre.
It is still green mostly and if protected and properly managed could prove the basis for a local and rewarding tourist, heritage and eco economy, sustainable and right.
For once and after many sad mistakes the Tara area was looking in the right direction.
However and despite running a road; the M3 through its centre, local politicians are now engaged in scare mongering in an attempt to scupper the above plan and thus leave what remains of the valley without regulation or protection.
Their blinkered development led ideology sees the Hill of Tara alone as having protection and merit and leaves the rest of the landscape open for business, something which will in time destroy it, its past and its future possibilities.
We all know the consequences of this, we all pay through our teeth now for the results of this and so we ask you to highlight and face down the newly formed mob; led as usual by Fianna Fail's Killian, Reilly et al.
A royal county should have at its centre protection and care, if not it will end where it is being driven; in a royal mess.

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