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Press Release: Friends of Palestine Belfast

category international | anti-war / imperialism | press release author Thursday June 03, 2010 16:33author by Gerard - CWC

The Gaza Aid massacre rally is in direct response to the Israeli naval forces deplorable and murderous attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla which was carrying 700 aid workers from 40 countries of which 37 UK and 8 Irish Nationals were attacked by Israeli commando's, leaving 10 dead possibly more and many injured.

The Rally will start at 4pm on Saturday the 5th of June outside Belfast City Hall and will include speeches from Bernadette Mc Alisky and John Hurson (Viva Palestina) who has been on two previous convoys to Gaza.
Gaza Aid massacre Rally
Gaza Aid massacre Rally

The aim of the flotilla was a peace mission to highlight the continuing plight of those in Gaza and to seek the removal of the military blockade which affects every aspect of life in Gaza. It is even preventing students from having basic school supplies. What possible justification can there be for blocking school supplies, which effectively deprives children of their right to an education.
One of the speakers for Saturdays rally Bernadette Mc Calisky Commented,
“The root cause of conflict in the Middle East is the very nature of the state of Israel. It is a fascist state. It is an international bully, which exists not to protect the rights of the Jewish people but to perpetuate a belief of Zionist supremacy. It debases the victims of the holocaust by its own strategy of for extermination of Palestine and Palestinians and has become the image and likeness of its own worst enemy, the third reich.
Anyone challenging their position, their crazed self-image is entitled, in the fascist construction of their thinking, to be wiped out.
Every humanitarian becomes a terrorist? How long is the reality of the danger Israel poses to world peace going to be denied by the Western powers that created this monster?”

Save the Children of Palestine and Friends of Palestine Belfast hopes that you other groups will join with us on Saturday the 5th of June at Belfast City Hall and make the following demands.

1. Lifting of the military blockade around the Gaza Strip.
2. Safe passage for the Rachael Corrie as it attempts to deliver much needed humanitarian aid to Gaza.
3. Diplomatic action for the UK, Irish and EU governments not limited to the expulsion of ambassadors and the imposition of sanctions.
4. End EU trade agreements and boycotting all Israeli Goods.

Date and Time: Saturday the 5th of June at 4pm.

Location: Belfast City Hall.

Speakers: John Hurson (Viva Palestina)
Bernadette Mc Aliskey

The Rally is being organized by Save the Children Palestine and Friends of Palestine Belfast.

If you would like more information please call

Save the Children Palestine on +44(0)79 2306 7538
Or email

You can also join the Facebook group save the children palestine

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Irish on Rachel Corrie ship ‘nervous and scared’ as they near Gaza coast

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“We don't want to be heroes or martyrs, but we have to keep going ahead,” Jenny Graham from Ballina, Co Mayo, said.

“We are nervous. We are scared. We are regular people. We don't want to be heroes or martyrs, but we have to keep going,” Ms Graham said.

“People are anxious but we are not turning back unless we really, really have to.”

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