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Ramallah Protest Against Massacre of Human Rights Activists in Gaza Freedom Flotilla

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Monday May 31, 2010 22:54author by TD - Free Palestine Campaign

A Damascene volte-face to "international community" complicity

The West Bank city of Ramallah hosted an angry protest today against Israel's latest atrocity; the massacre of twenty international human rights activists on the Freedom Flotilla on a voyage of mercy to besieged Gaza.

Attendees, Corkman Dr. Michael Gerard and Shawan Jabarin; Director General of the independent Palestinian human rights organization, Al-Haq, stressed the point that the so called "international community" provides immunity and impunity to Israel in its never ending and escalating crimes through its silence and inaction and the butchery will deepen and continue until there is a Damascene volte-face to the present complicity.?

Manara Sq
Manara Sq




Caption: Ramallah Protest Against Massacre of Human Rights Activists in Gaza Aid Flotilla

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