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Thursday January 01 1970

Hunger Strike for Criminal Investigation

category international | crime and justice | event notice author Saturday May 15, 2010 08:36author by Vincent

Hunger strike outside the gates of hell in Ireland

Continuing our relentless persuence of these perpetrators of abuse, a hunger strike will be placed at the gates of those responsible for the dehumanisation and abuse of children in Ireland.

Since the release of the Ryan and Murphy report last year there have been no investigations or arrests, all but one. A man was arrested outside of Dáil Eíreann last May 09 as he made a protest at the gates of the Dáil single handedly. That has been the only arrest. Minister for Law reform and Equality Dermot Ahearn said publicly “We continue to pursue relentlessly the perpetrators of abuse, to bring them to justice, the justice they deserve". It would seem more obvious that abusers freedom is more important than actually bringing them to court to face their crimes against children over the last 80 years.

The Catholic Church as defendants, are allowed the freedom to interfere with the process of law in bringing them to the courts; turning cases around against plaintiffs to make them defendants. Delaying many cases as long as 10 years. Plaintiffs who have suffered at the hands of the church are now being re-abused by the court system in allowing the defendants to turn around their cases in the most deceitful and cunning way.

Religious Abuse Truth has been calling for a full criminal investigation since early January and is collecting signatures to help bring this about.

We can no longer forget the fact that no criminal investigation is under way to prosecute these criminals.

A member from Religious Truth Abuse will start a hunger strike outside the Bishops residence in Drumcondra, Dublin on Monday 17th of May to high light the lack of investigation by the Gardái and Government.

You can sign our petition at the GPO on any Saturday at the stand. You can also support by coming to Drumcondra to sign the petition from Monday 17th.

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