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Thursday January 01 1970

Hunger Strike for Criminal Investigation

category international | crime and justice | event notice author Saturday May 15, 2010 08:36author by Vincent

Hunger strike outside the gates of hell in Ireland

Continuing our relentless persuence of these perpetrators of abuse, a hunger strike will be placed at the gates of those responsible for the dehumanisation and abuse of children in Ireland.

Since the release of the Ryan and Murphy report last year there have been no investigations or arrests, all but one. A man was arrested outside of Dáil Eíreann last May 09 as he made a protest at the gates of the Dáil single handedly. That has been the only arrest. Minister for Law reform and Equality Dermot Ahearn said publicly “We continue to pursue relentlessly the perpetrators of abuse, to bring them to justice, the justice they deserve". It would seem more obvious that abusers freedom is more important than actually bringing them to court to face their crimes against children over the last 80 years.

The Catholic Church as defendants, are allowed the freedom to interfere with the process of law in bringing them to the courts; turning cases around against plaintiffs to make them defendants. Delaying many cases as long as 10 years. Plaintiffs who have suffered at the hands of the church are now being re-abused by the court system in allowing the defendants to turn around their cases in the most deceitful and cunning way.

Religious Abuse Truth has been calling for a full criminal investigation since early January and is collecting signatures to help bring this about.

We can no longer forget the fact that no criminal investigation is under way to prosecute these criminals.

A member from Religious Truth Abuse will start a hunger strike outside the Bishops residence in Drumcondra, Dublin on Monday 17th of May to high light the lack of investigation by the Gardái and Government.

You can sign our petition at the GPO on any Saturday at the stand. You can also support by coming to Drumcondra to sign the petition from Monday 17th.

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author by bernadette cook - manchester survivors group publication date Mon May 17, 2010 22:26author address author phone

hi good luck to john on his mission for justice could anyone do an on line petition for us here in the uk alot of support from survivors here who also agree we will sign it and get as many a signatures a possiable just an idea ?

author by Jacqueline Fallonpublication date Mon May 17, 2010 22:45author address author phone

The Bishops and, in particular, Cardinal Brady, should go on hunger strike - not innocent people who have done nothing wrong,

I would suggest people walk out of Roman Catholic churches all around Ireland in protest at Cardinal Brady's refusal to resign given his role in 'Fr' Brendan Smith (a.k.a. as the "Paedophile") case.

The Irish Roman Catholic Church is dead and on its way out and I am not sorry.

author by kevinpublication date Thu May 20, 2010 08:50author address author phone

thanks bernie we do have form for a one if you like can send you some if you contact us at religiousabousetruth@gmail. dot com thanks for your support its been amazing we have brought our protests to there and will continune to do so justice for the abused and a criminal investiton

author by Portiapublication date Thu May 20, 2010 10:25author address author phone

I only heard of your hunger strike from Press- South America- who are doing documentary in Ireland re abuse.Of course our servants in the Dail and the HSE have been finding excuses not to give interviews.

author by sflspublication date Thu May 20, 2010 10:38author address author phone

Good luck. It is a scandal that none of the abusers are in jail!

author by Vincentpublication date Sat May 22, 2010 00:30author address author phone

A hunger stike protest started outside of the Archbishops residence on Monday at 7 am. The response has grown every day since. The anniversary really hit it home to those who pass the Archbishops residence. Baby shoes are now hanging on the ralings on the approached to the Archbishops house. The shoes are proving to be hard hitting to the public. The hunger strike is now entering its 6th day and the show of support is tremendous. It relly is hitting home.
Kevin Flanagan will be joining John Ayres on the hunger strike. We are calling for a full International independent criminal investigation into the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. We will also be asking that the 306 million euros be handed over to the Magdeline Laundry and recognition of their incarceration, instead of being handed over to the survivor groups.
We will also be calling for all abuse victims to be allowed to go straight to the courts instead of the kango courts set up by the government.
For too ong now the survivors have always been treated as the defendents rather than the plaintiffs.

The hunger strike will go on indefinitely untill our demands are met.

Kevin Flanagan and John Ayres at the hunger strike protest
Kevin Flanagan and John Ayres at the hunger strike protest

Approaching teh Archbishops residence
Approaching teh Archbishops residence

No right turn for the church
No right turn for the church

Stark reminder of the devastation caused by the church
Stark reminder of the devastation caused by the church

Baby shoes line the railings
Baby shoes line the railings

author by Vincentpublication date Mon May 24, 2010 12:47author address author phone

Monday 24th see's the starts the second week of hunger strike. The response from the public is fantastic. More and more people are coming to see the shoes that line the raiings along side the Archbishops residence. The baby shoes are hitting home the true nature of what has hwppened inour country. The media are slow to respond as usual, but some press have been down to interview.

We are asking everyone to write or email politicains and the Archbishops residence about their concerns for the hunger strikers. Please help by putting pressure on the government.

Kevin starts his hunger strike
Kevin starts his hunger strike

author by joe the greengrocerpublication date Mon May 24, 2010 13:59author address author phone

I got a message from the archbishop over the weekend . He told me to tell Kevin Flanagan and John Ayres that the shoes were obstructing his view as he drove out of the Palace last Thursday and that he was very annoyed about it.

By the way . I've heard that there is a contest for an original song written to go with the youtube video of Kevin taken outside the pro-cathederal last Christmas. A hundred euro in prize money to be won. Any further details on this would be appreciated .

author by joe the greengrocerpublication date Tue May 25, 2010 17:26author address author phone

I hope everything is going well on the protest . It's a very impressive sight coming along the Drumcondra Road . Very sad though that John and Kevin should still have to be insisting on criminal prosecutions this long after the publication of the Ryan report.

I've just read that the Justice for Magdalenes group has called on the government to acknowledge State complicity in remanding women and children to work in slave-like conditions at the infamous Magdalene Laundries. The group makes the point that very few former Magdeleiners are computer literate . They urge people who can to make representations to the government along similar lines to the letter they sent to Taoiseach Brian Cowen recently which said :

“Your recent assertion that there is a distinction between "children in the residential institutions" and "women in [Magdalene] laundries" is appalling in the extreme. Justice for Magdalenes has proven beyond doubt that there were children in the Magdalene laundries. The Department of Education acknowledged its awareness of this fact when Justice for Magdalenes met with senior officials on 2 February 2010. Your response signals the State’s primary concern is to limit liability with respect to anticipated claims for compensation. You and your government should be focused on providing justice for women and children denied their constitutional rights. Do you believe that the State, and in particular the Department of Education, did not have a moral and Constitutional obligation to protect every child from the exploitative work conditions in the laundry institutions?”

author by Vincentpublication date Wed May 26, 2010 13:28author address author phone

Day 10 brought in the headlines from the Northside People on the hunger strike. The public's awareness is growing and support is overwhelming.

They need to go to Spec savers if they are having trouble coming out of the gates, they have no problem flying in nearly hitting a dog. Perhaps if they turned themselves over to the garda for investigation might have a better impact of the people of Ireland.

10th day of hunger strike.
10th day of hunger strike.

author by trevor - the abusedpublication date Thu May 27, 2010 22:40author email trevordrogheda at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

yes, pity the religious orders dont have the courage to 'starve themselves....that they leave that to other, and their victims;

author by Dirkpublication date Sun May 30, 2010 11:41author email dirk.gohr at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

Just went out to meet John and see how he is doing. Seeing as good as no press coverage in Ireland about this I had to go there to inform myself and sign the petition.

What a sad country we live in where the public press ignores the civil courage of a victim. And especially the catholic church who is responsible for all this is doing nothing - again, like always. They made billions and billions over centuries and now they are too ashamed to accept their own mistakes.

How can somebody justify to live in the name of a god and teaching to love and respect each other if they just ignore their own mistakes (see O'Grady who is still actively taking part in an English speaking community nearby Rotterdam under a different name [source:])? It seems these people are no better than any cult out there with leaders using their followers to fill their own pockets and feeling sorry for themselves if being caught out doing crimes.

Justice is needed here and priests shouldn't be treated different! These are crimes done to innocent kids in their reign over the people of Ireland in the last 88 years. Destroying complete existences and now the victims must forgive?

Shame on you, bishop of Dublin to wait for the day when this man breaks down. That day you will use to glorify yourself! Shame, shame, shame on you for your ignorance! Shame on you and the whole church you are belonging to!

I am angry and disgusted and will never be able to believe in what you are teaching. You are definitely not representing any god as I understand it!

author by stephen lambert - No organization-outraged citizenpublication date Mon May 31, 2010 13:22author address author phone

The real tragedy here is that there are so many good priests and religiouis in Ireland, yet there are enough in their ranks who give the whole church a bad name. The myth of. "Father can do no wrong," is finally dead! I don't condone it, but a pedophile priest who was sent to Prison in Illinois, USA was killed three weeks later by an inmate. A priest in a parish I grew up in was discovered as a pedophike in 1985; two of his victims later committed suicide and two attempts on this priest's life were almost made. I was in religiouis formation at St. Bede Abbey in Peru, Illinois until 1993; in 1991 one of their members, a Fr. Samuel Pusari was discovered as a pedophile, (St. Bede's runs a high school,) he got three years, but didn't serve quite two. I did not leave because the Abbey did not attempt to cover it up. I did not visit him in prison because I felt, and still feel he should leave the community. I also belive my not visiting him and telling the Abbot in private my views on this matter contributed to my later dismissal.

I am especially outraged for the women who suffered in the Magdeline laundries; I only saw the trailer for the movie, "The Magdeline Sisters," and I cannot bear to watch any more that that although I been getting information about these crimes on the internet. I am in awe of these courageous women who are slowly coming forward to sue for damages. These are the true Christians because while others in their postion would have taken vengence on their captors and burned down convents, these women did not. I do not recognize the orders who ran those laundries because they never showed these women and charity, or mercy. I know they got paid for every woman brought to the laundry; crude as this may sound I know some priests raped girls in those laundries and how much did the sisters get paid to look the other way so, "Father could get some?" The sisters may have been threatened with God knows what if they didn't keep quiet. The worst outrage is when women died at the Magdeline laundries they were buried like garbage in a unmarked grave and for all I know without any type of a funeral.

My best wishes for success for our friend on his hunger strike. If I lived in Ireland and had a son or daughter wanting to pursue a religioius vocation, I would iether move heaven and earth to discourage them, or pay to have them pursue their vocation outside of the country. The founders of the orders of the nuns who ran the Magdeline laundries must be weeping in heaven every day over these crimes. I hope some of the inmates of those laundries have, or will confront their captors. With the internet and other means these nuns are already getting a fate worse than death-to live in shame the rest of their lives.

author by Olapublication date Mon May 31, 2010 15:29author email ola.m13 at op dot plauthor address author phone

It's really sad and depressing how shallow the world has became. Why all media are feeding us with not important, stupid and bringing nothing to our life information’s? On the first page of newspaper you will read about romance of TV star, will discover super diet, but wont find anything about people like John Ayres and Kevin Flanagan.
They are on a hunger strike since 15 days now. Fighting for the justice and truth. How long can they still manage? Please make a little effort and let them be heard!!
Spread the information around, sign the petition, write a comment in this blog, write a letter to the politicians. Maybe you know someone from media? Tell them the story.
Every help is important. Please do not leave John and Kevin along!!! Support what’s important and right! Do not agree for injustice, cruelty and evil! See what’s really matters in a life.
Thank you.

author by Mr pseudonym -BOBpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 09:22author address author phone

I must say, having met Mr would appear...that Mr Ayres is on a hunger strike, not because he was in an institution, or Personally) endured sexual abuse, but because of 'the abuses within the catholic church/religious orders; Mr Ayres action is, profound, given, there is only one person, (who's brother was in Artane) Mr K Flanagan's brother, who is and has remained ;consistant, in his own agenda, (to high light the issues descrobed herein) on his brother's behalf, to 'take on the might of the religious/church etc, (alongside Mr Ayres) but, there is not ONE person from the Institutions, or indeed, any person, who was abused by any of the persons named, or whatever, in the Murphy report, or indeed, the ryan report, doing what another man (Mr Ayres) is doing; Perhaps people, the thousands of people, who pass, and those that have passed by the Arch Bishops residence/place of work/the palace, should ask Christine Buckley,(recently admitted that she was being paid....most likely by the department of Education-who, remember, came out for severe critism in the (interim) Ryan report, 2009, and remember, who played a vital role in the running of the Industrial schools, and knew about abuses etc) Michael Waters, Tom Hayes, Michael O Brien, Christy heaphy, Noel Barry, Victor Hackett, Paddy Doyle, (other names escape my head.........) why these people are not ON HUNGER STRIKE.....after all, if, as they remind people, they're that concerned about the "welfare" of the Victims of Institutional abuses....(or is that money?) then they should 'go on hunger strike......and stop, as they had done, still doing....meeting inside Government buildings, and other places like maynooth, (by agreements made between these so called support groups) with the religious orders, ..separately, beforehand; I should also remind people, (specifically those that were abused in the Industrial schools) that many people who 'walked the walk; from Parnel sq, to Government buildings last May/June/July 2009, that they did so, for their friends, who were abused, and those they knew, but have died---- nothing to do with supporting these (self interested support group-non elected, non mandated leaders); The real "whistle blowers" are these so called leaders...they sold every one out, (they're panicking because they were outed, and are desperate to save whatever monies is on the table-for themselves, trying to prevent others from depriving them of it)....yes folks, this was all about money; I might remind people, that the whistle blowers (whistled a long time ago) and now they're looking for others to blame, any one is open to this; THE REAL ISSUES HAVE NOT YET BEEN UNFOLDED; because, the true Ryan report, has not yet seen the light of day; Perhaps people should be asking those who's only goal, was to, and is, to conquer and divide....aided and abetted by some of the mandaters; getting back to Mr Ayres...perhaps when you (might you) walk the walk, to might ask Mr Ayres what are the real issues, for him......and let the world and the support group leaders know...that is, offf course, unless they havent already started their own hunger strike-elsewhere...government buildings?

author by Mr pseudonym -BOBpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:08author address author phone

In furtherance to my previous is interesting that Christine Buckley should state that the 110 million should go towards the NATIONAL counselling services.........for victims of (Institutional) abuse.....when, in their shame, (as recent reports on the media) states, that 'many children have died within the care of the HSE.....(even Professor Drummond) the head honcho of the HSE recently stated, that the Numbers' of (dead children in the care of the HSE) could run into the 100's!....................(!) and Miss Christine buckley wants the 110 million to go towards the national counselling services....who provide counsellors to laragh counselling services....set up by the HSE/Religious orders...along with freoseamh---for the Aislinn centre..and those that have, do and may in the future come forward....---but why give/vote/elect, that the monies be given to the HSE? ........................IS THIS MONEY THE TRUE EXTENT OF redress, THAT MIGHT OTHERWISE BE PAID IN COURT....TO VICTIMS OF INSTITUTIONAL ABUSES...MISS BUCKLEY?.............the religious order you stated that have 'donated nothing' towards the redress scheme...gave money (they havent been forth coming as to the extent/amount they gave) ......but, according to the RIRB yearly report for 2005, it is written therein, that the value of their assets is 30 (odd) millions, while another, or (11) million of that 30, was 'put to one side for, I assume, their victims; I know of some people who were in that industrial school, Clonmel, who, to date...have seen nothing ot this money....did you get it? who got it? the legal people? and on the subject of 'legal people, it is worth noting, that the only people....that I am aware who is not complainig about monies are the legal people......(the appointed legal people by the department of education) to deal with the victims matters....RIRB/Court doesnt really matter; they got thier 475 Million; and are now asking for further legal costs...estimated to be about 140 million; (sic)

author by kevin flanagan - religiousabusetruthpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:55author address author phone

hi mr pseudonym just read your commet and it discust me to hear you call on other people what are you doing i have stood up for my brother and other victims from day one i made sure i did not hide anything in cloudeing my real name what other people do is not my problem they know my feeling so i told them we did not go behind there back so lets see the real you i speck for me with the truth so so i dont hide behind a pc

author by Dirkpublication date Wed Jun 02, 2010 13:38author email dirk.gohr at gmail dot comauthor address author phone

Dear Mister Pseudonym BOB,

I understood this hungerstrike is not about money, it is about justice! I don't think any money can buy back the lost lives of the victims.

This is about CRIMINAL priests of a church claiming to be the closest to god! If they wouldn't be in the church they would all be in prisons now! A criminal never has the chance to bail himself out with money. The church can. And that is what all this is about.


author by Mr Pseudonym - Mr Pseudonym publication date Fri Jun 04, 2010 00:20author address author phone

Kevin and Dirk.....I think your mis-reading my point; I "know" the issue between the "so called mandated support groups" WAS ABOUT MONEY; ...........yes, there are victims....and believe you me...there are many who have not been heard...and DID NOT GO TO THE REDRESS BOARD; .................I know this to be true;.............I am surprised, however, given that Miss Buckley spoke about counselling for victims...that neither Mr Flanagan and indeed Mr Ayres have not had sight, nor such counselling.....since the hunger strike started....(!)..............Yet Miss Buckley requires that the 110 million should go towards the NCS!...........from this, I might add...that the NCS (NATIONAL COUNSELLING SERVICES) was set up by the religious orders, the HSE/ and department of Education...(I am sure both men know this to be true)......who, were and are.....MAJOR ABUSERS FOR THE CHILDREN THAT THEY PUT INTO THE INSTITUTIONS.....through the services known as the ISPCC/NSPCC!; .................. as I understand...the Ryan report...............identified the religious abusers as "Fr/BR Pseudonym ; so why not use the same a SORT OF ----TIT FOR TAT....if you like! Indeed, having read back on my last imput...I don't see where I said that the hunger strike(ers) was 'about money;


Dear Mister Pseudonym BOB,

I understood this hungerstrike is not about money, it is about justice! I don't think any money can buy back the lost lives of the victims.

This is about CRIMINAL priests of a church claiming to be the closest to god! If they wouldn't be in the church they would all be in prisons now! A criminal never has the chance to bail himself out with money. The church can. And that is what all this is about.



hi mr pseudonym just read your commet and it discust me to hear you call on other people what are you doing i have stood up for my brother and other victims from day one i made sure i did not hide anything in cloudeing my real name what other people do is not my problem they know my feeling so i told them we did not go behind there back so lets see the real you i speck for me with the truth so so i dont hide behind a pc

author by kevin flanagan - religiousabusetruth@gmail.compublication date Fri Jun 04, 2010 09:35author address author phone

i dont see why you or anyone else should worry about what others are doing when they dont do anything themself its easy to sit back and slag and by useing a pseudonym is playing into there hands have to say you did a bad job of it i know who you are and tdont be refareing to me cause i ve no intrested in what other people that i havent told them

author by Vincentpublication date Mon Jun 07, 2010 08:15author address author phone

The hunger strike for justice came to an end this morning at 7 am. 21 days and 21 nights later. I would like to thank the residents of Drumcondra for their kind suppport and active role in keeping an eye on me. To the many passers by, cyclists, cars, lorries, taxi's, buses and Dublin Corporation for their assistance in keeping our space clean.

I have been very deeply touched by those who supported me in my efforts to bring about justice for the victims of Roman Catholic Abuse in Ireland. To those who stopped and talked and visitors who came reguarly to visit, thank you. A specail word for Tom, Micheal and Steve who were at my side when ever needed. To all those who donated tents, water and supplies through out the campaign.

I am also endebted to Kevin and Frank who's support and love I could not have survived with out. To Roy who supported through Facebook and brought awareness to so many people.

And lastly I thank all who raised concerns for my well being. I have found this hunger strike has taken me through a journey of healing and enlightment. I am eternally gratefull to have had this experience.

I hope by my efforts I have maybe brought forward the need for justice for the victims to be heard. The mainstream media is one of the many reasons for silence. A small number of press did give coverage on the first week but that was that. The Northside People gave it front page which attracted much attention. It would seem we have a silent section 31 in existance and considering the cost of a tv license, what exactly are we paying for?

I hope by next year this time that justice will be served on those who purpetrated the abuse on children over decades, those that covered it up through silence and deed, they too shall have their day in court. All men are equal befor God and all men are equal before law.

Thank you one and all

John Ayres

author by Olapublication date Tue Jun 08, 2010 13:05author email ola.m13 at op dot plauthor address author phone

Dear John and Kevin, thank you for bringing some attention to problem of child abuse in church. For some people it's hard to admit that this problem exist and they want to hide it away. Hopefully you have opened few more eyes and show that child abuse by priest it's really happening. This is horrible crime and we must do something against it! Child abusers must be punish and all of them deserve the same punishment. It's not fear that priests are treated differently. In my opinion they should be punish even more, because prists are abusing peoples faith and use it to satisfy their own sick desires. What are they doing it's totally against people and against good. It's just evil, discussing and animal bahaviour. Shame of you " messengers of god"!! You do not deserve this title at all. Big respect for John and Kevin!! Well done!

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