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Thursday January 01 1970

Anti Capitalist bloc for Dail protest

category dublin | anti-capitalism | event notice author Friday May 14, 2010 09:44author by Andrew - WSM & Seomra Spraoiauthor email wsm_ireland at yahoo dot com

Last Tuesday Gardai used extendable steel batons against the heads of protesters trying to enter the Dail carpark resulting in at least five head injuries. We've seen the state react in a similar fashion to resistance in Rossport, Mayday 2004 and Reclaim the Streets. It's time to say Enough.

The Workers Solidarity Movement and Seomra Spraoi are calling on an anti-capitalist bloc to meet up at 19.00 sharp to march (perhaps with a short stop at Anglo Irish bank) down to the Right to Work protest called for 19.30 at the Dail. We think its important to show we won't be beaten into passivity and the greater the numbers who assemble at the Dail the clearer this message will be.

We stand with the Greek workers who continue to resist the cuts and reject the demonisation of their resistance and ours that has been waged in the Irish media. Against those who say there is no alternative we declare, "They didn't share the wealth, why should we share the pain? Make the rich pay for the crisis"

We hope you will join with us. Be there at 19.00 sharp as we will have a discussion of how we should best react to the events of last week.

The meet up point is the North East corner of Stephen Green, opposite the Shelbourne Hotel. Be there at 19.00 on Tuesday May 18th.

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