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Peter Hadden has died

category national | miscellaneous | press release author Friday May 07, 2010 13:12author by Socialist Party NEC

Leading member of the Socialist Party and a member if the International Executive Committee of the CWI

It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Peter Hadden died at his home in Belfast on Wednesday 5 May after a courageous battle against cancer. Peter played an enormous role in the Workers' movement in Ireland and internationally, and will be remembered with great fondness and admiration by the thousands of Workers he struggled alongside.

Here are some tributes from working class and socialist activists who knew Peter:

Peter was a giant of revolutionary socialism, whose brilliant analysis of the national question stands alongside that of James Connolly. How fitting he went out to the accompaniment of the mass resistance of the Greek Workers.
- Joe Higgins MEP

I would like to convey my deepest sympathies with Peterís family and friends and express gratitude and appreciation on behalf of all the Workers at the Visteon plant in Belfast. It is unquestionable that throughout our occupation the support from Peter and his comrades in the Socialist Party was invaluable.

- John Maguire, Convenor of the Belfast Visteon Workers

Peterís death is a real loss to the Workers' movement. His experience, knowledge and unshakeable commitment to fighting for Workers interests were tremendous assets. Throughout our strike in 2002, Peter was rock solid in his support and without doubt gave us strength to keep fighting.
- Jim Barbour, speaking on behalf of the Fire Brigades Union

Longstanding Socialist Party member and leading trade union activist Billy Lynn explained ďPeter will be missed by all those who had the privilege of knowing him and collaborated with him down the years. But Peterís contribution to the socialist movement lives on, through his writings which are indispensable today in the fight against the savage cuts which all the parties in Westminster and Stormont are determined to inflict upon working class people. The greatest tribute which can be paid to Peter is to build a mass socialist movement to eradicate the gross inequalities and poverty in society, here and internationally.Ē

Peter played an instrumental role at times in assisting and building Solidarity with Workers involved in struggles, such as those at Visteon, Montupet and the Chelsea Girl strike.

He also made an immense contribution to the development of socialist thought in Ireland and internationally, writing many books and articles which qualitatively enriched a socialist understanding, particularly on the national question. His consistent emphasis on the need for Workersí unity against all forms of sectarianism in Northern Ireland inspired Workers in many countries afflicted by national conflict, such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine.

Peter will be sadly missed by partner Susan, sons Owen and Stephen and brother David.

Peterís funeral will be held at 2pm Monday 10 May at Roselawn Cemetery Belfast.

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