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Audio: How do we know who will struggle?

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A seminar in the rethinking revolution series

The left talks a lot about class but in a manner that often confuses more than it clarifies. In this audio recording of a Rethinking revolution seminar at Seomra Spraoi Paul Bowman wonders just how useful the classification obsessed approach of the left actually is.

Rethinking revolution is a series of discussions in Dublin about the core ideas those of us who want revolutionary change think we have in common and so too often neglect to discuss. The discussions will be kicked off by an opinionated presentation of one or more approaches on these questions with the purpose of drawing all present into a discussion that we hope will continue long after the meeting. The talks are organised by the Outreach group of the WSM and inspired by those arguments we keep having in the kitchen at parties.

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Details of the next meeting are below
A revolution in our lifetimes? - April 21st
Are we spending our precious time outside of work at protests and meetings because we want to improve our lives or are we just fighting for future generations. In either case what is it that we are trying to do as we move from topic to topic and struggle to struggle? Alan MacSimoin doesn't expect to see the glorious day while Andrew Flood is preparing for it being just around the corner.

The discussion after this meeting was also recorded and will be added as a comment to this article tomorrow

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