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Young People Need to Make A Stand And Create New Vision For Country

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Young people need to rise....

One in three young people under 25 is now unemployed. The national youth organisation are today calling on young people to take a stand when it comes to ongoing job losses and the cuts being experienced in key health, education, transport and community services.

According to the Director of the organisation, which engages several thousand young people per week, it is time that young people get their voices heard and their ideas implemented.

“We can’t simply sit back and watch the dole queues grow. It’s a tragic waste of the amazing education, skills and human energy of an entire generation. There doesn’t seem to be any real leadership or direction emerging from the traditional sources of power so it’s time we looked to ourselves for solutions” said Ruairí McKiernan.

Staffed by a team of 7 full-time and 3 part-time professionals all under 32, has been providing information, support services and opportunities throughout Ireland since 2005. The innovative organisation campaigns on a range of issues that include mental health, sexual health, environmental issues and social justice.

It has emerged as a multi-award winning platform for young people to have their say on the issues that affect them and has become one of the most widely used youth services in the country with over 300,000 unique users each year.

“We should not simply accept emigration or unemployment as options. We are worth much more than that and deserve a better future. It’s up to us to turn the situation around by getting our voices heard and to start truly influencing and shaping the national debate. It is clear that fresh thinking and ideas are needed on job creation, immigration, heath care and politics. Ireland happens to have one of the largest per capita populations of young people in Europe and therefore a huge untapped resource for creating a new vision for Ireland.”

“The internet is one accessible way of organising ourselves for campaigning and activism and will soon roll out a range of training, support and development programmes aimed at fostering a new generation of engaged citizens."


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