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All you want to know about abortion

When a woman or girl is experiencing the stress of an unplanned pregnancy, this is the time she most needs a source of practical and unbiased support to help explain all the options open to her. Sadly, such support is often hard to come by. is a common-sense source of objective information for men and women seeking help and support on a wide range of family planning issues, including abortion. Due to its wide and detailed coverage of sexual health topics, is also an invaluable resource for professionals in the field.

The site provides links to all the authorised clinics in the UK and explains, in straight-forward terms, the advice, support and medical services they provide. By describing exactly what is involved in the various procedures used to terminate unwanted pregnancies, it helps women to come to their own, reasoned decisions based on calm and impartial advice. The site also features a comprehensive overview of the precise legal position on terminations in the UK and other European countries.

Just as importantly, a large part of the site is devoted to advice on how to avoid unplanned pregnancies. It profiles all the available methods of contraception (including emergency contraception), how to get hold of them and how to use them. Sections on the male and female body aim to raise awareness of sexual health issues, and there is a page dedicated to sex education, focussing on empowering young people to make informed choices about their own sexual behaviour.

Sexually Transmitted Infections represent an aspect of sexual health which is particularly relevant to the young. The site offers non-judgemental advice on how to avoid STIís and how to access free and confidential medical treatment. is particularly easy to use, with a clear menu which allows you to navigate straight to the topic you require, providing a unique and accessible service to anyone seeking guidance in matters of sexual well-being.

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