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Sligo Civic Reception for Paisley is shameful

category sligo | miscellaneous | press release author Monday November 16, 2009 20:35author by North West Red - Independent

Call for boycott of civic rceeption for Paisley in Sligo

Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council Gerry Murray to hold a civic reception tomorrow for the former DUP leader Ian Paisley in Tubbercurry, County Sligo

Sligo éirígí activist Gerry Casey has described the decision of the Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council Gerry Murray to hold a civic reception tomorrow for the former DUP leader Ian Paisley as "shameful and beyond belief". He has also called on local politicians to boycott the event.

The civic reception is to be held in the Teach Laighne offices in Tubbercurry in County Sligo tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 17).

Casey said: "The decision of the Cathaoirleach to honour Paisley is astounding. This is a man who has built his political career by encouraging and supporting sectarianism, bigotry and human rights abuses against the nationalist community in the six counties. That Cllr Murray believes that holding a civic reception for this man is acceptable is truly despicable and beyond belief."

He added: " Sectarianism and bigotry is never acceptable and those who espouse it must be challenged and opposed at all times. There would quite rightly be outrage if such a reception was held for a leader of the likes of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) or the British National Party (BNP) yet here we have a politician of a similar calibre being honoured. It is a disgraceful decision and I am calling on all public representatives in Sligo to boycott this event and to make clear publicly that they oppose the Cathaoirleach's decision."

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author by o as if - ( iosaf ponders the cholestrol factor )publication date Tue Nov 17, 2009 20:08author address author phone

When I read reception & understand the word doesn't come with a desk attached and someone paid to stop me getting to the elevator to speak my mind to VIP - I immediately think lig which in my youth was a slang word meaning pretty much the same as mooch did to those of use who can remember the first dail & how countess markievicz turned heads. [ = An opportunity to get free drink and free food and smooze for the younger amongst you ]. Receptions come in many forms and guises. You have the book launch, cd launch, dvd launch, i-phone application launch reception when for the most part you really want to get into the toilets and share the powder stuff. In contrast you have the civic, municipal, political or parliamentary reception in which the guests are not only too mean to share the powder stuff they're also too paranoid of getting photographed snuffing it and you're best to linger around the table. Ah! the table - with its waxed paper, little canopés of rivita, tuc bikky, cream cracker & lashings of of wine (both red & white of uncertain origin but undoubted immaturity) & bottled spring water.

Receptions are nothing but an excuse to spend money & get pissed (in unverifiable amounts - for it was written in the good book that verily no steward shall count the consumption of guests be they drivers or no).

Yet, Paisley is a life long teetotaller - sure if he was Catholic he'd be a gold pin pioneer badge wearer!
The pride of the venerable Matt Talbot!

maybe he goes to the loo for the powdery stuff once he's had enough of the bottled spring water?

The Venerable almost Sainted Matt Talbot, on his knees praying for an end to civic receptions
The Venerable almost Sainted Matt Talbot, on his knees praying for an end to civic receptions

author by Benjaminpublication date Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:00author address author phone

Would there be as much outcry if prominent Sinn Féin members, some of whom have previously held positions in the IRA, were to be invited to speak? I think it would be of interest to hear Paisley speak and hear his views. You don't have to agree with them. But if you believe in free speech, you will allow them. Republicans will recall when RTE wouldn't tolerate their spokesmen being interviewed: would you do something similar with Paisley?

author by Sligopublication date Wed Nov 18, 2009 13:10author address author phone

The objection Benjamin is with him being "honoured" with a civic reception. He can travel where he likes and meet who he likes however the difference is when he is afforded the "honour" supposedly on behalf of the people of Sligo. He was and remains a sectarian homophobic bigot. It is a disgrace he is being honoured and feted as someone sort of hero and peacemaker

author by Birdypublication date Wed Nov 18, 2009 14:15author address author phone

The Chairperson of Eirigi was on Ocean FM this morning. Fairly lengthy interview. He was very good. Apparently the Mayor of Sligo wee Jimmy is also having a reception for Paisley this evening in the town hall. No surprise there. Any word did the shinners attend today or are they attending later?

author by Fred Johnstonpublication date Wed Nov 18, 2009 15:12author address author phone

If the Shinners can sit in Stormont with Ian Paisley surely they have no bother at all attending a civic reception with him. And for him - aren't they all colleagues now?

author by cheating henrypublication date Thu Nov 19, 2009 16:05author address author phone

Seemingly only wee Jimmy and labour colleague Veronica Cawley were the only two politicians to turn up to Jimmys civic reception for Paisley in the Town Hall

author by Lisapublication date Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:15author address author phone

Just heard a spokesman for the Garvaghy Road residents on Ocean FM this morning. Was challenging claims by a journalist yesterday that Garvaghy residents would not have had a problem with Paisleys reception. Also an independent cllr who boycotted the event. Clarke from West Sligo

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