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Cowen and Co. confronted at NAMA signing

category national | anti-capitalism | press release author Thursday September 10, 2009 16:56author by Daithi Byrne - Ogra Shinn Fein Atha Cliathauthor email dublinogra at gmail dot com

Dublin Ogra Shinn Fein with United Alliance Against Cuts

Activists from Dublin Sinn Féin and Ógra Shinn Féin confronted Brian Cowen's entourage on Wednesday as the cabinet was due to sign off on the controversial National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) legislation. NAMA will make the taxpayer overpay for bad loans given by reckless banks to greedy developers. ÓSF members were protesting as part of a United Alliance Against Cuts demonstration.

Cowen was greeted by Ógra activists who made sure to let him know what they thought of NAMA and cutbacks to the states health and education sectors. The NAMA bill, which will be published tomorrow, will also lend taxpayers' money to developers to finish their projects, when ordinary people and small businesses cannot get loans from the banks and face repossession. Following the An Bord Snip report, the government is planning to impose up to €5 billion more worth of brutal cutbacks on workers, the poor and the most vulnerable in or society. Despite this, the government is pushing ahead with NAMA which will cost us an estimated €60 billion or more.
Dublin Ógra Shinn Fein spokesperson Daithí Byrne stated “NAMA is the ultimate joke. The government is using our money, for their mistakes and they are getting away with it. Our children’s futures have been auctioned. Yet not one politician, not one banker, not one developer has been held to account. It’s a free for all for greedy, selfish developers and banks, but we must pay our bills. I call on everyone to join the national demonstration on Saturday 19th in Dublin. We must show the Fianna Fail/Green government what we think of them.”

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author by 'publication date Thu Sep 10, 2009 21:07author address author phone

Nice picture in today's Irish Times on the business page. You should've given the photographers a press release.

How much are ogra getting again? I might join if it was worth my while.

author by in fairness - nonepublication date Fri Sep 11, 2009 09:01author address author phone

other groups there??
i'm sure i saw Richard Boyd Barrett and a few folk from other groups there....

author by Daithi Byrne - Ogra Shinn Fein Atha Cliathpublication date Fri Sep 11, 2009 13:29author address author phone

Sinn Fein and Ogra Shinn Fein were with the UAAC - United Alliance Against Cuts, as mentioned in the press release.

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