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Dublin Ógra Shinn Féin slam latest education cuts

category dublin | education | press release author Sunday August 30, 2009 14:24author by Educate to be Free - Ógra Shinn Féinauthor email osfnational at yahoo dot ie

Dublin Ógra Shinn Féin's Saturday stall became the centre of a protest today against the latest attack by the Fianna Fail/Green Government against education. Over thirty activists gathered at the GPO to distribute leaflets explaining the cuts.

According to Dublin spokesperson, Marcas Ó Mhaoldomhnaigh, many parents have been hit with bills costing hundreds of euro for books and school uniforms.

"Many schools are set to lose special needs assistants and other vital resources. This government did not invest properly in the education system during the boom years and now we are seeing school children and their parents paying for their mistakes, it is completely unacceptable. Free primary education will truly be a thing of the past if we allow our schools to be further stripped of resources."

At the picket ÓSF National Organiser, Barry McColgan stated,

"What makes these cuts particularly nauseating is that they are targeting children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. These cuts are not necessary. It is a simple matter of priorities. Do we bail out the banks or educate our children."

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author by mikeypublication date Wed Sep 02, 2009 23:47author address author phone

is this for real, SF are sitting in the seat of power chopping away. I think SF needs to sort out its own (simple matter of) priorities.

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