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Bicycle Repair Classes & Bike Workshop

category dublin | environment | news report author Tuesday August 18, 2009 20:37author by Bike are great!author email seomraspraoibicycle at gmail dot com

Bicycle repair classes & Bike Workshop in Seomra Spraoi

Seomra Spraoi Bike workshop - A non-profit bike space in Dublin. We repair bikes for cheap, every Sunday from 2-6pm. We aim to recycle bikes and parts as much as possible, and are looking for any unused frames or parts you may have lying around.

The Bicycle repair classes will also be in Seomra Spraoi and will include four lessons, practical and theory, and we suggest a donation of 5 unwaged / 8 waged for each class, more if can afford it.

The lessons are as follows:

Tues 8 Sept - *HOW A BIKE WORKS* Dismantle and re-build a bike. How to choose the size of your bike and general maintenance.

Tue 15 Sept - *BRAKES* How to replace the cable and pads and tune it for maximum efficiency.

Tue 22 Sept - *WHEELS* How to fix puntures, replace tubes and tyres and fix bent wheels.

Tue 29 Sept - *GEARS* How to replace the cable, tune the gears and replace the chain. Front and back derailleur adjustments.

Suggested donation 5 unwaged / 8 waged *more if you can afford it*

Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1. Pop into Seomra Spraoi or email for more info

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