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Niall Harnett, Shell to Sea Campaigner, High Court Appeal, Monday 17th August.

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Niall Harnett, Shell to Sea Campaigner and member of the Rossport Solidarity Camp will appear at the High Court at Cloverhill in Dublin on Monday, 17th August at 11.00am to appeal onerous bail terms.

Niall Harnett will appear at the High Court at Cloverhill in Dublin, Monday 17th August at 11.00am, in order to appeal the extremely restrictive bail terms which were applied to him at Belmullet Court on Thursday, 30th July. Niall is currently serving two consecutive four month jail terms at Castlerea Prison for his part in legitimate acts of civil disobedience and protest against the Corrib Gas Project.

These terms include not being allowed near the Shell compound at Glengad, Shell's refinery site at Bellanaboy, the Shell offices in Belmullet and the Broadhaven Bay area. In essence, these terms mean that Niall would run the risk of being arrested any time he left his home!

Niall has consistently described this project as "socially, environmentally and economically unsustainable", in that it endangers lives and livelihoods, ploughs through special areas of conservation and serves to impoverish the Irish people of their natural resources.

Dublin Shell to Sea will be holding a protest at 10.30am outside Cloverhill on Monday in support of Niall. Please come if you can - he would greatly appreciate some friendly faces.

Niall has also asked that his greetings be passed to Ministers Gormley and Ryan and to thank them for their courage in pursuing the Green vision!

Reminder: Please write to Niall at Castlerea Prison, Harristown, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon.

A huge "thank you" to those who have written already - Niall greatly appreciates every single letter and card - they mean so much ...

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