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Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Horizonte! A Latin American Documentary Festival On DCTV.

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Responses from the street to economic collapse, including protests,
occupations, ballot box revolutions, and finally solutions. In short
content you'll find no where else on Irish TV sets. It's Dublin
Community TV, where else?
The back of the promotional postcard.
The back of the promotional postcard.


IRISH PREMIERE OF "BEYOND ELECTIONS" (see www.beyondelections.com )IN

RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104841887540

FULL DETAILS INCLUDING LINKS TO FILMS: http://www.dctv.ie/main/?p=715

PROMOTIONAL POSTCARD: http://dctv.ie/filestorage/horizontenet.pdf

FRIDAY JULY 31ST //// from 2030

Granito de Arena

Granito de Arena is the story of hundreds of thousands of public
schoolteachers whose grassroots, non-violent movement took Mexico by
surprise, and who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year
struggle for social and economic justice in Mexico's public schools.

Completed in 2005, Granito de Arena provides context and background to
the unprecedented popular uprising that exploded in Oaxaca, Mexico, in
2006. Award-winning Seattle filmmaker, Jill Freidberg, spent two years
in southern Mexico documenting the efforts of over 100,000 teachers,
parents, and students fighting to defend the country’s public
education system from the devastating impacts of economic

Our Oil and Other Stories

A two-month journey across Venezuela, from Lake Maracaibo to the
Orinoco Delta. The people of the oil fields and the mining centres
talk of their close encounter with these exploitations. For the first
time, in the revolutionary Venezuela, a documentary delves deep in the
problematic of oil and coal, from the angle of the life experience of
communities, oil workers, indigenous people.

The film takes a look at world politics on oil and other extractive
activities, jointly with the themes of sovereignty and
self-determination of a people engaged in a real process of change.


5 Factories provides a penetrating look at the Bolivarian
socio-economic project designed to challenge the dominant neo-liberal
development model. Since the election of Hugo Chávez in 1998, the
Venezuelan government has implemented reforms to transform the nation
into what Chávez and his supporters refer to as a form of democratic
socialism. As a component of this economic transformation, the
government has supported co-ownership initiatives in which workers’
councils play a key role in company management. 5 Factories provides a
unique perspective on the Bolivarian experiment, examining the
successes and challenges of five companies rejecting traditional ideas
of industrial management.

Oaxacca: True to My Pledge

"Compromiso Cumplido" is the first of a two-part documentary about the
human rights violations during the current conflict in Oaxaca. The
flim documents some of the horrors committed against the civil society
of Oaxaca, and shows the strategy of state terrorism employed by the
local governor. To date 25 known deaths have been reported, and yet
there have been no criminal accusations or investigations for these

SATURDAY //// from 2030

Poquito De Verdad

In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising
exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to
the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American
revolution of the 21st century. But it was the people’s use of the
media that truly made history in Oaxaca.

A 90-minute documentary, A Little Bit of So Much Truth captures the
unprecedented media phenomenon that emerged when tens of thousands of
school teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers,
farmers, and students took 14 radio stations and one TV station into
their own hands, using them to organize, mobilize, and ultimately
defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic

Argentina Hope In Hard Times

"Que se vayan todos!" Chants echo off the skyscrapers, burst through
the plazas, and clamor down the streets of Buenos Aires. "Throw them
all out!" shout legions of frustrated Argentine housewives, students
and lawyers, weaving their way through the city one summer evening,
banging on pots and pans.

What would you do if you lost your job, they closed the banks so you
couldn't access your savings, and the government seemed unable to
help? In Argentina they stormed supermarkets for food; the police
gunned down 30 people in just one day. But what happened next was
truly extraordinary.

Argentina Turning Around

In the 90s Argentina embraced globalization, but instead of making
everyone rich the economy collapsed. The eyes of the world were on
Argentina as a desperate people turned to each other for mutual
support in a remarkable outpouring of grassroots organizing. Now,
several years later, have there been fundamental changes, or is it
business as usual?

From the producers of Argentina: Hope in Hard Times, comes a new film
that re-visits worker-run factories, and talks with journalists,
economists, and unemployed workers. ARGENTINA: TURNING AROUND provides
an intimate view of the new models of work, politics and community
development that are now underway, as people re-invent their society
to offer a better life for all.

Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the 4th World War

Presented at Globians Film Festival 2005: Venezuela Bolivariana:
People and Struggle of the Fourth World War by Marcelo Andrade Arreaza
examines the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela as connected to the
world-wide movement against capitalist globalization. The film shows
the evolution of the popular movement in Venezuela from the 'Caracazo'
riots of 1989 to the massive actions that brought revolutionary
president Hugo Chavez back to power, 48 hours after a U.S.-led
military coup in 2002. The film ends with an epilogue that show the
next steps that the Venezuelan people are taking, not only to fight
against the oligarchy and imperialism, but to exercise what is called
in the popular movement: Revolution within the Revolution.

Justice for Columbia: Why Colombia Is Dangerous For Trade Unionists

The Justice For Colombia Campaign has produced a five minute film
about the situation faced by trade unionists in Colombia. You can
watch it on DCTV and contact their office if you’d like a copy on DVD
to show at a meeting or other event.

SUNDAY //// from 2030

Venezuela From Below

This documentary consists mostly of interviews with working-class
Venezuelan women and men, including a few long-time left activists,
talking about how they have been affecting and affected by the changes
in Venezuela since the election of Hugo Chavez. It will disappoint
those looking for "balance" between revolutionary and
counter-revolutionary views, but will be of great interest to those
interested in understanding the accomplishments and limitations of the
Bolivarian process.

Tierra De Mujeres

The EZLN uprising on January 1st 1994 was a turning point, at least
for Zapatista women. Chiapanecan women organize in cooperatives, in
religious women’s groups, in theatre projects and take responsibility
for their own lives. Step by step they strike back in daily life,
defend their villages against military incursions. Peasant women,
teachers, believers, craftswomen, midwifes - they are all fighting for
a better future, each one out of her own reality.

Kanal B Murdered By Coca Cola

Isidro Gil was shot on 5th. Dezember 1996 in Coca-Cola bottling-plant
'Bebidas Y Alimentos de Urabá' by paramilitary forces. the murder was
the anser of the company on a list of demands the union made at the
beginning of collective bargainings. after that, paramilitary groups
forced all the workers to leave the union.

The film reconstructs the case in detail and puts it into the
political and historic context of the region Urabá, where between 1995
and 1998 through thousends of murders the successefull left-wing party
Union Patriotica and all social movements were wiped out.

Kanal B Argentina 2002

This 60 min documentary is about how the country was systematically
ruined by US imperialism and the international financial institutions
IMF and the world bank under the label of neoliberalism, as well as
the help of a currupt political class. the compact and unanimous
resistance of the public since the 19th/20th december 2001 has started
to stir things up, slowly but surely: people are getting together in
neighbourhood meetings, the unemployed are blocking streets, factories
are being occupied and run by the workers, the unpunished militarymen
(there were 30,000 missing people during the military dictatorship)
and politicians are attacked on the street and openly condemned. the
poor -who have no house, no tarmac roads, no money to eat- got to
speak out, as well as professors, activists, factory occupants; the
people who got together at the meetings.

Beyond Elections

This empowering documentary gives hopeful and concrete examples from
around the Americas of people taking back the reigns of power and
governing their own communities. Beyond Elections is a road map for
social change, drawing from communal councils in Venezuela and social
movements in Bolivia to participatory budgeting in Brazil and worker
cooperatives in Argentina. The film gracefully succeeds in
demonstrating that these grassroots examples of people's power can be
applied anywhere.


MONDAY from 2030////

Tierra De Mujeres
Venezuela From Below
Kanal B Murdered By Coca Cola

TUESDAY from 2300////

Kanal B Argentina 2002
Beyond Elections

WEDNESDAY from 2300/////

Granito de Arena
Our Oil and Other Stories

THURSDAY from 2030////

Five Factories: Workers Control In Venezuela
Argentina Turning Around
Kanal B Argentina 2002



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