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Le Chéile Saor To Attend Save tara Protest Wednesday.

category dublin | history and heritage | press release author Monday June 29, 2009 19:57author by Le Chéile Saor[P.R.O] - Le Chéile Saor

Le Chéile Saor to attend Save tara protest at Leinster House

Press Release/Preas Raiteas
Le Chéile Saor
Republican Socialism Today.

On Wednesday 1st July at 1pm the campaign group called tara Watch are holding a protest at Leinster House on Kildare street Dublin city centre.The event is been held in protest against the M3 motorway which will pass through the grounds of tara in county meath.The ceremonial complex of tara dates back to about 4000BC. It was used in prehistory as a burial ground, a sanctuary and as the site where the highest level of king in society was publicly proclaimed. The king of tara was the most important sacred king in prehistoric Ireland and was probably regarded by society as ‘the king of the world’. This status explains the extraordinary diversity and density of monuments comprising the cultural landscape of tara.We Le Chéile Saor will Show our full support to this campaign and will be attending the protest this coming wednesday and will continue our support at future events.

Statement Ends.

Damien Dillon
Le Chéile Saor

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