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AVSI Online Auction - Bid Now thru June 20!

category international | environment | press release author Monday June 08, 2009 01:37author by African Village Survival Initiative - African Village Survival Initiative

Support African-led initiatives through this auction fundraiser!

Incredible items available for bidding! Artists, businesses, and individuals donated nationwide to support this critical fundraiser for the African Village Survival Initiative! Participate - Bid Generously - Make a donation!
Bid now!
Bid now!

The African Village Survival Initiative (AVSI), an Uhuru Movement project sponosred by the All African People's Development and Empowerment Projects (AAPDEP) and the African People's Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) is currently hosting an international on-line auction to raise funds for AVSI's campaigns.

The auction can be found online at Bookmark this site -- Bids will be updated daily. Bidding ends June 20.

African Village Survival Initiative projects include:

Community and Collective Gardens
AVSI brings African farming and gardening skills back to the community by building networks of backyard and collective Uhuru “freedom” gardens. An economic development component will be establishing African Farmer’s Markets with extra produce from the gardens!

Rainwater Harvesting / Solar Energy

AVSI addresses the critical needs for water and energy independence with a program for rainwater catchment, installing wells, water purification systems, and developing the model for green sustainable energy.

Economic Self-Reliance

Building African community institutions at the Uhuru Houses, the working centers for African economic development. The recording studio space needs to be outfitted to function as an economic institution of international African culture. The kitchen needs commercial equipment for community based economic development projects.

African and original art, handcrafted jewelry, luxurious services, get-aways and more are all available for your bids. The more you bid, the more you show your support of theAfrican Village Survival Initiative - uniting African people around the world through sustainability and African self-determination!

Items include:


This powerful photograph of Malcolm X is a copy of an original taken by Gordon Parks, an African photographer who photographed not only Malcolm X, but also Mohammed Ali, Stokley Carmichael and others. An original signature of Gordon Parks is framed with this stunning photograph, making this auction item an incredibly historic collectible. Estimated value $200.

Hand made African Beaded Wall Hanging from West Africa (Camaroon), from the 1960s or 70s. 51 inches long and 6 inches wide. Estimated value $400.

Don't Delay! Bidding Closes:
Saturday, June 20th at 5:00 pm EST
Highest Bidder Wins (see the website for details!)

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AVSI promotes sustainable development and healthy living in African communities worldwide
AVSI promotes sustainable development and healthy living in African communities worldwide

Some of the wonderful items available for bidding
Some of the wonderful items available for bidding

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