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MP3: Mindenki Joga Radio Interview with US War Resister Victor M Agosto

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Balazs Nagy: Can you tell a few words about yourself and how you got to the situation that you are in?

Victor Agosto: Ok, I am Victor Agosto, I joined the Army of the United States in August of 2005. I was sent to Iraq in October of 2006. And I stayed there until November of 2007. And while I was in Iraq I turned against both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now my unit is sending me to Afghanistan - or wants to send me to Afghanistan - but I have already told them that I am not going to go and that I am not going to obey any orders supporting my unit's deployment to Afghanistan.
Victor M Agosto
Victor M Agosto

Balazs Nagy: What does it mean that you will not obey any orders? What are the consequences?

Victor Agosto: I am not sure exactly what the consequences are going to be. But, the worst case scenario is that I will get Court's Marshaled and I will be sentenced to a couple years of prison and that I will get a bad discharge from the military which would make it somewhat difficult to find employment or a job in the United States.

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MP3: Mindenki Joga Radio Interview with US War Resister

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