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IRMS Employee sought in Bolivia

category national | crime and justice | news report author Sunday May 24, 2009 22:56author by Cathar

Tibor Revesz an employee (until recently at least) is sought by Bolivian Authorities
Tibor with Motorbike
Tibor with Motorbike

Tibor Revesz an employee (until recently at least) is sought by the prosecutor investigating the terrorist group led by Eduardo Rose Flores in Bolivia. He is described as a key member of the Group. An international warrant has been issued for him and contact has been made with the Hungarian authorities.
His website and email address were used to recruit members of the terrorist group. It is believed that he was still employed by IRMS when Michael Dwyer died in Santa Cruz.
As he was in Bolivia staying in Los Americas Hotel (where Dwyer died) from the 9th of December to the 9th of January with a Slovakian Ivan PistovcŠk and Tamas Nagy another Hungarian.
Ivan worked in Security in Ireland and was registered by the PSA. It is believed Tamas Nagy also worked here.
The two Hungarians Daniel Gaspar and Gabor Dudog.who left in March are thought to have worked in Ireland in Security also.
If anyone has seen this man on duty in Glengad or in the Cavan(?) area recently thet should inform the Gardai who will most likely do nothing (because he is/was an IRMS employee).
Post it here and attention will be brought to the prosecutors office in La Paz, Bolivia.

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