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Mass deportation removes 25 Nigerians in dark of night

category dublin | racism & migration related issues | news report author Déardaoin Aibreán 30, 2009 03:02author by Residents Against Racismauthor email at yahoo dot ie Report this post to the editors

25 Nigerians were deported from Ireland late tonight on a charter flight bound for Lagos, part of a mass deportation planned jointly between the British and Irish authorities. Anti-deportation activists in Dublin, London and Cardiff staged protests during the day.

Protesters outside the Garda National Immigration Bureau in Dublin
Protesters outside the Garda National Immigration Bureau in Dublin

Following a number of successful anti-deportation campaigns, the Irish and British governments are increasing resorting to the use of charter flights to deport those refused asylum, carefully shielding their actions from the public gaze. British activists with the Stop Deportation Network report that this week alone, similar flights have also departed the country to Afghanistan and Cameroon, with another to Iraqi Kurdistan scheduled next week.

For Ireland, the latest deportation to Nigeria represents the second mass deportation of 2009. Yet immigration authorities did not have it all their own way. At least one father of an Irish-born child fights on after securing a last-minute injunction to prevent his deportation and overall numbers detained for removal during the day are believed to be below those originally targeted.

Residents Against Racism is still collating information on those aboard today's flight and will post any further significant information which may become available.

More on the London protest at the Nigerian Embassy

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Nigerian man being led away for deportation
Nigerian man being led away for deportation

author by Bikerpublication date Déar Aib 30, 2009 10:11Report this post to the editors

I have heard recently of two incidents of Garda Immigration officers boarding buses coming from Belfast to Dublin and pulling off black people purely on the basis of their skin colour and without even affording them the opportunity to identify themselves. They were just pulled off like animals. Disgraceful treatment of human beings.

author by Cianpublication date Déar Aib 30, 2009 15:04Report this post to the editors

"The war against “illegal” immigration is just one part of institutional racism, except this is an example that makes it all the more clear that crimes have been made out of the actions of people because of who they are. It is clear that the law has been used purposefully to render people powerless and exploitable."

quote from

author by irishpublication date Aoine Beal 01, 2009 21:56Report this post to the editors

it bothers me always why the Irish govt keeps deporting people. 'there is power in numbers' is the saying. A country of 3m people needs more people in all aspects. The US with 200m people issues 50,000 visa lottery each year. That is the smart nation. Canada does, Australia does, even the UK does. These are the nations that will continue to rule the world.

author by Sampublication date Sath Beal 02, 2009 03:36Report this post to the editors

It isn't "a war on 'illegal' immigration" as part of a campaign of institutionalised racism. It is on the contrary an effort to preserve the concept of 'refugees' fleeing from political, cultural, religious and bellicose violent subjugation. If large numbers of Asylum Seekers abuse the concept of Refugees by falsely claiming that they are refugees, then the general public will become cynical and skeptical about refugees. Legal immigrants and those accepted as refugees may find it harder to overcome social attitudes to foreigners, especially those from outside Europe.

Some refugees from Iran, Vietnam and Kurdish territories have been accepted by the Irish Government under UN agreements. Some of these people have adapted to their Irish surroundings and have become part of their new country, occasionally with a bit of help from neighbours, social workers and educationists. The level of community support has varied from warm to lukewarm to downright hostile, according to local circumstances and mutual efforts at cultural accommodation.

The national and ethnic origins of asylum seekers have been revealed to the Dail several times since the late 1990s. An analysis of these statistics can help the public to understand patterns and to ask questions about the credibility of some asylum seekers.

author by Tom - No Borders South Walespublication date Sath Beal 02, 2009 14:45author email noborderswales at riseup dot netReport this post to the editors

Over twenty people gathered in central Cardiff on Wednesday to coincide with the 'ethnic charter flight' that deported Nigerian families at 6pm.

We distributed hundreds of copies of a leaflet explaining 'ethnic charter flights', our opposition to them and deportations in general with specific reference to Nigeria.

The was no police presence and the reaction from people passing by was very supportive. Many who stopped to speak to people on the demonstration expressed shock that such mass expulsions were legal and disgust at how Nigerians were being treated with such contempt by the UK government.

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author by Oyibopublication date Domh Beal 03, 2009 19:20Report this post to the editors

These people were failed asylum seekers.

This means that their individual cases were examined by ORAC and RAT and they were found not to be refugees. This was done in accordance with international law, procedures and criteria.

As such there is no legal basis for these individuals to reside in Ireland. Therefore these deportations maintain the integrity of our border security.

Calling this state racism makes no sense, unless the definition of racism has been rewritten.

author by Folamipublication date Céad DFómh 21, 2009 14:26Report this post to the editors

Its recently been the attitude of irish immigrations going to nigerian parties and churches to ask for everyone's resident permits and arrest people without legal residents, i feel that this is not right and unjust, people go to church to worship, Ireland being a catholic country, why should nigerian churches and parties be the point of immigration control?

author by Sandy - privatepublication date Luan Meith 25, 2018 22:42Report this post to the editors

Deportation is nothing to do with racism. Why is this constantly brought up and used as an excuse? It's Garda and immigration job and purpose. There are people who abuse the system and there are genuine people with the individual stories and cases. Persons who abuse the system and think they can override it by just frauding it should be removed black, white, red or yellow, it is as simple as that. Common sense folx...think!

author by Turpspublication date Máirt Meith 26, 2018 07:38Report this post to the editors

Does your deportation policy also apply to the Irish 'sans-papiers' moonlighting in the USA?

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