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Rossport Solidarity Camp June Gathering 2009

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Also linking to the Landmark May 26th New York Trial - 'The Case Against Shell' -

The Rossport Solidarity Camp June Bank Holiday Gathering is back! From Friday 29th May till Monday 1st June we will be holding a Camp Gathering combining info sharing, direct action training, music and fun ...

Last year resistance in Mayo was incredible. Shell's Solitaire pipe laying ship was forced to leave Irish waters with no pipeline laid! This year resistance continues, and the ship will be forced to leave once again.

Come to this year's Rossport Solidarity Camp Gathering to find out more about the campaign, share skills and make plans for another summer of Action.

Gathering Workshops and Events will include:

History of the Shell to Sea Campaign.
Tours of the local area.
Drawing links with the Wiwa -v- Shell trial in New York.
Direct Action training for land and water based action.
Knowing your fundamental and legal rights
Facilitation training & Consensus Decision Making.
Health, Safety and Environmental impacts of the Shell Corrib gas project.
Corrib and climate change: Shell to Sea or Shell to hell?
Music and Craic.

Call Out for Help!
If you know any bands/musicians, want to play music, know people who would like to run skill share workshops, want to help with the kitchen crew, help with children's events or a creche, volunteer during the gathering, or help with publicity then please do get in touch.

The Gathering will take place at the Rossport Solidarity Camp on the coast at Glengad.
Bring a tent, sleeping bag, wellies, raingear and a torch.
However if you need a bed in the camp house let us know in advance and we'll make every effort to accommodate you.

Meals will be provided at the camp.

Contact the Rossport Solidarity Camp at rossportsolidaritycamp (at) gmail (dot) com and 0851141170

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Caption: The Case Against Shell: Landmark Human Rights Trial (Wiwa v. Shell)

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