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Why Kerala, Grampa?

category international | anti-capitalism | press release author Saturday April 18, 2009 19:26author by tom chamberlinauthor email tom at tchamberlinmovies dot com

Announcement for a recently completed documentary about citizen activism in Kerala, India.

Kerala, one of India’s 26 states with a population about the same as California, is one of the most progressive communities on the planet.

Citizen’s of Kerala are guaranteed affordable healthcare and daycare. Public education is free through college. Fair share food stores within walking distance in every village and town assures that no one goes hungry. At the heart of Kerala’s success is citizen activism.

The Kerala Sastra Sahitya Paarishad (KSSP) with 100,000 volunteer activists has figured prominently in Kerala’s struggle for economic fairness, education, democracy, woman’s rights and environmental protection.

In September 2000 we arrived in Kerala, with mini DV cameras as the KSSP was launching its 18th annual Kala Jatha. The Kala Jatha is street theater, dance, music and poetry intended to engage citizens in the critical issues of the day. The theme of the Kala Jatha was ‘The Impact of Globalization on the Kerala way of Life.’ We followed the troupe of activists and performers during a grueling schedule of four performances a day, each in a different village, for 28 days. WHY KERALA, GRAMPA?
is an 87 minute documentary made from the 70 hours of video we recorded on that trip. The finished movie can be seen at for $2.99.
Viewer comments include, “Beautiful to watch…moving…thought provoking…uplifting…a must see…”

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